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UK-EGAYLITY 0022 — An escaped sex slave, an LGBT rights campaigner and a climate change ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0023 — Daily Mail launches bitter attack on National Trust plans to celebrate LGBT history
UK-EGAYLITY 0024 — Thomas Cook Christmas Advert 'Reflects Modern Population' With Same_Sex Parents And Gay Kiss
UK-EGAYLITY 0025 — Israeli TV regulators ban ad for calling out racism, homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 0026 — A University Lecturer Has Compared Student LGBT Activists To Nazis
UK-EGAYLITY 0027 — Meryl Streep To Be Recognised For Her Years As An LGBTI Ally
UK-EGAYLITY 0028 — Second attempt to block UN LGBT expert fails
UK-EGAYLITY 0029 — A Culture of Humiliation: Homophobia in Initiations
UK-EGAYLITY 0030 — Trump urged not to cut overseas LGBT aid
UK-EGAYLITY 0031 — Vanderbilt granted funds to study health, economic effects of LGBT_related laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0032 — Promoting LGBTI Tolerance in Prison: The Hardest Challenge
UK-EGAYLITY 0033 — Ambassador to UN asks those against LGBT expert why they don't want to prevent another Pulse ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0034 — Number of LGBT Youth 'Beaten Out of Their Homes' By Parents On the Increase:
UK-EGAYLITY 0035 — Gay_stapo' campaigners force removal of Archbishop picture from King's College London campus
UK-EGAYLITY 0036 — Russia blocks Overwatch comic over gay character
UK-EGAYLITY 0037 — There's less than 20 gays in the Navy, according to the Ministry of Defence
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UK-EGAYLITY 0041 — UK Couple Speak Out After Enduring a String of Anti_Gay Harassment
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UK-EGAYLITY 0043 — This gay couple are set to feature in NYC mural, helping to normalising LGBT artwork
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UK-EGAYLITY 0046 — Hidden gay British histories take centre stage 50 years after decriminalisation
UK-EGAYLITY 0047 — LGBTI protections top list of biggest achievements from Obama's presidency
UK-EGAYLITY 0048 — Church of England leaders are set to spark a fresh homosexuality row by 'ending celibacy vows for ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0049 — Evangelicals insist 'vast numbers' of Brits still oppose gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0050 — Trump to replace gay Army chief with billionaire hockey club owner
UK-EGAYLITY 0051 — Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke launches gay dating app to rival Grindr as he continues search for ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0052 — New gin bar hopes to lift the spirits of Manchester's 'tired' Gay Village
UK-EGAYLITY 0053 — Progress in repealing anti_LGBT laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0054 — Miners and LGBT activists who inspired hit film Pride reunite
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UK-EGAYLITY 0067 — A rare glimpse into Cuba's LGBT community
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UK-EGAYLITY 0090 — University rowing team strip off to tackle homophobia in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0091 — Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds study of health, economic effects of LGBT_related laws
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UK-EGAYLITY 0110 — The first openly gay British rabbi and Radio 4 presenter dead at 86
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UK-EGAYLITY 0113 — For us, the future is a terrifying place' _ LGBTI couple on challenge of early_stage Alzheimers
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UK-EGAYLITY 0117 — ALHR slams Family First's stance on LGBTI medical services
UK-EGAYLITY 0118 — For Gay Men in Zambia, Where Homosexuality Is Banned, Suicide is a Common End
UK-EGAYLITY 0119 — Students tricked with Christmas cards, really anti_LGBT pamphlets
UK-EGAYLITY 0120 — Homophobia and race row football boss to run Scottish football's youth development
UK-EGAYLITY 0121 — Pittsburgh votes unanimously to ban gay 'cure' therapy for kids
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UK-EGAYLITY 0127 — Ireland offers HPV vaccine to gay men, as 'girls_only' approach leaves them unprotected
UK-EGAYLITY 0128 — Uganda's LGBTI_friendly religious leaders
UK-EGAYLITY 0129 — The Government is refusing to say how many gay asylum seekers it has actually accepted
UK-EGAYLITY 0130 — Toxic Homophobia Still Festers in America's Schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0131 — Liberals slam gay protocols in crises
UK-EGAYLITY 0132 — 200 Tennessee businesses including Jack Daniel's take a stand against anti_LGBT discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0133 — Louisiana Governor to challenge court ruling that threw out LGBT discrimination protections
UK-EGAYLITY 0134 — China's homosexual community still has a very long way to go
UK-EGAYLITY 0135 — Security Council drops LGBT rights from tribute to UN chief
UK-EGAYLITY 0136 — Police chief admits Britain's gay serial killer could have been caught sooner
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UK-EGAYLITY 0144 — Lawmakers filed more than 200 anti_LGBT bills in US states this year
UK-EGAYLITY 0145 — Victorian Government developing LGBTI_inclusive emergency protocols
UK-EGAYLITY 0146 — New report takes stock of fundamental rights in the EU, including LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0147 — The EU is not as great on LGBTI rights as everyone thinks it is
UK-EGAYLITY 0148 — Anti_LGBT Activists Launch New “International Organization For The Family”
UK-EGAYLITY 0149 — Researchers reveal the rise in straight and gay friendships known as 'bromosexuals'
UK-EGAYLITY 0150 — John Kasich, who said victims of homophobia should 'get over it' signs 20_week abortion ban
UK-EGAYLITY 0151 — MP claims three gay footballers are in talks with FA about coming out
UK-EGAYLITY 0152 — Gay people should be the ONLY ones to serve in army says Michael Gove
UK-EGAYLITY 0153 — 2016 LGBTI University Guide reveals disparity between Aussie institutions
UK-EGAYLITY 0154 — Queensland Cop On A Mission To Tackle LGBTI Domestic Violence
UK-EGAYLITY 0155 — Rutgers Law Students Can Work on LGBT Issues in South America This Summer
UK-EGAYLITY 0156 — Amount of homophobia gay pro soccer player has heard may surprise you
UK-EGAYLITY 0157 — Zero tolerance' approach should be taken to homophobia in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0158 — Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT_Friendly Church ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0159 — Vandals break into a LGBTI youth center in Rhode Island, hang up a noose
UK-EGAYLITY 0160 — Trump picks first cabinet member who could be considered pro_gay... ish
UK-EGAYLITY 0161 — The Isle of Wight Needs Pride, Not Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 0162 — Native American nation lifts gay marriage ban
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UK-EGAYLITY 0168 — QuAC's Gift Hampers To Bring Christmas Cheer To LGBTI Seniors
UK-EGAYLITY 0169 — LGBTI rights advocate Anne Deveson passed away aged 86
UK-EGAYLITY 0170 — Texas Republicans dismiss business fears over anti_LGBTI legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 0171 — Pakistan consumes more gay porn than anywhere else claims list
UK-EGAYLITY 0172 — US anti_gay activists launch fresh push to export hatred around the world
UK-EGAYLITY 0173 — Why do so many gay men say sex with a woman is repulsive to them?”
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UK-EGAYLITY 0179 — Lord Tebbit claims LGBT_inclusive education is 'damaging for children'
UK-EGAYLITY 0180 — The secret, hypocritical gay world of Islamic State
UK-EGAYLITY 0181 — Saara Aalto makes X Factor history after being first openly gay woman into the finals
UK-EGAYLITY 0182 — One in ten adoptions by gay couples
UK-EGAYLITY 0183 — Gauteng premier promises zero tolerance for gay killings, hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 0184 — Tonga church to seek dialogue with LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 0185 — Brisbane's community rallies to bring Christmas cheer to LGBTI seniors
UK-EGAYLITY 0186 — Brazilian squatters offer shelter from anti_gay violence
UK-EGAYLITY 0187 — Asian gay men's sexual health to be focus of community forum
UK-EGAYLITY 0188 — Outrage over gay protocols for crises
UK-EGAYLITY 0189 — UN's new gay rights advocate unfazed by anti_LGBTI opposition
UK-EGAYLITY 0190 — Why does Russia hate gay people so much they want to ban a game with rainbow clothes?
UK-EGAYLITY 0191 — Lankan and global LGBTIQ activists urge Trump to uphold human rights for all
UK-EGAYLITY 0192 — Govt tackles hate crimes against LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 0193 — Time to deal with crimes against LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0194 — Building a Refuge Against Homophobia in Brazil
UK-EGAYLITY 0195 — 25 LGBTI Aussies To Watch Next Year
UK-EGAYLITY 0196 — Trump urged to continue pro_LGBT US foreign policy
UK-EGAYLITY 0197 — Lady Gaga makes surprise visit to UK LGBTI youth homeless charity
UK-EGAYLITY 0198 — New guidelines for trainee priests anger LGBT Catholics
UK-EGAYLITY 0199 — LGBT people drink and smoke more than straight people, study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 0200 — How British Film 'The Pass' is Tackling Homosexuality—and Homophobia—in Football
UK-EGAYLITY 0201 — Gay Mexico City for Beginners
UK-EGAYLITY 0202 — Amnesty for gay men convicted under outdated laws extended to Northern Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 0203 — Christian filmmakers file lawsuit against LGBT protections because they don't want to film ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0204 — Gay students reveal their mortifying sex ed experiences
UK-EGAYLITY 0205 — Kelly Osbourne suggests audience at LGBTI event give Trump a chance
UK-EGAYLITY 0206 — Show full spectrum of LGBTI rainbow
UK-EGAYLITY 0207 — Australia welcomes first Oceania LGBTI network
UK-EGAYLITY 0208 — LGBT detainees describe harrowing life inside Eloy
UK-EGAYLITY 0209 — Scottish Secretary tells of concerns of homophobia bullying in schools after coming out as gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0210 — Malta becomes first European country to ban 'gay cure' therapy
UK-EGAYLITY 0211 — 55% of Trump supporters are in favour of LGBT rights protections
UK-EGAYLITY 0212 — LGBT students still face discrimination at school
UK-EGAYLITY 0213 — Will Hate Go To Trial? Following The Case Against Anti_Gay Extremist Scott Lively
UK-EGAYLITY 0214 — Scottish secretary backs LGBT education in Scottish schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0215 — EU chief under fire for hailing Castro as 'hero for many' despite persecution of gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 0216 — With no Frank Ocean, 2017 Grammy nominations not very gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0217 — Lady Gaga Paid These Homeless LGBTI Youth A Surprise Visit
UK-EGAYLITY 0218 — Commission 'shockingly passive' on Lithuania gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0219 — This sailor is suing the Armed Forces for abuse of LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 0220 — Trump will roll back Obama's LGBTI rights protections, senior Republican confirms
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UK-EGAYLITY 0222 — LGBT group asks Christian bakers for cake saying 'Support Gay Marriage'. You know what ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0223 — Hong Kong rainbow lions spark LGBT rights debate
UK-EGAYLITY 0224 — Malta just became the first country in Europe to ban 'gay cure' therapy
UK-EGAYLITY 0225 — Two contestants on ITV talent show The X Factor 'are hiding secret gay relationship that even the ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0226 — Disabled, gay and trans people, those with religious beliefs, and parents share their toilet ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0227 — Romania goes to court over whether to recognise gay couple's marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0228 — The gay fight is an ongoing fight': Paul Zahra in search of $1 million to support LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 0229 — Anti_LGBTI North Carolina governor concedes to opponent
UK-EGAYLITY 0230 — Trump makes Ben Carson, who called LGBTI people 'abnormal', part of his cabinet
UK-EGAYLITY 0231 — Russia might ban FIFA 17 over 'gay propaganda' rainbow kit
UK-EGAYLITY 0232 — Moving series of portraits shows China's LGBT youth in their safe spaces in a country still failing to ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0233 — Football video game sparks homophobic backlash over LGBT_rainbow kits
UK-EGAYLITY 0234 — In the spirit of equality: Delhi celebrates love for the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0235 — Tory minister calls for LGBT issues to be taught in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0236 — In fear after attacks, gay Bangladeshis retreat into closet and flee abroad
UK-EGAYLITY 0237 — Europe's first openly_gay footballer hoping a Premier League player comes out as homosexual
UK-EGAYLITY 0238 — Hong Kong authorities are giving gay kids electric shocks to 'cure' their sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 0239 — Ben Carson, who claims gay marriage is a Marxist plot, gets role in Trump cabinet
UK-EGAYLITY 0240 — Neo_Nazi Hate Group Circulates New Racist, Anti_LGBTI Materials
UK-EGAYLITY 0241 — Gambian Voters Reject Anti_Gay Strongman Jammeh; Activists Ponder Trump Impact on LGBT ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0242 — Hong Kong's LGBTI youth still at risk as authorities ignore international calls to ban 'conversion ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0243 — Anti_LGBTI North Carolina law drives over 700 jobs away
UK-EGAYLITY 0244 — Hope for change': Gambian voters oust anti_gay strongma
UK-EGAYLITY 0245 — Homophobic video game backlash over LGBTI_inclusive sports campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 0246 — We will stand by LGBTI asylum seekers and fight for their rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0247 — Lady Gaga pledges to continue speaking out for LGBTI rights under Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0248 — LGBT victims need more support', say domestic abuse campaigners
UK-EGAYLITY 0249 — These LGBTIs from around the world show us how they're playing safe
UK-EGAYLITY 0250 — Lesbians, gays, sex workers demand equal access to HIV programmes
UK-EGAYLITY 0251 — Craig Andrade named in BOSS Magazine's top 50 LGBTI business leaders in Australia
UK-EGAYLITY 0252 — South Australia Premier stands before Parliament to apologize to LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 0253 — Malawi debates its anti_LGBTI law, still on hold
UK-EGAYLITY 0254 — 10 facts you need to know about iconic London gay night Duckie
UK-EGAYLITY 0255 — Business leaders proudly join LGBTI list
UK-EGAYLITY 0256 — Push in schools to fight 'modern' homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 0257 — Providing HIV services to a hidden LGBT network in Uganda – This is Brian's story
UK-EGAYLITY 0258 — Which country in the world watches the most gay porn?
UK-EGAYLITY 0259 — Being gay in a Muslim family
UK-EGAYLITY 0260 — School issues apology to teaching assistant who told pupil she does not believe in gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0261 — German spy arrested over Islamist bombing plot also a gay porn actor
UK-EGAYLITY 0262 — Fidel Castro Leaves Legacy of Oppression, Say Many LGBT Cubans
UK-EGAYLITY 0263 — UN rights expert urges end to LGBT violence and discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0264 — This cool, free livestream app is creating a new wave of online gay celebs – could you be ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0265 — Tanzania targets HIV/AIDS organizations in gay crackdown
UK-EGAYLITY 0266 — British Embassy Bangkok supports to LGBTI Groups in South East Asia
UK-EGAYLITY 0267 — Dumbarton pupils stamping out homophobia with new LGBTI alliance
UK-EGAYLITY 0268 — Indonesian police and religious group raid gay gathering
UK-EGAYLITY 0269 — Trolls are pretending to be gay teen who took his own life to harass his mother
UK-EGAYLITY 0270 — Number of LGBT Students Living in Fear of Hate Crime Rises 95%
UK-EGAYLITY 0271 — Are cohabitation agreements useful for LGBT couples?
UK-EGAYLITY 0272 — Anti_LGBTI 'religious freedom' provision stripped from US defense spending bill
UK-EGAYLITY 0273 — New Delhi's LGBTI Community Marches For Their Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0274 — New film & website puts spotlight on violence in LGBTI relationships
UK-EGAYLITY 0275 — Hong Kong: Equal Rights for LGBTI People
UK-EGAYLITY 0276 — Over 500 participants in LGBTI world conference in Bangkok
UK-EGAYLITY 0277 — Critics say Mariela Castro LGBT documentary 'glosses over' Cuba's rights abuses
UK-EGAYLITY 0278 — Gay charities hit out at school apologising to 'homophobic' teaching assistant
UK-EGAYLITY 0279 — Australian musician pens song to honour young LGBT suicide victim
UK-EGAYLITY 0280 — Majority of LGBT South Africans live in fear of discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0281 — People are extremely angry with Loose Women's “casual homophobia”
UK-EGAYLITY 0282 — Why do so many gay men put themselves at risk when it comes to sex?
UK-EGAYLITY 0283 — My appointment proves we're a diverse party, says Ukip's gay deputy leader
UK-EGAYLITY 0284 — Gay expat reveals what it's like to live in Dubai where homosexuality is punishable by 10 years in ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0285 — What USAID's new LGBTI anti_discrimination policy means for implementers
UK-EGAYLITY 0286 — People Are Mad About News Corp Sponsoring An LGBTI Pride Festival
UK-EGAYLITY 0287 — What Tyrone's death means for the LGBTI Aboriginal community
UK-EGAYLITY 0288 — The Brave Activists Fighting for LGBTQ Equality in Muslim Countries
UK-EGAYLITY 0289 — Tales of endless summer: why Greece is truly a year_round LGBTI destination
UK-EGAYLITY 0290 — Indonesia Muslim hardliners break up what they think is gay sex party
UK-EGAYLITY 0291 — This is how Fidel Castro persecuted gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 0292 — New UKIP leader who opposes same_sex marriage names gay MEP as his deputy
UK-EGAYLITY 0293 — Gay Stereotypes Are Ruining Men's Lives, It's Time To Leave 'Camp' Behind
UK-EGAYLITY 0294 — Orlando Cruz's hopes to be first openly gay boxing world champion are shattered by loss to Terry ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0295 — Trump offers cabinet post to head of Christian university that bans gay students
UK-EGAYLITY 0296 — Scotland could be first in UK to fully lift ban on gay men donating blood
UK-EGAYLITY 0297 — Counselling services reports surge in bullying of LGBTIQ kids
UK-EGAYLITY 0298 — The new favourite to be French President wants to ban gay couples from adopting
UK-EGAYLITY 0299 — Christian teaching assistant complains that the rainbow is an emblem of gay pride
UK-EGAYLITY 0300 — Gay donkey raped my horse' candidate comes last in UKIP leadership election
UK-EGAYLITY 0301 — 6 stupid things straight people mistake about gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 0302 — Embracing diversity through new LGBTI surveys in Thailand
UK-EGAYLITY 0303 — Jack Colwell Releases Track To Raise Funds For LGBTI Youth Helpline
UK-EGAYLITY 0304 — Brisbane LGBTI youth support service Open Doors has been given a generous donation to keep a ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0305 — Bishop of Gloucester to preside at LGBT communion
UK-EGAYLITY 0306 — Lady Gaga spends Black Friday at an LGBTI homeless youth center
UK-EGAYLITY 0307 — Tyson Fury's uncle tweets homophobic message as gay boxer Orlando Cruz challenges for world title
UK-EGAYLITY 0308 — Gay rights activists march in annual New Delhi parade
UK-EGAYLITY 0309 — Madonna spends Thanksgiving caring for homeless kids at LGBTI youth center
UK-EGAYLITY 0310 — Silent Majority Must Discuss LGBT Rights So Singapore Government Can “Make ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0311 — South Australian Premier to make historic apology to LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0312 — South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill to make historic apology to LGBTIQ community
UK-EGAYLITY 0313 — Chakkar to bring LGBTI characters to screens
UK-EGAYLITY 0314 — Bullied Gay Teen's Suicide Not An Isolated Incident, Says LGBTI Youth Leader
UK-EGAYLITY 0315 — Sri Lanka votes in favour of LGBT expert post
UK-EGAYLITY 0316 — 13_year_old's suicide sends shockwaves through LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0317 — This is how LGBTI people are being welcomed and accepted in all levels of Welsh sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0318 — I was never tortured about being gay _ but in football it's a different story
UK-EGAYLITY 0319 — Five ways not to be racist on gay dating apps
UK-EGAYLITY 0320 — Gay Domestic Abuse Victims Urged To Speak Out
UK-EGAYLITY 0321 — Storm over local ban on French gay safe_sex posters
UK-EGAYLITY 0322 — Getting homophobia off the pitch – Premiere League team up with Stonewall
UK-EGAYLITY 0323 — Sexual health advocates join forces with dating apps to encourage gay men to test for HIV
UK-EGAYLITY 0324 — Singapore Voted Against Safeguard To Protect LGBT Discrimination: Here's Why It's Tricky
UK-EGAYLITY 0325 — Here are the things that LGBTI people are being urged to do before Trump takes office
UK-EGAYLITY 0326 — Premier League to don Rainbow Laces in support of LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0327 — No Asians, no blacks. Why do gay people tolerate such blatant racism?
UK-EGAYLITY 0328 — Gay chef kills 4 men he met on Grindr, suspected in 58 more murders
UK-EGAYLITY 0329 — LGBTI people face 'vortex of violence and discrimination,' newly_appointed UN expert warns
UK-EGAYLITY 0330 — United Nations LGBTI rights monitor safe after attempt to have him removed
UK-EGAYLITY 0331 — New online resources address domestic and family violence in LGBTI relationships
UK-EGAYLITY 0332 — Learn how to protect yourself from danger at free LGBTI self_defence class
UK-EGAYLITY 0333 — Manchester's gay film club plans 'interactive' screening of Home Alone _ with booby traps and pizza
UK-EGAYLITY 0334 — Scientists reveal why attractive women may prefer to spend time with homosexual men
UK-EGAYLITY 0335 — What can LGBTIs and Native Americans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
UK-EGAYLITY 0336 — Victory for Gay Rights, Votes to Keep LGBT Expert
UK-EGAYLITY 0337 — Italian gay advocacy group denounces BDS movement
UK-EGAYLITY 0338 — How the SAPS is failing to uphold LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0339 — Sleepwalking into the political closet – Gay Trump voters are a warning to us all
UK-EGAYLITY 0340 — Ellen DeGeneres praised for gay rights influence by president Obama
UK-EGAYLITY 0341 — Gay serial killer Stephen Port guilty of date rape drug murders of three young men
UK-EGAYLITY 0342 — 1 in 4 LGBTI Otago Uni students report harrassment
UK-EGAYLITY 0343 — Video game reveals characters as LGBT+ after letting players get to know them 'without bias'
UK-EGAYLITY 0344 — LGBTI people experiencing proliferation in hate speech, violence and discrimination: UN ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0345 — Major shout_outs for gay youth and marriage equality at the ARIAs
UK-EGAYLITY 0346 — Gay rights supporters win UN victory to keep UN LGBT expert
UK-EGAYLITY 0347 — Homophobia and sexism rife in sport, says ex_England rugby captain Sue Day
UK-EGAYLITY 0348 — Option open for Ashers Gay Cake case to be heard by UK Supreme Court, says Belfast judge
UK-EGAYLITY 0349 — Ty Herndon: Country music star says coming out as gay was a 'beautiful day'
UK-EGAYLITY 0350 — Rising gay director Xavier Dolan opens up about family life and criticism of his latest film
UK-EGAYLITY 0351 — LGBTI activists praise South Africa's UN vote to “fight discrimination everywhere”
UK-EGAYLITY 0352 — Christian campaigner urges change in equality law to avoid Ashers' gay cake 'mistake'
UK-EGAYLITY 0353 — Cutbacks leaving LGBT people without specialist mental and sexual health support
UK-EGAYLITY 0354 — LGBT Group Calls For Action In Ronaldo 'Faggot' Row
UK-EGAYLITY 0355 — Gay mayor of Massachusetts town receives homophobic abuse twice in one week
UK-EGAYLITY 0356 — Gay parental rights in the US and how that affects gay parents in the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 0357 — Donald Trump Scares LGBT People Worldwide and More, in This Week's Global LGBT Recap
UK-EGAYLITY 0358 — From gays at work to union pride
UK-EGAYLITY 0359 — First Look At Upcoming Gay Rights Miniseries 'When We Rise'
UK-EGAYLITY 0360 — Victory as UN votes to keep LGBT rights expert despite major opposition
UK-EGAYLITY 0361 — African states fail to block United Nations' LGBT rights protector
UK-EGAYLITY 0362 — A definitive list of everything Obama has done for the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0363 — Video game to have groundbreaking number of LGBTI characters
UK-EGAYLITY 0364 — Mariela Castro Regards LGBTI People's Rights in Cuba's Social Justice
UK-EGAYLITY 0365 — The 5 best blockbuster gay winter sun hotspots
UK-EGAYLITY 0366 — Why Britain needs a museum dedicated to gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0367 — Scream Star Bex Taylor_Klaus Comes Out as Gay: "Yes, the Rumors Are True"
UK-EGAYLITY 0368 — Gay adoption set to be legal in every Australian state
UK-EGAYLITY 0369 — How great really is Britain for today's LGBTQ+ community? One man went on a queer odyssey to ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0370 — Kiwi lawyer fundraises for Ugandan LGBTI advocate
UK-EGAYLITY 0371 — Blizzard's 'Overwatch' set to reveal multiple LGBT characters
UK-EGAYLITY 0372 — An LGBT Rally Tests the Limits of Singapore's Free_Speech Park
UK-EGAYLITY 0373 — Jennifer Lawrence to LGBTI post_Trump election: 'Don't be afraid, be loud!'
UK-EGAYLITY 0374 — LGBTI Young People Have The Right To Be Closeted
UK-EGAYLITY 0375 — A video game is set to have more LGBT characters than ever before
UK-EGAYLITY 0376 — Proposal for a LGBT church inclusion group
UK-EGAYLITY 0377 — 50000 gay and bisexual men are living with HIV in the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 0378 — Potential Supreme Court nominee who wants gays jailed denies posing nude for gay adult site
UK-EGAYLITY 0379 — Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court judge pick thinks gay people should be jailed for having ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0380 — This is why LGBTI people in Romania are going out onto the streets to fight for their rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0381 — Uruguay is Urugay — and More Good News From Around The World!
UK-EGAYLITY 0382 — Global Travel Group launches LGBT toolkit
UK-EGAYLITY 0383 — LGBT buyers help drive island's property market
UK-EGAYLITY 0384 — Campaigners call for London to have its first museum of gay history
UK-EGAYLITY 0385 — An increasing number of gay people in China are thinking of coming out
UK-EGAYLITY 0386 — LGBTs around the world shocked at Trump presidency
UK-EGAYLITY 0387 — Advocates hope Trump will promote LGBT rights abroad
UK-EGAYLITY 0388 — John Amaechi explains the biggest fear for the Premier League's LGBT footballers
UK-EGAYLITY 0389 — Gay_friendly church vandalised with homophobic and pro_Trump, pro_Nazi graffiti
UK-EGAYLITY 0390 — How will Trump's America Affect LGBT Folks?
UK-EGAYLITY 0391 — One of Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees thinks gay sex should be illegal
UK-EGAYLITY 0392 — 17 tumblr posts about being gay that will make you smile
UK-EGAYLITY 0393 — Brexit vote driving anti_LGBT hate crime as victims told: 'You're next'
UK-EGAYLITY 0394 — Ireland's only gay football team welcomes RTÉ doc on homophobia in the sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0395 — South Africa, vote against African Group's anti_LGBTI decision
UK-EGAYLITY 0396 — Donald Trump Supreme Court pick William Pryor wants gays jailed for sex in their private homes
UK-EGAYLITY 0397 — Luxembourg Prime Minister to address tomorrow's LGBTI business leaders
UK-EGAYLITY 0398 — African Countries Push Back Against LGBT Activism
UK-EGAYLITY 0399 — Rachel Maddow gets emotional talking about Mike Pence's anti_gay politics
UK-EGAYLITY 0400 — Row Over Release Of Gay Clergy List
UK-EGAYLITY 0401 — Robbie Williams wishes he was gay so he could have 'sex on tap' as he admits he does have ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0402 — Gay man surprises boyfriend with wedding proposal in Penn Station
UK-EGAYLITY 0403 — Irish Christian Bakery Seeks to Appeal to Supreme Court on Case Over Gay Message Cake
UK-EGAYLITY 0404 — Michael Bublé on leaving an LGBT_affirming legacy, man crushes and male admirers “You...
UK-EGAYLITY 0405 — Shocking moment a Christian preacher screams homophobic abuse outside a gay Lib Dem ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0406 — Warwick Rowers strip off to show support for the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0407 — Trump considering openly gay man for cabinet_level post and woman for Republican Party chair
UK-EGAYLITY 0408 — Rural LGBTI people arriving in Bendigo need to feel at home
UK-EGAYLITY 0409 — Gays Give Up Fight for Same Sex Marriages, Say Zimbabwe Not Yet Ready
UK-EGAYLITY 0410 — NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights lobby announces new management committee and 20 point plan
UK-EGAYLITY 0411 — GAFCON defends decision to release list of gay Church of England clergy
UK-EGAYLITY 0412 — Homophobe who abused gay couple in London caught on camera
UK-EGAYLITY 0413 — Donald Trump will not seek to overturn gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0414 — Trump 'considering woman and gay man for top roles'
UK-EGAYLITY 0415 — 10 LGBTI inclusive ads from around the world
UK-EGAYLITY 0416 — Christian bakers in gay cake row to elevate case to highest U.K. court after losing appeal
UK-EGAYLITY 0417 — Gay people, where were you?' Big Brother contestants melt down after finding out about Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0418 — Exploring LGBTI cultures around the world in SBS Viceland's 'Gaycation'
UK-EGAYLITY 0419 — San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus cancels tour abroad to visit red states instead
UK-EGAYLITY 0420 — Same sex marriages: Gays give up fight
UK-EGAYLITY 0421 — Activists call on Scottish Government to respect human rights of LGBT pupils
UK-EGAYLITY 0422 — Remember that time Donald Trump promised to “protect” LGBT citizens?
UK-EGAYLITY 0423 — LGBT Human Rights Group Calls On Trump Administration To Continue Global Efforts
UK-EGAYLITY 0424 — Why President Trump Won't Win Over The LGBTI Community
UK-EGAYLITY 0425 — This beautiful music video takes on Jamaica's homophobia and transphobia head on
UK-EGAYLITY 0426 — Should I tell my colleagues I'm gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 0427 — JK Rowling hints that Dumbledore will have a gay relationship in Fantastic Beasts sequel
UK-EGAYLITY 0428 — Christian Ashers Bakery Looks To Supreme Court Over 'Gay Cake' Case
UK-EGAYLITY 0429 — Black gay journalist breaks down in tears on air over President Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0430 — Investing in Research for LGBTI Inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 0431 — Ugandan activists travel to US seeking trial of anti_gay pastor
UK-EGAYLITY 0432 — Singer Steve Grand reaches out to LGBTI fans after Trump's victory
UK-EGAYLITY 0433 — New Vice President Mike Pence supported 'gay cure' therapy, and other terrifying beliefs
UK-EGAYLITY 0434 — Should LGBT workers be concerned about Brexit?
UK-EGAYLITY 0435 — Are gay rights at risk now that Donald Trump is President?
UK-EGAYLITY 0436 — A UK Christian school offered 'exorcism' to save gay pupil from the Devil
UK-EGAYLITY 0437 — Australia's LGBTI leaders call for free vote on marriage equality in this term of parliament
UK-EGAYLITY 0438 — National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce reacts to Trump victory
UK-EGAYLITY 0439 — Fighting anti_LGBT bias with foreign money? Ghana protests
UK-EGAYLITY 0440 — Mexican congressional committee rejects Pena Nieto's bid to legalize gay m...
UK-EGAYLITY 0441 — Gay man attacked hours after Trump election win in Santa Monica bar
UK-EGAYLITY 0442 — This is what President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will do to LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0443 — LGBT Ugandans Argue Against US Hate Pastor in Federal Court
UK-EGAYLITY 0444 — LGBT activists abroad 'devastated' by Trump election
UK-EGAYLITY 0445 — Project aims to tackle isolation in LGBT over 50s
UK-EGAYLITY 0446 — LGBTIQ groups demand parliament take action on marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 0447 — Premier League stars are afraid to reveal they are gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0448 — America's largest LGBT rights group vows to fight on after 'devastating' Trump victory
UK-EGAYLITY 0449 — Oregon LGBT Governor_Elect Is First Openly Bisexual Candidate Voted Into ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0450 — Here's how President Trump could undermine LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0451 — I'm scared': CNN's Hilary Rosen explains how 'economic protest' vote will hurt LGBT families
UK-EGAYLITY 0452 — Northern Ireland plans to pardon men for historic gay crime offenses
UK-EGAYLITY 0453 — What have been the defining moments in your LGBT life?
UK-EGAYLITY 0454 — Kate Brown becomes first openly LGBT person elected US governor
UK-EGAYLITY 0455 — UN Vote on the Independent Expert for the LGBT Community
UK-EGAYLITY 0456 — Tanzania's anti_gay crackdown now targets AIDS programs
UK-EGAYLITY 0457 — Find out what 10 LGBTI celebs are tweeting on US Election Day
UK-EGAYLITY 0458 — Hillary Clinton's 8 best LGBT moments
UK-EGAYLITY 0459 — The US has elected its first openly LGBTI governor
UK-EGAYLITY 0460 — 14% of LGBT people voted for Donald Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0461 — Here is what the presidential candidates and their VPs have to say about LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0462 — Concern As Anti_LGBTPropaganda Distributed InRural Areas
UK-EGAYLITY 0463 — Canberra's LGBTI community sighs with relief at death of same_sex marriage plebiscite
UK-EGAYLITY 0464 — Bisi Alimi 'First' homosexual man in Nigeria marries in England
UK-EGAYLITY 0465 — Hillary Clinton to LGBT voters: “I will always have your back”
UK-EGAYLITY 0466 — America's leading anti_LGBT activist: Trump has embraced my policy agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 0467 — What can the LGBT experience teach everyone about Christianity?
UK-EGAYLITY 0468 — King of the Netherlands to make historic visit to LGBT group
UK-EGAYLITY 0469 — US comedian says homophobia, sexism and transphobia aren't as important as racism
UK-EGAYLITY 0470 — Adoption ban on foster carers who objected to gay parents
UK-EGAYLITY 0471 — Homophobes, change is inevitable" – newly married gay activist Bisi Alimi
UK-EGAYLITY 0472 — Zimbabwe rejects UN Human Rights Council gay rights recommendations
UK-EGAYLITY 0473 — Should gay men be banned from men's changing rooms?”
UK-EGAYLITY 0474 — Turbulent Times For London's Gay Scene
UK-EGAYLITY 0475 — The East_West divide over LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0476 — Italian priest blames the country's recent earthquakes on gay civil unions
UK-EGAYLITY 0477 — University in Indonesia launches program to 'normalize' LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 0478 — UN expert on LGBTI rights may lose his job
UK-EGAYLITY 0479 — Thailand must join the LGBTI battle
UK-EGAYLITY 0480 — LGBTI advocates react to Tasmanian Libs condemning Safe Schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0481 — Fast and flexible support: ingredients to enrich LGBTI campaigning
UK-EGAYLITY 0482 — The UK Refuses To Pardon Men Convicted of Homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 0483 — American duo honoured for their pioneering efforts to build global recognition for LGBT+ businesses
UK-EGAYLITY 0484 — African states demand UN suspend LGBTI expert
UK-EGAYLITY 0485 — African countries oppose appointment of UN gay rights envoy
UK-EGAYLITY 0486 — Number of gay characters on network TV hits record high _ but more than 25 lesbian characters ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0487 — Mistrust of insurers creates gap for UK's LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0488 — Taiwan looks to legalise gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0489 — LGBTI ally Ben Cohen devastated after sex tape is leaked
UK-EGAYLITY 0490 — LGBTIQ advocates launch new campaign to remove Equal Opportunity Act exemptions
UK-EGAYLITY 0491 — LGBTI groups unite to raise money for 'no trivial matter'
UK-EGAYLITY 0492 — Cyndi Lauper and Debra Messing are going on a gay bar crawl for Hillary
UK-EGAYLITY 0493 — Standing Strong With LGBTI Persons Abroad
UK-EGAYLITY 0494 — Uganda tells UN it does not 'tolerate' anti_gay conduct
UK-EGAYLITY 0495 — Minister urges FA to support gay footballers
UK-EGAYLITY 0496 — Coronation Street star got death threats over Todd and Billy gay kiss scene
UK-EGAYLITY 0497 — The LGBT Community: A Possible Target Market?
UK-EGAYLITY 0498 — Student disowned by his family for coming out as gay needs your support
UK-EGAYLITY 0499 — LGBTIQ advocates reveal how they were treated while campaigning for gay marriage vote
UK-EGAYLITY 0500 — Texas Republican says gay people are “termites” sent by Russia
UK-EGAYLITY 0501 — My advice to gay footballers: don't come out of the closet
UK-EGAYLITY 0502 — Anna Kendrick On Being A Gay Icon: 'I'm Such A Straight, Cis, Boringface McGee Over Here'
UK-EGAYLITY 0503 — Football's fight against homophobia might have reached a tipping point
UK-EGAYLITY 0504 — Gay men say Ugandan police use torturous anal exams to 'prove' homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 0505 — LGBTI people say the sh*t Donald Trump says
UK-EGAYLITY 0506 — Irish gay marriage campaigners warn of abuse in same_sex marriage vote
UK-EGAYLITY 0507 — Rice reflects on eight years of progress for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0508 — Here is what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will actually do on LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0509 — Sam Fox admits she terrified to say she was gay over fears she'd lose fans
UK-EGAYLITY 0510 — Coronation Street star Daniel Brocklebank says he received death threats over gay kissing scenes
UK-EGAYLITY 0511 — Gay comedy webseries goes global
UK-EGAYLITY 0512 — Mississippi's governor still fighting for anti_LGBTI law struck down by court
UK-EGAYLITY 0513 — South Africa: The LGBTI Sector Parliament _ Small, but Good Step
UK-EGAYLITY 0514 — Michael Buble: Anti_gay bigots will be 'severely embarrassed' by their intolerance
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UK-EGAYLITY 0517 — Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica's anti_gay law
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UK-EGAYLITY 0519 — Harvey Weinstein: The fight to pardon thousands of gay men under 'Turnings Law' will not stop until ...
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UK-EGAYLITY 0523 — An LGBTI Oasis? Discrimination in Thailand
UK-EGAYLITY 0524 — Angela Eagle Hits Out At Homophobia Of 'Unreconstructed' Hard Left
UK-EGAYLITY 0525 — Gay marriage cake case has lessons for all employers
UK-EGAYLITY 0526 — Jeremy Corbyn says Gay History Month should be introduced in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0527 — Gay man receives apology from Met Police nine years after abuse claims
UK-EGAYLITY 0528 — Tom Hanks wants to make a gay version of Splash with Channing Tatum
UK-EGAYLITY 0529 — Small Town Boy, the best and gay friendly of Midwest America
UK-EGAYLITY 0530 — After sharing stories on radio about LGBTI people I saw a big change in my community
UK-EGAYLITY 0531 — LGBTI people in the DRC and Mozambique take to the air to foster understanding
UK-EGAYLITY 0532 — Tanzania suspends some HIV programmes for gay men, says health minister
UK-EGAYLITY 0533 — Often_tolerant Indonesia turns against LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 0534 — LGBT asylum seekers given “No Safe Refuge”
UK-EGAYLITY 0535 — Mississippi governor asks court to uphold law on LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0536 — LGBTI Sector Parliament to debate health, education and economic legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 0537 — The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With A Key to the Scriptures ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0538 — Gay couple set up first LGBT adoption agency in Canada
UK-EGAYLITY 0539 — New mayor of Rio is anti_gay evangelical
UK-EGAYLITY 0540 — Cape Town's gay mosque provides rare haven
UK-EGAYLITY 0541 — Joburg Gay Pride march under fire for being divisive and apolitical
UK-EGAYLITY 0542 — Number of LGBTI councillors in Victoria more than doubles after local elections
UK-EGAYLITY 0543 — Clinton holds Florida rally in gay nightclub
UK-EGAYLITY 0544 — UN agency promotes 'LGBT rights' for students
UK-EGAYLITY 0545 — Anti_gay maneuver by Republicans called 'ridiculous' by White House
UK-EGAYLITY 0546 — Nigerian media, stop ruining LGBTI lives with biased coverage
UK-EGAYLITY 0547 — World Bank Appoints First Adviser to Tackle LGBTI Discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0548 — German newspaper takes swipe at people saying LGBTIs are 'equal enough'
UK-EGAYLITY 0549 — No issue with gay players say 82% of football fans
UK-EGAYLITY 0550 — Stormont failure over gay pardons 'a disgrace'
UK-EGAYLITY 0551 — Are Churches Welcoming Towards LGBT People?
UK-EGAYLITY 0552 — UK party promises to add LGBT history to school syllabus
UK-EGAYLITY 0553 — Gay Journalist Defends Christian Bakers Sued for Not Baking Pro_Gay Marriage Cake
UK-EGAYLITY 0554 — Was there a gay family in Frozen?
UK-EGAYLITY 0555 — Scottish Secretary David Mundell says coming out as gay was 'one of the best things I've done'
UK-EGAYLITY 0556 — It's an insult to the LGBT community to give David Cameron the 'Ally of the Year' award for ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0557 — Three African nations have now blocked anti_LGBTI pastor
UK-EGAYLITY 0558 — Angus Robertson: I'm sorry for historic gay sex convictions
UK-EGAYLITY 0559 — Gay Republicans staying with Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0560 — Russian Embassy depicts Europeans as 'gay pigs' in mocking tweet
UK-EGAYLITY 0561 — Gay rights should be on the curriculum, says Corbyn
UK-EGAYLITY 0562 — Coming out as gay 'among best things I have done'
UK-EGAYLITY 0563 — Kezia Dugdale warns against complacency on LGBT rights as she accepts Pink News award
UK-EGAYLITY 0564 — Obama vows to veto defense spending bill if it includes anti_LGBTI 'Religious Freedom' provision
UK-EGAYLITY 0565 — USAID bans anti_LGBT discrimination among contractors
UK-EGAYLITY 0566 — Tossed Out of Botswana, 'Kill the Gays' Pastor Not Welcome in Malawi
UK-EGAYLITY 0567 — A straight guy's guide to gay bars
UK-EGAYLITY 0568 — The best little LGBTI festival you've never heard of
UK-EGAYLITY 0569 — Gay asylum seeker stayed closeted fearing attacks at UK detention centre, but then his boyfriend ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0570 — LGBTI bullying in primary schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0571 — LGBT refugees fleeing persecution are abused in UK asylum centres
UK-EGAYLITY 0572 — Gay men convicted under outdated Scottish laws to get full pardon
UK-EGAYLITY 0573 — Hobogblin' logic on Pacific gay rights has distinctly Western roots
UK-EGAYLITY 0574 — Uruguay, Argentina most LGBT_friendly Latin American countries
UK-EGAYLITY 0575 — A Look into Cape Town's Triangle Project and South Africa's Gay ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0576 — Tasmanian School Unveils Mural To Support LGBTI Students
UK-EGAYLITY 0577 — LGBT Tourism: African Muslims Find Inspiration In Cape Town For 'Compassion_Centered Islam'
UK-EGAYLITY 0578 — Former Irish President Mary McAleese urges NI to “Consign Homophobia to History”
UK-EGAYLITY 0579 — The UN finally address the I in LGBTI in this emotional video
UK-EGAYLITY 0580 — The filibuster of the Turing Bill reminds us that homophobia is alive and well in Britain
UK-EGAYLITY 0581 — Manchester's first openly gay Lord Mayor subject to homophobic abuse at Justin Bieber gig
UK-EGAYLITY 0582 — Scottish government move for 'Turing law' gay pardons
UK-EGAYLITY 0583 — Bakers who refused to make 'gay cake' say they felt 'victimised'
UK-EGAYLITY 0584 — Children's Commissioner calls for an end to homophobia in Scottish schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0585 — Hillary Clinton campaigns for LGBT equality in new video
UK-EGAYLITY 0586 — The travel chiefs recognised as leading LGBT executives
UK-EGAYLITY 0587 — Russian Embassy mocks Europeans as 'gay pigs' as warships taunts Bris
UK-EGAYLITY 0588 — Kill the gays' pastor now trying to infiltrate Malawi
UK-EGAYLITY 0589 — Asian lesbian tycoon tops global list of LGBTI business people
UK-EGAYLITY 0590 — Utter ignorance: Q&A guest says: 'How does that confusion work' on 'I' in LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 0591 — Tam Baillie supports TIE campaign to have LGBTI education in Scotland's schools.
UK-EGAYLITY 0592 — Social and profit motives boost corporate LGBT benefits
UK-EGAYLITY 0593 — Russian embassy mocks Westerners as 'gay pigs'
UK-EGAYLITY 0594 — I dated Kim Kardashian, and it almost ruined my gay TV date
UK-EGAYLITY 0595 — Bisexual men 'earn 30% less than gay colleagues'
UK-EGAYLITY 0596 — Ukip Leadership Candidate John Rees_Evans Admits Mistake Of Claiming 'Gay Donkey Raped His ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0597 — Christian bakers lose appeal over pro_gay marriage cake discrimination ruling
UK-EGAYLITY 0598 — Hilary Clinton reaffirms support for LGBT Americans with powerful new video
UK-EGAYLITY 0599 — It's time to deliver for gay victims of injustice, says Kezia Dugdale
UK-EGAYLITY 0600 — Turing Bill' for gay and bisexual pardons falls at first hurdle in Parliament
UK-EGAYLITY 0601 — Being gay when it was still a crime
UK-EGAYLITY 0602 — The UK will pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted of “gross indecency”
UK-EGAYLITY 0603 — Ruling due in appeal brought by Christian bakers in pro_gay marriage cake case
UK-EGAYLITY 0604 — Upcoming LGBTI Networking Event for Lawyers In Cologne
UK-EGAYLITY 0605 — Children's Commissioner Tam Baillie adds to demands for LGBT_inclusive education
UK-EGAYLITY 0606 — LGBT group files lawsuit against Utah challenging anti_homosexual curriculum laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0607 — Family of soldier found hanged after gay sex insist it wasn't suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 0608 — LGBTI students increasingly worried about workplace discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0609 — LGBT Republican group Log Cabin refuse to endorse Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0610 — Clinton renews support for LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0611 — Gay rights progress faces Europe backlash
UK-EGAYLITY 0612 — Age UK Cheshire East signs up to LGBT scheme for staff and service users
UK-EGAYLITY 0613 — Homophobia In The British Asian Community Is Rising
UK-EGAYLITY 0614 — Trump attacks Clinton over homophobia in the Middle East
UK-EGAYLITY 0615 — Double standard for LGBT people in North, say activists
UK-EGAYLITY 0616 — Turing law' to pardon thousands of gay men convicted under former UK law
UK-EGAYLITY 0617 — Fear Of Hate Crime Among LGBT Students Doubles In A Year Amid Post_Brexit Vote Tensions
UK-EGAYLITY 0618 — Corrections hopes to employ LGBTI prison officers
UK-EGAYLITY 0619 — LGBTI rights in the South Pacific: creating momentum for change
UK-EGAYLITY 0620 — Populism in Europe stoking violence, say gay activists
UK-EGAYLITY 0621 — Calm down dear': how bishops talk down to gay people – by leading bishop
UK-EGAYLITY 0622 — From gay sex being illegal to teachers hitting you: Seven things you'll be glad you didn't live through
UK-EGAYLITY 0623 — Gay people in Northern Ireland treated with 'double standard'
UK-EGAYLITY 0624 — Indonesia's president finally defends the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0625 — Betty Who talks gay love, sophomore album, and working with Troye Sivan
UK-EGAYLITY 0626 — Australia's first openly gay Indigenous politician gives impassioned plea for marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 0627 — From South Africa to the Maldives: Surprising holiday destinations for LGBT travellers
UK-EGAYLITY 0628 — UK to pardon thousands of gay men convicted under defunct laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0629 — Gay men are battling a demon more powerful than HIV – and it's hidden
UK-EGAYLITY 0630 — Gay men convicted of now_abolished sex offences to be pardoned
UK-EGAYLITY 0631 — Equality roadshow will champion LGBTI inclusion in rural Victoria
UK-EGAYLITY 0632 — Reality TV Star RaisesAwareness For LGBTIQ MentalHealth
UK-EGAYLITY 0633 — LGBTI advocates call on Senate to reject plebiscite as bill passes Lower House
UK-EGAYLITY 0634 — Here is what you can do to help homeless LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 0635 — Gay film screening in Ukraine ruined by right_wing mob
UK-EGAYLITY 0636 — One In Three People Say Gay Couples Should Be Allowed To Marry, Global Survey Finds
UK-EGAYLITY 0637 — Outcry over slaying of openly gay man in Papua New Guinea
UK-EGAYLITY 0638 — Why won't the UN agenda for inclusive cities recognise LGBTQ citizens?
UK-EGAYLITY 0639 — LGBTQ inclusion makes economic sense
UK-EGAYLITY 0640 — Time is right for openly gay Premier League players
UK-EGAYLITY 0641 — I am young, I am gay, I am black' – First openly gay Indigenous man elected to parliament in Australia
UK-EGAYLITY 0642 — Gay Liberal MP Tim Wilson: 'We Are Not Victims'
UK-EGAYLITY 0643 — Being a gay Christian in New Zealand
UK-EGAYLITY 0644 — LGBTI groups and leaders call for Parliament to block plebiscite and provide a parliamentary ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0645 — ILGA releases new results of the largest ever global research of attitudes toward LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 0646 — The world's most muscular LGBTI people are coming to London
UK-EGAYLITY 0647 — Leading pro_indy group endorses calls for LGBT education in Scottish schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0648 — David Ford removed from Church role over gay marriage stance
UK-EGAYLITY 0649 — Sixth attempt to legalise gay marriage in Northern Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 0650 — Leaflet in Amsterdam urges all religions to “unite” against LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 0651 — Sex drugs and baby oil inside home where 'gay serial killer Stephen Port murdered four men'
UK-EGAYLITY 0652 — Islamic School Accused Of Being Anti_Gay, Shuts Down
UK-EGAYLITY 0653 — New survey finds more US cities protecting LGBTQ rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0654 — IITs are showing Indian institutions how to become more LGBT friendly
UK-EGAYLITY 0655 — LGBT stories come out fighting for their rightful place in mainstream cinema at London art fest ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0656 — FA chairman Greg Clarke says football still has a homophobia problem
UK-EGAYLITY 0657 — Gay co_founder of PayPal donates $1.25 million to Trump campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 0658 — One of most influential gay men ever' urges teens to push LGBT rights to the fore
UK-EGAYLITY 0659 — European LGBTI conference in Nicosia
UK-EGAYLITY 0660 — The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir is turning 25 and is putting on a massive show to celebrate
UK-EGAYLITY 0661 — The New UN Secretary General, António Guterres And International LGBTI Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0662 — Putin's PR chief's daughter blasts Vlad over gay rights and slams Russia's 'hellish' school system
UK-EGAYLITY 0663 — 'Kim Kardashian made me gay' Undressed star reveals date with reality babe turned him off
UK-EGAYLITY 0664 — British Government Shuts Down Muslim School For Girls That Teaches Gay Men Should Be Executed
UK-EGAYLITY 0665 — Sinn Fein seeks DUP support for public consultation on gay marriage Bill
UK-EGAYLITY 0666 — Belfast man attacked in city centre for being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0667 — This Pastor Decided To Leave His Denomination So His Church Could Support LGBTI People
UK-EGAYLITY 0668 — 'God's Love Is For Everybody': Gay Vicar Battles With Vandals To Keep LGBTI Flag Above Church
UK-EGAYLITY 0669 — Loss haunts the gay Arab San Franciscan at the heart of Rabih Alameddine's new novel, 'Angel of ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0670 — Germany sets up safe shelters for gay migrants
UK-EGAYLITY 0671 — Just because you're gay doesn't mean you aren't a homophobe
UK-EGAYLITY 0672 — Thousands of protesters take to the streets in French anti_gay marriage demonstration
UK-EGAYLITY 0673 — X Factor's Simon Cowell apologises to Rylan Clark_Neal for crude gay joke
UK-EGAYLITY 0674 — Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp addresses whether his character Will is gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0675 — How music came out: Rock 'n' roll would be nowhere without its gay heritage
UK-EGAYLITY 0676 — Pentecostal church leaves network over LGBT issues
UK-EGAYLITY 0677 — Dialogue launched on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0678 — What's changed in NZ churches for gays?
UK-EGAYLITY 0679 — Liverpool's gay arts and culture festival is back
UK-EGAYLITY 0680 — New Film Explores Impact of Homophobia in Zimbabwe
UK-EGAYLITY 0681 — This YouTuber is teaching kids about the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0682 — Trump support sticker shows confederate flag beating up LGBT flag
UK-EGAYLITY 0683 — Vicar raises new LGBTI flags on roof of church targeted by vandals
UK-EGAYLITY 0684 — Protecting Human Rights for LGBTI People
UK-EGAYLITY 0685 — LGBTI ally Dolly Parton has a question for anti_gay Christians
UK-EGAYLITY 0686 — Over a fifth of straight men watch gay porn, study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 0687 — Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor: Keynote Remarks at LGBTI Pacific Youth Forum Dinner
UK-EGAYLITY 0688 — Landmark Indigenous suicide report applauded for LGBTI recognition
UK-EGAYLITY 0689 — Fundraising drive launches for Bondi memorial to victims of gay hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 0690 — Victoria to record abuse faced by LGBTI elders
UK-EGAYLITY 0691 — Gay couple arrested in Indonesia over Facebook photo
UK-EGAYLITY 0692 — Have a question about gay sex? Maybe these experts can help
UK-EGAYLITY 0693 — He's back! Evan Peters returns to American Horror Story with gay sex scenes as he plays crazed ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0694 — A Gay Man Of Colour's Dilemma
UK-EGAYLITY 0695 — Many gay men are still hiding their sexuality at work says new study
UK-EGAYLITY 0696 — Ben Carson says 'gay marriage' will bring 'mass killings'
UK-EGAYLITY 0697 — Racial, religious and gay hate crimes in the UK soared by almost 50% post_Brexit
UK-EGAYLITY 0698 — Indonesia posts youth ambassador advert, says LGBTI people need not apply
UK-EGAYLITY 0699 — Keynote Remarks at LGBTI Pacific Youth Forum Dinner
UK-EGAYLITY 0700 — If You Really Want To Defend The LGBT Community, Then You Should Support Donald Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 0701 — Marathi Film 'Daaravtha' to Compete for World's Largest LGBT Short Film Prize
UK-EGAYLITY 0702 — A Little More Inclusive And A Little Less S Club' _ The Importance Of LGBT Safe Spaces
UK-EGAYLITY 0703 — I spent a summer with America's hate preachers and saw homophobia and Muslims targeted with ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0704 — Russia to blacklist LGBTI teen support website
UK-EGAYLITY 0705 — Global LGBTI Forum Calls for New Narratives to Combat Discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0706 — Australian LGBTI Awards to launch in Sydney next year
UK-EGAYLITY 0707 — Same sex marriage plebiscite debate does not help LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0708 — More straight guys are watching gay porn than you might think
UK-EGAYLITY 0709 — Almost half of gay men say they received a negative reaction to coming out
UK-EGAYLITY 0710 — 60% of gay and bisexual men don't know what PrEP is
UK-EGAYLITY 0711 — Millennials are the most openly gay generation yet – now that's something to celebrate
UK-EGAYLITY 0712 — Australian gay rights groups welcome same_sex marriage hurdle
UK-EGAYLITY 0713 — Same_sex marriage plebiscite debate 'putting LGBTI community members at risk'
UK-EGAYLITY 0714 — Victoria's first LGBTI History Month launched
UK-EGAYLITY 0715 — LGBTI people need doctors to leave their prejudice at the door
UK-EGAYLITY 0716 — Belarus leads group of about 17 nations to block LGBT rights in UN citie...
UK-EGAYLITY 0717 — Pope Francis Walks With LGBTQ People, One Step Forward, Big Steps Back
UK-EGAYLITY 0718 — Marriage Equality Has Been Delayed, And LGBTI People Are Cheering
UK-EGAYLITY 0719 — Russia shuts down support group for LGBTI teens
UK-EGAYLITY 0720 — God caused Noah's flood because of gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0721 — Gay X Factor contestants booted off show following weeks of homophobic abuse
UK-EGAYLITY 0722 — Gay cops targeted in drug probe
UK-EGAYLITY 0723 — Consider hosting an LGBT asylum seeker
UK-EGAYLITY 0724 — How to help Syrian LGBTI refugees preserve a safe space in Turkey
UK-EGAYLITY 0725 — Why the LGBT community must stand shoulder to shoulder with immigrants”
UK-EGAYLITY 0726 — World's Only Matchmaking LGBT Festival Attracts International Media
UK-EGAYLITY 0727 — Anti_gay sentiment seen threatening Indonesia's goal to end AIDS by 2030
UK-EGAYLITY 0728 — Actor claims gay people will 'end humanity' following award win
UK-EGAYLITY 0729 — Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz refuses to say the word 'gay' in front of his homosexual staffer
UK-EGAYLITY 0730 — Judge who tossed Kentucky's gay marriage ban honored at UK with new initiative
UK-EGAYLITY 0731 — LGBTI liaison teams launched as force promises to 'eradicate all forms of hatred'
UK-EGAYLITY 0732 — Multinational corporations can play a huge role in advancing LGBTI rights globally
UK-EGAYLITY 0733 — Research Shows One In Three LGBT Travelers Experience Discrimination While On Holiday
UK-EGAYLITY 0734 — German government to pay €30m in compensation to gay men convicted under historical sex laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0735 — Preacher who previously endorsed the beheading of gay men is now teaching in the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 0736 — New HIV diagnoses down in UK gay men, but still high says report
UK-EGAYLITY 0737 — More young people are saying they're bisexual than gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0738 — Study confirms negative impact of Irish marriage equality referendum on LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 0739 — Irish LGBTI community describe marriage equality referendum as a “dark time”
UK-EGAYLITY 0740 — Hong Kong LGBTI choir The Harmonics on giving voice to a community
UK-EGAYLITY 0741 — First Ever Chinese Team to Attend 2018 Gay Games
UK-EGAYLITY 0742 — Meet the gay Jewish German behind the world's first LGBTI liberation movement
UK-EGAYLITY 0743 — Islamic extremist who said gay men's heads should be chopped off in vile video set to teach kids as ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0744 — Opposition to decriminalisation of homosexuality likely in Tonga
UK-EGAYLITY 0745 — Hillary Clinton on threat Donald Trump poses to LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0746 — Tim Kaine blames moderator for Mike Pence not being grilled on anti_LGBTI record
UK-EGAYLITY 0747 — Brandis urges community to accept plebiscite, as LGBTI advocates call for free vote now!
UK-EGAYLITY 0748 — Thailand hosts global LGBT conference
UK-EGAYLITY 0749 — Zanele Muholi Reflects On 10 Years Documenting LGBTI South Africa
UK-EGAYLITY 0750 — Bristol region has the third biggest gay community in the country
UK-EGAYLITY 0751 — One in three LGBT travellers have experienced discrimination on holiday
UK-EGAYLITY 0752 — Barcelona support gay Spanish referee, plan anti_LGBT events
UK-EGAYLITY 0753 — The rise of bisexual Britain has exposed the gay community's dirty little secret
UK-EGAYLITY 0754 — Stars who promised not to wed until gay marriage is legal
UK-EGAYLITY 0755 — Did an Anti_LGBT Panic Help Defeat Colombia's Peace Deal?
UK-EGAYLITY 0756 — Over a third of LGBT holidaymakers face discrimination' abroad
UK-EGAYLITY 0757 — What defines your LGBT+ life? This BBC documentary needs your help
UK-EGAYLITY 0758 — The 60th BFI London Film Festival begins today with loads of gay films
UK-EGAYLITY 0759 — Young Gay Autistic Man Called Care Home a 'Torture Chamber' in Devastating Suicide Note
UK-EGAYLITY 0760 — Rwanda has no problems with gays
UK-EGAYLITY 0761 — Australian Army launches LGBTI strategy at Military Pride Ball
UK-EGAYLITY 0762 — Austin, Texas, is named best US city for LGBTI seniors
UK-EGAYLITY 0763 — Mike Pence's anti_LGBTI record ignored in VP debate
UK-EGAYLITY 0764 — Ruth Davidson: why I talk about being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0765 — Trump's anti_gay running mate Mike Pence steps into spotlight for VP debate
UK-EGAYLITY 0766 — First LGBT river cruise for UK
UK-EGAYLITY 0767 — Half of LGBTI workers hide identity in workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 0768 — LGBTI community organisations want justice for gay hate murders
UK-EGAYLITY 0769 — Public sector lagging on LGBTI inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 0770 — Tonga LGBTI seeks crime act reforms
UK-EGAYLITY 0771 — Progress on memorial to remember victims of gay hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 0772 — Pope welcomes homosexuals, but dismisses LGBT issues in education
UK-EGAYLITY 0773 — Employers 'not doing enough' to support LGBT staff
UK-EGAYLITY 0774 — Straight prisoners asked to remove 'hardcore' pin_ups but gay inmates can keep their posters
UK-EGAYLITY 0775 — LGBT community with mental health problems face 'dual discrimination' say campaigners
UK-EGAYLITY 0776 — Greens Call On Labor To Stop Playing Politics With The Lives Of LGBTI Australians
UK-EGAYLITY 0777 — LGBT Scots with mental health issues face dual stigma
UK-EGAYLITY 0778 — A stunning, faultless piece of LGBT cinema”
UK-EGAYLITY 0779 — This is what happens when you set up a legal 'no gays' food truck in North Carolina
UK-EGAYLITY 0780 — California law aims to protect LGBTI students from discrimination at private universities
UK-EGAYLITY 0781 — Is Lara a new voice for Taiwanese LGBTI community?
UK-EGAYLITY 0782 — LGBTI call for equal rights in Anglican Church won't abate
UK-EGAYLITY 0783 — Heartbreaking video series explores LGBTI bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 0784 — Web Series Queer Ghost Hunters Uncovers LGBT History While Parodying the Genre
UK-EGAYLITY 0785 — 5 True Gay Love Stories For The Ages
UK-EGAYLITY 0786 — Homophobic politician calls gay teen who committed suicide a 'sinner'
UK-EGAYLITY 0787 — UN appoints first expert on LGBT discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 0788 — One in two LGBTI Australians hide their identity in the workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 0789 — LGBT campaigners demand change at Holyrood to tackle homophobia in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0790 — New study finds homophobia in sport continues to be a major problem
UK-EGAYLITY 0791 — Alabama top judge ousted over gay marriage stand
UK-EGAYLITY 0792 — Gay Catholics and those confused about sexuality deserve same pastoral care, Pope tell reporters
UK-EGAYLITY 0793 — Cher warns Donald Trump will “put an end to gay marriage and adoption”
UK-EGAYLITY 0794 — Star Trek legend George Takei reveals surprise as film producers turned Captain Sulu gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0795 — Anti_LGBT laws and their consequences
UK-EGAYLITY 0796 — Thabo Makgoba assures LGBTI members they're welcome in Anglican church
UK-EGAYLITY 0797 — LGBTI refugee leader in Kenya seeks aid for relocation to US
UK-EGAYLITY 0798 — Why This Brighton Church Is Flourishing In Britain's Gay Capital
UK-EGAYLITY 0799 — Thai expert picked for first_ever LGBTI role
UK-EGAYLITY 0800 — LGBTI activist group loses leader to fatal illness
UK-EGAYLITY 0801 — UN appoints world's first expert protector of LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 0802 — India arrested hundreds last year under colonial_era anti_gay law
UK-EGAYLITY 0803 — UK asylum seeker needs even more proof he's gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0804 — Homophobic driver's anti_gay tirade made this man fear his own safety
UK-EGAYLITY 0805 — Free LGBT Film Day at British Museum
UK-EGAYLITY 0806 — Space is now officially LGBT friendly after rainbow flag spends three hours above earth
UK-EGAYLITY 0807 — We Must Stop Americans Who Export Hate Against LGBTI Communities in the Developing World
UK-EGAYLITY 0808 — Colombian peace agreement will benefit LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0809 — US faces loss of leading LGBTI magazines as publisher suspends printing
UK-EGAYLITY 0810 — Space is now LGBT friendly after rainbow flag spends three hours above earth
UK-EGAYLITY 0811 — Four out of the 10 most challenged books in US last year are LGBTI_related
UK-EGAYLITY 0812 — Almost 14% of those arrested under India's anti_gay law last year were minors
UK-EGAYLITY 0813 — Cameroon asylum row man 'told to prove he is gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 0814 — Politicians urged to pledge support for tackling homophobia in Scottish schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0815 — A lot of Americans have evolved on gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0816 — Nigerian homosexual, Bisi Alimi says he was gay from mother's womb
UK-EGAYLITY 0817 — Gay Star News teams up with myGwork to help LGBTI people find their next job
UK-EGAYLITY 0818 — Kenya's most notorious anti_LGBTI official to be hosted by Google
UK-EGAYLITY 0819 — Huge Number Of LGBTIQ Australians Aren't Out At Work, Report Says
UK-EGAYLITY 0820 — Nearly half of LGBTI Australians hide who they are at work
UK-EGAYLITY 0821 — Why Are There So Few Resources for Gay Muslims Online?
UK-EGAYLITY 0822 — Arnold Schwarzenegger says his father beat him because he thought he was gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0823 — California limits travel to North Carolina over LGBT law
UK-EGAYLITY 0824 — Hillary Clinton slams “mean_spirited” anti_LGBT law in North Carolina
UK-EGAYLITY 0825 — myGwork and Gay Star News create worldwide hub for LGBTI professionals
UK-EGAYLITY 0826 — New study showing homophobia still rampant in sport prompts renewed calls for action
UK-EGAYLITY 0827 — Half of Australia's LGBTI community afraid to 'come out of the closet' at work
UK-EGAYLITY 0828 — Free of anti_LGBT attacks, Russian QueerFest thrives
UK-EGAYLITY 0829 — Sydneysiders to raise money for homeless LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 0830 — Let us ensure LGBTI people can share in, express the gift of love
UK-EGAYLITY 0831 — California won't pay for travel to North Carolina and others states with new anti_LGBTI laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0832 — Half of LGBTIQ Australians hide sexuality at work, report finds
UK-EGAYLITY 0833 — Third LGBTI orchestra to be launched in United Kingdom
UK-EGAYLITY 0834 — Haitian LGBTI festival gets canceled by government
UK-EGAYLITY 0835 — Meet the street smart Chihuahua standing up for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0836 — You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: If Bobrisky isn't gay then I am not straight
UK-EGAYLITY 0837 — Homophobic mob pepper_sprays two gay men at Folsom Street Fair
UK-EGAYLITY 0838 — Accenture named No1 employer for LGBT people in Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 0839 — No Racism, No Sexism, No Homophobia' _ Why Afropunk Festival Is So Important
UK-EGAYLITY 0840 — Four Mexican priests outed by country's LGBTI activists
UK-EGAYLITY 0841 — Hillary Clinton still a more popular choice with LGBTI Americans
UK-EGAYLITY 0842 — Suicide prevention aimed at LGBTI youth is now the law in California
UK-EGAYLITY 0843 — Pope Francis backs gay marriage protests in Mexico
UK-EGAYLITY 0844 — Racism in the LGBTQ community
UK-EGAYLITY 0845 — Gay rights in the Arab world
UK-EGAYLITY 0846 — Anti_Zionists, talk to Mid East's gay community
UK-EGAYLITY 0847 — Queer religious groups extend outreach to LGBTQ students in wake of homophobic protest on ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0848 — The Governor of Virginia really wants his state to be a gay holiday destination
UK-EGAYLITY 0849 — Four Mexican priests 'outed' by gay marriage activists
UK-EGAYLITY 0850 — Scottish LGBTIs to expect more governmental protection from hate crime
UK-EGAYLITY 0851 — Orlando gunman's ex_wife believes he was gay and wanted to impress his father
UK-EGAYLITY 0852 — Alan Turing's homosexual court files go on display
UK-EGAYLITY 0853 — Gay Men “the worst” in Hollywood – Ira Sachs
UK-EGAYLITY 0854 — More than half of LGBT+ people suffer hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 0855 — High Level Meeting on LGBTQ Rights at United Nations
UK-EGAYLITY 0856 — Hillary Clinton favored by a whopping 72% of LGBTI voters
UK-EGAYLITY 0857 — Nick Jonas steadfast in supporting LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 0858 — Study Highlights LGBT Abuse in Sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0859 — First mini 'Pride' event takes place in Brent to tackle homophobia in the borough
UK-EGAYLITY 0860 — Training in LGBTI health available to departments
UK-EGAYLITY 0861 — LGBTI students set to be able to claim 'bullying' allowances in Victorian schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0862 — Mental health film series looking for LGBTI participants
UK-EGAYLITY 0863 — Kill the gays' pastor Steven Anderson faces backlash from LGBTI activists
UK-EGAYLITY 0864 — I was forced to police the sex lives of gay men like me – the Alan Turing Law won't make me forget ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0865 — An LGBT watchdog in Latin America needs our help — but why has Canada stayed silent?
UK-EGAYLITY 0866 — Daily journalist wins award nomination for LGBT coverage
UK-EGAYLITY 0867 — Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Homophobia in Hollywood While Promoting New Film
UK-EGAYLITY 0868 — Obama speaks against anti_LGBT violence in last UN speech as President
UK-EGAYLITY 0869 — Indonesia moves to ban gay apps and websites
UK-EGAYLITY 0870 — Survery shows homophobia is still widespread in British football
UK-EGAYLITY 0871 — LGBT activists abroad fear a Trump presidency
UK-EGAYLITY 0872 — LGBTI Africans speak out, despite ongoing repression
UK-EGAYLITY 0873 — South Australia introduces bill to legally recognise LGBTI couples
UK-EGAYLITY 0874 — LGBTI community reacts to Bill Leak Nazi cartoon
UK-EGAYLITY 0875 — Anti_gay abuse widespread at games
UK-EGAYLITY 0876 — Australian LGBT radio station evacuated after bomb scare
UK-EGAYLITY 0877 — Homophobia in football: One in five young fans would be 'embarrassed if their favourite player ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0878 — EU Fund Offers Hope for Tunisia's LGBTI Campaigners
UK-EGAYLITY 0879 — LGBTI People Alcohol and Drugs, and Mental Health
UK-EGAYLITY 0880 — Cartoonist Bill Leak portrays LGBTI lobby as Nazi soldiers
UK-EGAYLITY 0881 — Australia: 'many sex assaults' on overseas and LGBT students
UK-EGAYLITY 0882 — This London Undergound map lists stations by the number of LGBT venues nearby
UK-EGAYLITY 0883 — Gay man's war veteran dad shuts down Australian MP over 'homophobia'
UK-EGAYLITY 0884 — Gay hook_up app reportedly bans the word 'party' in an attempt to curb chemsex
UK-EGAYLITY 0885 — Gay refugee sponsored
UK-EGAYLITY 0886 — Right_Wing Media's Dishonest Attempt To Attack The Clinton Foundation's LGBT Advocacy
UK-EGAYLITY 0887 — Explore South Africa With A New LGBT Children's Book
UK-EGAYLITY 0888 — Gay actors can't come out in Hollywood
UK-EGAYLITY 0889 — Non_Emergency Housing Options for LGBT People Facing Hate Crime
UK-EGAYLITY 0890 — I'm a gay man and I want to donate blood to save the lives of people like my grandfather
UK-EGAYLITY 0891 — Why global corporates should be leading the way when it comes to LGBT diversity
UK-EGAYLITY 0892 — European Parliament calls for further protection LGBTI people at work
UK-EGAYLITY 0893 — Grindr partners with White House to run hackathon for LGBTI equality
UK-EGAYLITY 0894 — I will eliminate my targets' LGBT blogger in chilling New York bomb 'confession'
UK-EGAYLITY 0895 — New report finds LGBT community faces higher economic barriers
UK-EGAYLITY 0896 — Clerk claims she was discriminated against after refusing to process gay marriage licenses
UK-EGAYLITY 0897 — Church gay marriage group has no LGBT allies
UK-EGAYLITY 0898 — Court to rule on limiting East Africa's anti_gay laws
UK-EGAYLITY 0899 — Australia's Messy Gay Marriage Fight Could Harm the LGBT Community
UK-EGAYLITY 0900 — Gay' traffic lights brought in for London Pride are here to stay
UK-EGAYLITY 0901 — Queen's cousin is first royal to come out as gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0902 — Gay Pride goes ahead in face of violence
UK-EGAYLITY 0903 — This 71 year_old father's response to an anti_gay Australian politician is amazing
UK-EGAYLITY 0904 — Christians on both sides of the debate criticise new bishops' group on LGBT issues
UK-EGAYLITY 0905 — Scottish film festival leads the way when it comes to LGBT cinema
UK-EGAYLITY 0906 — 'I'm the NY bomber': police probe LGBTI link to New York bombing
UK-EGAYLITY 0907 — Two openly gay men are running for parliament in Russia
UK-EGAYLITY 0908 — North Carolina considers repealing anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 0909 — Explosion in LGBTI friendly New York City neighborhood
UK-EGAYLITY 0910 — LGBTI family law focus!
UK-EGAYLITY 0911 — Teachers, social workers, syllabi: How the school system alienates gay teens in Hong Kong
UK-EGAYLITY 0912 — New W. African interfaith group fights anti_LGBTI bias
UK-EGAYLITY 0913 — Indonesia wants to ban gay networking apps that promote “sexual deviancy”
UK-EGAYLITY 0914 — Ivanka Trump admits gay dads won't be covered in family benefits plan
UK-EGAYLITY 0915 — Hollywood's portrayal of homosexuality 'doesn't always come from the purest of intentions'
UK-EGAYLITY 0916 — Queensland Finally Abolished An Archaic Law That Discriminated Against The LGBTI Community
UK-EGAYLITY 0917 — Mercure hotel panics after LGBTIQA community backlash
UK-EGAYLITY 0918 — Aaron was born gay' Emmerdale's Danny Miller shuts down claims abuse determined sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 0919 — What it's like to find out your husband is gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0920 — Government worker would rather be fired than watch LGBT training video
UK-EGAYLITY 0921 — Rachel Nicolson recognised as LGBTI champion
UK-EGAYLITY 0922 — Gay men 'could have babies together', new study reveals
UK-EGAYLITY 0923 — Spain's first openly gay referee receives death threats after returning to football
UK-EGAYLITY 0924 — They don't like drugs or gay marriage, and they HATE tattoos: Is 'Generation Z' the most ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0925 — 16_year_old figure skater gave anti_gay commentators the best comeback ever
UK-EGAYLITY 0926 — Victoria promises LGBTI funding boost in event of plebiscite
UK-EGAYLITY 0927 — Botswana LGBTI community calls on govt to ban homophobic US pastor
UK-EGAYLITY 0928 — Spain's first openly gay football referee is getting death threats
UK-EGAYLITY 0929 — Bianca Del Rio on RuPaul's Emmy win: 'Gay people make everything happen'
UK-EGAYLITY 0930 — France more accepting of gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 0931 — Botswana LGBTI activists push to keep 'kill the gays' pastor out of their country
UK-EGAYLITY 0932 — Are These Nude Rowers Actually Helping End Homophobia in Sports?
UK-EGAYLITY 0933 — Two openly gay men are running for seats in Russian parliament
UK-EGAYLITY 0934 — The Powerful Reason This Boy Stood Up Against Anti_LGBTQ Protesters
UK-EGAYLITY 0935 — Standing up against the ill treatment of the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 0936 — Same_sex marriage opponent confronted on live TV – by her gay brother
UK-EGAYLITY 0937 — This 92_year_old woman has been taking the same sign to gay Pride 'for over 30 years'
UK-EGAYLITY 0938 — Meet the gay Russian politician who wants to elected just so he can take down Putin
UK-EGAYLITY 0939 — College athletic championships pulled from North Carolina over anti_LGBTI bill
UK-EGAYLITY 0940 — Opposition councillors call for LGBT discussion with Frank McAveety after meeting ran out of time
UK-EGAYLITY 0941 — How One Catholic Church Is Supporting Its LGBTQ Members
UK-EGAYLITY 0942 — The stunning moment a 12_year_old boy stood up to thousands of anti_gay demonstrators
UK-EGAYLITY 0943 — Half of teachers 'didn't read' government guidance on LGBT_inclusive education
UK-EGAYLITY 0944 — David Cameron's premiership damaged the UK's LGBT community – equal marriage or not'
UK-EGAYLITY 0945 — There Are Three Gay Children In Every School Classroom, And They Deserve Your ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0946 — Over the rainbow? Interview with Matt Todd about how to be gay and happy
UK-EGAYLITY 0947 — Funding people to insult us': children of LGBTI families say they don't want a plebiscite
UK-EGAYLITY 0948 — South African authorities engaging LGBTI on controversial pastor's visit
UK-EGAYLITY 0949 — LGBTI Queenslanders Discuss Their Pasts, Presents and Futures
UK-EGAYLITY 0950 — Homophobic? You might be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0951 — Renewed call for LGBT education in schools to be made mandatory
UK-EGAYLITY 0952 — UK tells gay Ugandan asylum seeker he can Skype his boyfriend after he is deported
UK-EGAYLITY 0953 — Church demands public cash to fight for no vote in gay marriage referendum
UK-EGAYLITY 0954 — Chinese gay rights activist sues Ministry of Education over textbooks calling homosexuality a ...
UK-EGAYLITY 0955 — How Freddie Mercury became an inspiration for the LGBT community (and everyone else)
UK-EGAYLITY 0956 — Donald Trump rallies with anti_LGBT preacher who claims paedophilia is 'a homosexual problem'
UK-EGAYLITY 0957 — Gay rights response to marriage protesters
UK-EGAYLITY 0958 — Should LGBT_Exclusive Environments Exist
UK-EGAYLITY 0959 — Chinese gay activist challenges homosexuality "disorder" textbooks
UK-EGAYLITY 0960 — The Past, Present and Future for LGBTIQ Queenslanders
UK-EGAYLITY 0961 — NGOs: attacks on LGBTI people persist
UK-EGAYLITY 0962 — NSW LGBTI political allies to be honoured for united action
UK-EGAYLITY 0963 — State Department Special Envoy Urged to Press Kazakhstan on LGBT Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0964 — Govt Threatens to Ban Groups Supporting Gay Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0965 — Service gives social support to LGBTI seniors
UK-EGAYLITY 0966 — Is WikiLeaks Outing Gay Saudi Arabians?
UK-EGAYLITY 0967 — Gay community calls for respect at health facilities
UK-EGAYLITY 0968 — Revealed: culture of classroom silence over homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 0969 — Prominent LGBTI Australians call for same_sex marriage plebiscite to be scrapped
UK-EGAYLITY 0970 — Study reveals LGBTI people 2.47 times more likely to self_harm
UK-EGAYLITY 0971 — Home Affairs not prepared to entertain US gay_bashing pastor
UK-EGAYLITY 0972 — Dr David van Gend: LGBT community are “playing the suicide card”
UK-EGAYLITY 0973 — Here's something all gay men need to know about HIV and undetectable viral loads
UK-EGAYLITY 0974 — Things you should never say to your gay mates
UK-EGAYLITY 0975 — Africa's first gay rugby team goes on tour to tackle discrimination at home
UK-EGAYLITY 0976 — Tanzania threatens to ban groups supporting gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 0977 — Renee Zellweger condemns 'unnecessary ugliness' of Kenny Chesney gay rumors
UK-EGAYLITY 0978 — Anti_gay marriage protests expected in Mexico
UK-EGAYLITY 0979 — Footballer comes out as gay on Reddit, admits he has fake girlfriend
UK-EGAYLITY 0980 — Antony Cotton blasts Coronation Street gay sex scene critics
UK-EGAYLITY 0981 — This gay man decided to school a homophobe after being harassed in the street
UK-EGAYLITY 0982 — Finnish LGBT rights activist found murdered in Stockholm
UK-EGAYLITY 0983 — Ex_gay' group accidentally inspires pride event with hateful billboard
UK-EGAYLITY 0984 — Students Across NZ Go Silent Against LGBTI Bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 0985 — Group launched to help LGBT youth feel safe playing sport
UK-EGAYLITY 0986 — LGBTI Teaching Resource Pulled From NSW Schools
UK-EGAYLITY 0987 — Church of England synod members call for 'greater clarity' around status of LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 0988 — Bishops urged to reject 'orchestrated campaign' on gay inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 0989 — Join Mental Health Mates for an LGBT picnic in the park
UK-EGAYLITY 0990 — MP urges police to re_open investigation into 1984 murder of gay rights activist
UK-EGAYLITY 0991 — Meet the LGBT Paralympians representing their country in Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 0992 — Check out the LGBT films competing for this year's Iris Prize
UK-EGAYLITY 0993 — JK Rowling appears to DENY that Sirius Black is gay
UK-EGAYLITY 0994 — Julian Clary says he enjoyed 'graphically demystifying gay sex' through his comedy
UK-EGAYLITY 0995 — South Africa's first gay rugby team goes on tour to tackle discrimination at home
UK-EGAYLITY 0996 — ITV defends Coronation Street gay kiss after homophobic backlash from viewers
UK-EGAYLITY 0997 — Linda Scott promises safety audit of LGBTI areas if elected
UK-EGAYLITY 0998 — Australia's first openly gay Aboriginal MP
UK-EGAYLITY 0999 — South Africa: Home Affairs Officials Being Schooled On LGBTI Issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1000 — Gay men are more masculine than straight men': Sir Ian McKellen
UK-EGAYLITY 1001 — 22_year_old writes, directs and stars in chart topping LGBT film
UK-EGAYLITY 1002 — Rio Paralympics to see first ever openly gay person carrying GB flag at a Games
UK-EGAYLITY 1003 — LGBTI homelessness "should not be forgotten"
UK-EGAYLITY 1004 — Gay input on pastor's visit to SA
UK-EGAYLITY 1005 — Minister Gigaba hears LGBTI plea to ban homophobic pastor
UK-EGAYLITY 1006 — Home Affairs officials receive training on LGBTI matters
UK-EGAYLITY 1007 — Fourteen married gay clergy call for full inclusion for LGBT clergy
UK-EGAYLITY 1008 — Nottingham research drives new national guidance to end discrimination of LGBT people in end of ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1009 — Daily Mail readers really aren't happy that London has “gay” lights
UK-EGAYLITY 1010 — Iconic London gay pub to make final stand before planned closure tomorrow
UK-EGAYLITY 1011 — Married gay priests come out in newspaper letter, urge tolerance
UK-EGAYLITY 1012 — Home Affairs to Cater for LGBTI Marriages
UK-EGAYLITY 1013 — Home Affairs to prioritise sensitivity training around LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 1014 — I want to contribute to empowering LGBTI Africans'
UK-EGAYLITY 1015 — Gay clergy call for greater LGBT inclusion in Church of England
UK-EGAYLITY 1016 — Jehovah's Witnesses distribute leaflet telling gay people to “control their urges”
UK-EGAYLITY 1017 — Bishop of Grantham reveals he is gay a year after his appointment was announced in the town
UK-EGAYLITY 1018 — New 'diverse' Australian lamb ad features LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1019 — A Push To Decriminalize Homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1020 — Christian group unhappy with appointment of first openly gay bishop Nicholas Chamberlain
UK-EGAYLITY 1021 — The economic benefits of an inclusive society – LGBTI Tourism
UK-EGAYLITY 1022 — Bangladesh, repeal our repressive anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 1023 — Seeking LGBTI rights in Trinidad, finding them in Canada
UK-EGAYLITY 1024 — Meet the 12 most influential LGBTI animals to walk the Earth
UK-EGAYLITY 1025 — LGBT Kids Struggling In Wake Of “Safe Schools” Scare Campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 1026 — New exhibit explores the dichotomy of being Arab and gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1027 — In much of the Middle East, it's getting more dangerous to be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1028 — US Defense Of LGBT Rights In Africa Brings Mixed Responses From Advocacy Organizations ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1029 — Sir Ian McKellen has accused Cardiff council of 'negativity' to LGBT people over its Champions ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1030 — Molly Shannon to Hollywood: We Need More LGBT Stories
UK-EGAYLITY 1031 — Which UK city is best to live in if you're gay and single?
UK-EGAYLITY 1032 — Spain's Tomato War Begins, against Sexism, Homophobia, amid Some Controversy
UK-EGAYLITY 1033 — FBI probes homophobic threats 'made by GAY man who wrote about wanting to 'exterminate' LGBT ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1034 — As Trump tries to appeal to LGBT voters, the anti_LGBT attitudes of those closest to him matter more ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1035 — These are the 20 most LGBTI_friendly and unfriendly colleges in the US
UK-EGAYLITY 1036 — Does this group point a way forward for many of our ailing LGBTI venues?
UK-EGAYLITY 1037 — 4 underrated gay_friendly beachside hotspots – how many have you been to?
UK-EGAYLITY 1038 — Tiffany “New York” Pollard returning to reality TV with gay dating show!
UK-EGAYLITY 1039 — Thousands take to streets for Croydon's first gay pride celebration in 20 years
UK-EGAYLITY 1040 — Ranbir Kapoor open to playing a gay character
UK-EGAYLITY 1041 — New blood donor rules attacked by gay rights group
UK-EGAYLITY 1042 — Gok Wan Joins Activists To Deliver Emotional Advice For Bullied LGBT Pupils
UK-EGAYLITY 1043 — Why UK construction needs the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1044 — This is a brief history of the historic milestones in promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
UK-EGAYLITY 1045 — What is it like to live in Essex as a gay man?
UK-EGAYLITY 1046 — Homophobic attack on LGBTI rights defender in Tunisia
UK-EGAYLITY 1047 — Four Spanish bishops threatened with prosecution for criticizing draconian LGBT 'protection' law
UK-EGAYLITY 1048 — Gay YouTuber Sam Tsui releases musical wedding video
UK-EGAYLITY 1049 — Eamonn Holmes responds to 'homophobia' outcry over old interview with UK's first gay dads
UK-EGAYLITY 1050 — What do LGBT people think about the term queer?
UK-EGAYLITY 1051 — Peter Tatchell talks human rights, LGBT advocacy
UK-EGAYLITY 1052 — Church minister to focus on LGBT issues at new posting
UK-EGAYLITY 1053 — New York Democrats wants to erase pictures of gay couples from textbooks
UK-EGAYLITY 1054 — New York court redefines parenthood in landmark win for gay families
UK-EGAYLITY 1055 — Brutal attack on Serbian LGBTI activist must be investigated
UK-EGAYLITY 1056 — When The US Backs Gay And Lesbian Rights In Africa, Is There A Backlash?
UK-EGAYLITY 1057 — IOM Launches LGBTI Pulse Memorial Scholarship
UK-EGAYLITY 1058 — Suicide prevention bill aimed at LGBTI youth passed in California
UK-EGAYLITY 1059 — Why are there no openly gay elite AFL players?
UK-EGAYLITY 1060 — He was enraged!': Gay university student drowns out preacher's homophobic rants with her ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1061 — Can you guess the best UK city to be gay and single in?
UK-EGAYLITY 1062 — Landlord accused of harassing gay tenants, even after they ended their tenancy
UK-EGAYLITY 1063 — New Texas 'campus carry' gun law worries LGBT students
UK-EGAYLITY 1064 — Gay dating show 'Finding Prince Charming' will be “more realistic” than the Bachelor, says host
UK-EGAYLITY 1065 — Ex_Irish President: Gay people make fine Catholic priests
UK-EGAYLITY 1066 — Thank you for being a friend: Bea Arthur's Shelter for LGBT Youth opening in 2017
UK-EGAYLITY 1067 — At_risk LGBTI people don't need marriage, they need mental health care
UK-EGAYLITY 1068 — Anti_LGBTI group continues lawsuit to ban gay sex in Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 1069 — LGBTI films and comedians recognised for theirs work
UK-EGAYLITY 1070 — Price of a plebiscite is too high for LGBTI young people
UK-EGAYLITY 1071 — Trump launches t_shirts for LGBTI supporters
UK-EGAYLITY 1072 — Spanish LGBTI group takes stand against gay cure therapy
UK-EGAYLITY 1073 — Madrid LGBT group takes action over 'gay cure therapy'
UK-EGAYLITY 1074 — Kambala school sends letter shaming parents complaining about gay teachers
UK-EGAYLITY 1075 — Church groups consider split from Church of England over LGBTI acceptance
UK-EGAYLITY 1076 — Christian Warrior' threatens to kill LGBTI people in chilling Youtube video
UK-EGAYLITY 1077 — How to respond to a 'homophobic homosexual'”
UK-EGAYLITY 1078 — Mary McAleese in dig at Rome over stance on gay priests
UK-EGAYLITY 1079 — Swedish migration agency advised to do away with LGBT specialists
UK-EGAYLITY 1080 — 17 fantastic photos of Croydon's first gay pride festival for 20 years
UK-EGAYLITY 1081 — When his son came out as gay, this pastor had a wonderful message of support
UK-EGAYLITY 1082 — Bea Arthur's shelter for homeless LGBTI youth to open early 2017
UK-EGAYLITY 1083 — Maine governor 'apologizes' for anti_LGBTI slur
UK-EGAYLITY 1084 — LGBT people in Colombia endorse peace deal to end targeted attacks
UK-EGAYLITY 1085 — Egyptian Police using Grindr to catch gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 1086 — This is how we can save bullied LGBTI kids' lives
UK-EGAYLITY 1087 — Colombian LGBT groups endorse peace deal
UK-EGAYLITY 1088 — Advocating the rights of the LGBTI community on Kathmandu pride festival
UK-EGAYLITY 1089 — The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1090 — Only 2 LGBTI_related Homeless submissions made
UK-EGAYLITY 1091 — Rockhampton Police Support the LGBTI Community
UK-EGAYLITY 1092 — Human Rights Commissioner to address Victoria's LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1093 — Female and LGBT students most likely to have a mental health...
UK-EGAYLITY 1094 — Is this the year when anti_LGBT political campaigns reach a dead end?
UK-EGAYLITY 1095 — Why Indonesia, the World's Biggest Muslim Democracy, Should Accept Its LGBT Citizens
UK-EGAYLITY 1096 — The Rise of LGBT Athletes in Sports
UK-EGAYLITY 1097 — 50s heartthrob Tab Hunter says his homosexuality was 'the worst kept secret in Hollywood'
UK-EGAYLITY 1098 — Australian opposition could block gay marriage vote
UK-EGAYLITY 1099 — Former West Brom midfielder banned for 'gay slur' towards Robbie Rogers
UK-EGAYLITY 1100 — Is football really tackling homophobia?
UK-EGAYLITY 1101 — Irish church orders investigation after priests found using gay dating apps
UK-EGAYLITY 1102 — Scene racism stops Asian, blaScene racism stops Asian, black and Brazilian gays from going outck and Brazilian gays from going out
UK-EGAYLITY 1103 — Man who poured boiling water on gay couple given 40 years in prison
UK-EGAYLITY 1104 — LGBTI representation in TV dramas is "underwhelming"
UK-EGAYLITY 1105 — Vandals set off explosive device in LGBTI newspaper box
UK-EGAYLITY 1106 — WikiLeaks publishes name of Saudi man arrested for homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1107 — LGBTI Relationships Aren't Free From Domestic Violence. In Fact, They're Often More Difficult To
UK-EGAYLITY 1108 — LGBTI community leader diagnosed with cancer
UK-EGAYLITY 1109 — Wear it Purple to support LGBTI youth!
UK-EGAYLITY 1110 — When Berlin Found Its Gay Anthem
UK-EGAYLITY 1111 — WikiLeaks publish information on gay men in Saudi Arabia
UK-EGAYLITY 1112 — Cher: 'I'm scared for the gay community if Trump wins'
UK-EGAYLITY 1113 — Church orders inquiry into priests using gay dating apps
UK-EGAYLITY 1114 — LGBTI homeless not addressed at inquiry
UK-EGAYLITY 1115 — Five per cent of characters on Aussie TV are LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 1116 — Compendium of good practices on local LGBTI policies
UK-EGAYLITY 1117 — LGBTI NGOs stigmatised in Uganda
UK-EGAYLITY 1118 — More Than A Third Of LGBTI Athletes Won Medals In Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 1119 — Deleted GAY love scene between Will Smith's Deadshot and Rick Flag
UK-EGAYLITY 1120 — Suit alleging Catholic school gay marriage bias to proceed
UK-EGAYLITY 1121 — WikiLeaks outs gay people in Saudi Arabia in 'reckless' mass data dump
UK-EGAYLITY 1122 — Gay couples divide housework according to who's more 'masculine' and more 'feminine', study says
UK-EGAYLITY 1123 — World's largest LGBTI short film prize returns – but who will scoop the £30000?
UK-EGAYLITY 1124 — Are You Racist? Gay? Or Both? This Guy's Premature Baldness Has Led To A Lot Of ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1125 — Here's Some Ways To Get Teachers To Support LGBT Students
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UK-EGAYLITY 1129 — 7 things all gay men need to know about Shigella
UK-EGAYLITY 1130 — Gay dads and their triplets make history
UK-EGAYLITY 1131 — ACT Greens call for more support for LGBTI community ahead of plebiscite
UK-EGAYLITY 1132 — Alyn Smith: Scotland is a beacon to LGBTI people everywhere and we need to shout that more
UK-EGAYLITY 1133 — Anti_gay activist “intellegence” group 'Gay Zombies' sued for crashing Toronto Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1134 — Olympic gay athletes a boost to local LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1135 — More hard times for Indonesian LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 1136 — What's it like being LGBT in Turkey?
UK-EGAYLITY 1137 — Two men have a baby in the UK's first ever openly gay play
UK-EGAYLITY 1138 — Over a third of all out LGBTI athletes won medals at Rio Olympics
UK-EGAYLITY 1139 — LGBT Victories at Olympics, Struggles in Brazil; Catholic Bishops Organizing Anti_Marriage ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1140 — LGBT Burmese Missed the Revolution
UK-EGAYLITY 1141 — Review of anti_gay laws welcome but...
UK-EGAYLITY 1142 — Gay athletes inspire as homophobic violence continues in Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 1143 — Visiting Brighton Pride _ the UK's biggest LGBTI party
UK-EGAYLITY 1144 — Scottish Catholic Church denies supporting 'mandatory' LGBT activist school program
UK-EGAYLITY 1145 — UN condemns discrimination against LGBT
UK-EGAYLITY 1146 — Scotland urged to join LGBT youth at Pride Glasgow
UK-EGAYLITY 1147 — LGBTI advocates denounce court ruling backing funeral home that fired transgender embalmer
UK-EGAYLITY 1148 — Bald And Under Thirty: Are You Gay Or Racist, Mate?
UK-EGAYLITY 1149 — Scotland is the best for LGBT equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1150 — Ambassador Schapiro Hosts Reception for Major Cooper and Czech LGBTI Leaders
UK-EGAYLITY 1151 — Chch writers fest event to raise funds for LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 1152 — Police Officers “Sexually Harass” Leading LGBTI Activist
UK-EGAYLITY 1153 — Roma Downey insists remake of Ben_Hur will not have gay sub_plot of Hollywood epic
UK-EGAYLITY 1154 — Ex_gay' gospel singer, who claimed 'God's power' helped him change his lifestyle, now dating a ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1155 — An LGBT sports community emerges in Tel Aviv
UK-EGAYLITY 1156 — Cleric's Call Against Anti_LGBT Violence
UK-EGAYLITY 1157 — Center Global seeks housing assistance for LGBT asylum seekers
UK-EGAYLITY 1158 — African Anglicans will never accept gay marriage, vows senior Church leader
UK-EGAYLITY 1159 — Homophobes Might Be Gay, Scientists Discover
UK-EGAYLITY 1160 — The Brave Activists Fighting For LGBT Rights In Uganda
UK-EGAYLITY 1161 — Ben_Hur's Gay Subtext Is Needed Now More Than Ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1162 — The Boy From Mushin Activist Bisi Alimi Is On A Mission To Change Nigeria”s LGBT Narrative ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1163 — Outgoing British envoy emphasises LGBT work in leaving interview
UK-EGAYLITY 1164 — Why homosexual asylum seekers' sexual identities are still not being respected
UK-EGAYLITY 1165 — Flood destroys home of man who claimed God sends natural disasters to punish gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 1166 — Scottish Parliament to acknowledge there is 'more to be done' to tackle homophobia in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1167 — South African LGBTs fight anti_gay American pastor's visit
UK-EGAYLITY 1168 — LGBTI youth project is seeking Project Manager
UK-EGAYLITY 1169 — Human Rights Commission Praises LGBT_Friendly Laws in Costa Rica
UK-EGAYLITY 1170 — Nick Jonas on how he handles criticism for being LGBTI ally
UK-EGAYLITY 1171 — Wedding bells for Greenwich gay rights couple who went to European Court of Human Rights to ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1172 — Former American Idol contestant David Hernandez comes out as gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1173 — Gay footballer arrested at Pride in Sweden deported for not showing 'evidence' he is gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1174 — Anglican ministers reach out to LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1175 — The 'big gay kiss in' – “we won't be belittled or treated like second class citizens”
UK-EGAYLITY 1176 — Anglicans to debate licensing LGBTI clergy in same_sex civil unions to minister
UK-EGAYLITY 1177 — Who are NSW's LGBTI community heroes?
UK-EGAYLITY 1178 — If Sweden deports this gay athlete he will face prison
UK-EGAYLITY 1179 — LGBTI Victorians urged to turn local government rainbow
UK-EGAYLITY 1180 — Grief_stricken mother calls for better LGBT education in schools following daughter's suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 1181 — How do we de_stigmatize HIV but still persuade gay men to protect themselves?
UK-EGAYLITY 1182 — 5 awesome gay hangouts in Gran Canaria
UK-EGAYLITY 1183 — Further rise in syphilis cases among gay men in London
UK-EGAYLITY 1184 — This is not about homophobia. It's about fact
UK-EGAYLITY 1185 — Canadian homophobe so mad about gay Olympians that he gets totally incoherent
UK-EGAYLITY 1186 — Language matters if you want LGBT politicians to succeed
UK-EGAYLITY 1187 — LGBT community leaves Mormon church in Salt Lake City
UK-EGAYLITY 1188 — Homophobes more likely to be drawn to gay images
UK-EGAYLITY 1189 — Gay marriage proposals continue in Rio as Tom Bosworth pops the question to boyfriend
UK-EGAYLITY 1190 — Third of heterosexuals want a gay fling!
UK-EGAYLITY 1191 — How One Novelist is Fighting Gay Conversion Therapy in Ecuador
UK-EGAYLITY 1192 — Will a Buenos Aires Subway Station Take the Name of a LGBTI Figurehead?
UK-EGAYLITY 1193 — Donald Trump's new plan to quiz immigrants on beliefs on gay rights and religion
UK-EGAYLITY 1194 — Olympics_Record total of gay athletes boost homosexual community
UK-EGAYLITY 1195 — 11 of the most adorable pictures from National Gay Uncles Day
UK-EGAYLITY 1196 — Daily Beast withdraw 'gay baiting' reporter from Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 1197 — Ukraine just celebrated its first LGBTI Pride outside Kiev
UK-EGAYLITY 1198 — Uganda Minister of Ethics: Gay men want to rape me
UK-EGAYLITY 1199 — Gay and transgender refugees seek safety in the Middle East
UK-EGAYLITY 1200 — If only everyone was as tolerant as Team LGBT says Karren Brady
UK-EGAYLITY 1201 — Gay high school students at higher risk of suicide or rape, study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 1202 — Young, Gay, and on the Run in East Africa
UK-EGAYLITY 1203 — LGBT rights support improves in Jamaica but anti_gay sentiment grows
UK-EGAYLITY 1204 — LGBTI community faces ostracisation
UK-EGAYLITY 1205 — Traditional leaders show that being gay is African
UK-EGAYLITY 1206 — Naomi Campbell stuns on the cover of Attitude as she supports gay Empire co_star Jussie Smollett
UK-EGAYLITY 1207 — Gay kiss_in at Hackney Sainsbury's causes homophobic taunts
UK-EGAYLITY 1208 — Cher to host LGBT fundraisers for Hillary Clinton
UK-EGAYLITY 1209 — Crowds gather at Sainsbury's gay kiss_in to support LGBTI equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1210 — The biggest winner of the Olympics so far has been casual homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1211 — Jesus opposes gay marriage, just look in this bit of the Bible everyone already ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1212 — Gay, lesbian and bisexual high school students are 'raped more often' says first government study ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1213 — We were wrong' to publish article nearly outing gay Olympians
UK-EGAYLITY 1214 — Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to issue apology for historic gay convictions
UK-EGAYLITY 1215 — Human Rights Watch: Gay rights under attack in Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 1216 — Scottish Rugby signs up to LGBT Sports Charter
UK-EGAYLITY 1217 — LGBTI Labour members reveal why they're supporting or opposing Jeremy Corbyn
UK-EGAYLITY 1218 — Video of gay man plummeting to the ground after ISIS throw him from a roof in Iraq
UK-EGAYLITY 1219 — Nobody Asked for Your Opinion on Gay Sex
UK-EGAYLITY 1220 — A different attitude to LGBT worshipers
UK-EGAYLITY 1221 — LGBT community in Indonesia under threat, says Human Rights Watch
UK-EGAYLITY 1222 — US official declines to criticize anti_LGBT religious figures
UK-EGAYLITY 1223 — Think that homophobia no longer exists in Britain? You're wrong – it's even on the BBC
UK-EGAYLITY 1224 — You wouldn't believe how little we knew about gay life in the 1980s
UK-EGAYLITY 1225 — Star Trek TV reboot to get female lead and gay character, confirms Bryan Fuller
UK-EGAYLITY 1226 — New Star Trek TV reboot to feature gay character
UK-EGAYLITY 1227 — Female and LGBT students the most likely to develop mental health issues at university
UK-EGAYLITY 1228 — Homonationalism is Why We Talk About Gay Olympians That Way
UK-EGAYLITY 1229 — Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes told his father took his life because he was gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1230 — No room” for LGBTI people says Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 1231 — Andrew Barr pledges support for LGBTI community and adds his voice to the no plebiscite chorus
UK-EGAYLITY 1232 — NBC Sports has a gay problem
UK-EGAYLITY 1233 — 39% of gay men say majority of the sex they have is unprotected
UK-EGAYLITY 1234 — Rev Chris Hudson: 'Most people are ahead of the churches on gay issues'
UK-EGAYLITY 1235 — Supreme Court to hear challenge to pension rules that deprive gay couples of thousands
UK-EGAYLITY 1236 — Gay Qatari's article provokes backlash over World Cup 'values'
UK-EGAYLITY 1237 — Teens face hate crime charges after screaming homophobic abuse at LGBT group
UK-EGAYLITY 1238 — How helping LGBTI entrepreneurs is transforming lives in Brazil
UK-EGAYLITY 1239 — West Lothian LGBTI teen group subjected to homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1240 — LGBTI mentoring group Out For Australia seeking volunteers
UK-EGAYLITY 1241 — Trump to appear at anti_LGBTI event _ in Orlando _ on two_month anniversary of massacre
UK-EGAYLITY 1242 — Homeless soccer stars get an LGBT_friendly refuge
UK-EGAYLITY 1243 — Uganda: Minister's Remarks Against LGBTI People Amount to Advocacy of Hatred
UK-EGAYLITY 1244 — How can humanitarian actors protect LGBT refugees?
UK-EGAYLITY 1245 — Where Are Soapland's LGBT Parents?
UK-EGAYLITY 1246 — Why this gown made from flags where homosexuality is still banned is so important
UK-EGAYLITY 1247 — Catholic LGBT campaigner arrested in Ugandan gay Pride crackdown
UK-EGAYLITY 1248 — Young Americans overwhelmingly support gay people adopting kids
UK-EGAYLITY 1249 — Rescue young victim of anti_LGBTI violence
UK-EGAYLITY 1250 — Barcelona hosts world's largest LGBTI festival for 9th consecutive year
UK-EGAYLITY 1251 — Australian anti_gay Christian group Salt Shakers to close
UK-EGAYLITY 1252 — Uruguay Grants Asylum To Gay Russian Man And Other Good News!
UK-EGAYLITY 1253 — Bernie Sanders says Hillary Clinton will 'protect the rights of the LGBT community'
UK-EGAYLITY 1254 — Young Americans favor LGBT rights on adoption, more
UK-EGAYLITY 1255 — Journalist Patrick Strudwick calls out hypocrisy over gay sex
UK-EGAYLITY 1256 — The Olympic Spirit Includes LGBT People This Time
UK-EGAYLITY 1257 — Serbian PM appoints first gay Cabinet minister, says her sexuality is not a big deal
UK-EGAYLITY 1258 — This Man Has Been Crowned The First Ever Mr Gay China
UK-EGAYLITY 1259 — Minister's remarks against LGBTI people amount to advocacy of hatred
UK-EGAYLITY 1260 — Serbia's new government will include first openly gay minister
UK-EGAYLITY 1261 — Tanzania to stop registration of NGOs supporting homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1262 — What LGBTI People Need To Know About Tuesday's Census
UK-EGAYLITY 1263 — Campaign to attract gay fans to football matches launched
UK-EGAYLITY 1264 — Politician evicts gay couple, says she 'never should have rented to faggots'
UK-EGAYLITY 1265 — Celebrity Big Brother': Stephen Bear Sparks Homophobia Row After Frankie Grande Comment
UK-EGAYLITY 1266 — Meryl Streep recalls LGBT music teachers who taught her acceptance
UK-EGAYLITY 1267 — Bear sparks Celebrity Big Brother homophobia row with Frankie Grande accusing him of ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1268 — Bisi Alimi Foundation will 'help social acceptance of gay people in Nigeria'
UK-EGAYLITY 1269 — Sydney's Al_Faisal college headmaster says students are taught being homosexual is wrong
UK-EGAYLITY 1270 — China crowned its first Mr Gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1271 — European LGBT rights activists fear setbacks without UK's 'voice for progress'
UK-EGAYLITY 1272 — Mostly hits, a few misses, for Team LGBTI during Olympics opening weekend
UK-EGAYLITY 1273 — One LGBTI person killed every day in Brazil
UK-EGAYLITY 1274 — LGBTI athletes are facing homophobic chants from crowds
UK-EGAYLITY 1275 — Tripping through Tbilisi: what I learned as a gay traveler in the capital of LGBTI_unfriendly Georgia
UK-EGAYLITY 1276 — Anti_homophobia campaign launched in a bid to make Scottish football more inclusive
UK-EGAYLITY 1277 — No out LGBTI athletes chosen to be flag bearer for Olympic Parade of Nations in Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 1278 — Citi behind scholarship push for gay teenagers
UK-EGAYLITY 1279 — Team LGBTI results from the Rio 2016 Olympics
UK-EGAYLITY 1280 — Ugandan police break up gay rights event
UK-EGAYLITY 1281 — Gay people are still treated like second class citizens
UK-EGAYLITY 1282 — Gays urged to form organisations
UK-EGAYLITY 1283 — Scottish clubs welcome LGBTI supporters for season curtain opener
UK-EGAYLITY 1284 — Ugandan police raid LGBT fashion show
UK-EGAYLITY 1285 — As a gay man, I want to donate blood” – Ethan Spibey from FreedomToDonate
UK-EGAYLITY 1286 — Headless, mutilated body of gay Syrian refugee discovered in Istanbul
UK-EGAYLITY 1287 — Jared Leto thinks Hollywood still discriminates against gay actors
UK-EGAYLITY 1288 — British Gay Couple Beaten Unconscious In Brutal Attack on Greek Island of Mykonos
UK-EGAYLITY 1289 — Rio Olympics Will Have the Most Openly LGBT Athletes of All Time
UK-EGAYLITY 1290 — Tehran hangs teenage boy for being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1291 — There's a whiff of homophobia surrounding the PrEP debate
UK-EGAYLITY 1292 — Gay Syrian man beheaded and mutilated in Turkey
UK-EGAYLITY 1293 — Meet the out and proud gay men representing their country at the Rio Olympic Games
UK-EGAYLITY 1294 — Jared Leto doesn't think Hollywood is ready to accept a gay leading man
UK-EGAYLITY 1295 — Brighton churches 'supportive' as city prepares for UK's largest gay pride march
UK-EGAYLITY 1296 — Indonesia considers whether to make gay sex illegal in case brought by Islamic activists
UK-EGAYLITY 1297 — LGBTI Australians who do not identify as 'male' or 'female' fear they won't be counted in the Census
UK-EGAYLITY 1298 — Discovering Spain's best_kept gay secret while cycling through Catalonia's lush landscapes
UK-EGAYLITY 1299 — First married gay couple to compete at Olympics: 'Rio is special after what we went through'
UK-EGAYLITY 1300 — Batley's Keegan Hirst believes decision to come out as gay has helped his form
UK-EGAYLITY 1301 — Billy and Todd's gay kiss in Coronation Street cleared by Ofcom
UK-EGAYLITY 1302 — After Orlando shooting, gay leaders train sights on guns
UK-EGAYLITY 1303 — Troye Sivan watches fan break down while recalling bullying for being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1304 — The lesbian twin police officers who set up the world's first LGBTI criminal justice summit
UK-EGAYLITY 1305 — Gregg Sulkin Hopes His Abs Will Help Gay Kids
UK-EGAYLITY 1306 — Northern Ireland will legalise gay marriage, Scottish Tory leader says
UK-EGAYLITY 1307 — Having sex with a man doesn't make you gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1308 — If Team LGBTI were a country, it would be the 61st largest at Rio Olympics
UK-EGAYLITY 1309 — Study reveals gay and lesbian Australians earn more and have higher qualifications
UK-EGAYLITY 1310 — Egypt's Grand Mufti says no to violence against LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1311 — Christopher Biggins banned from LGBTI events until he says sorry to bisexuals
UK-EGAYLITY 1312 — What Is Life Like For an Ordinary Gay Muslim Man?
UK-EGAYLITY 1313 — What's gay life really like in the Middle East?
UK-EGAYLITY 1314 — Pro_LGBT Companies in Anti_LGBT Countries
UK-EGAYLITY 1315 — Ruth Davidson to take 'positive message' of gay marriage to Belfast
UK-EGAYLITY 1316 — Pokemon, LGBT, and gov't: The paradox of neoliberal Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 1317 — Cara Delevingne: 'If People Want To Say I'm Gay, That's Great'
UK-EGAYLITY 1318 — Australians who are gay, lesbian or bisexual more likely to earn more
UK-EGAYLITY 1319 — LGBTI community opposed to a plebiscite
UK-EGAYLITY 1320 — LGBT Australians don't want public marriage vote
UK-EGAYLITY 1321 — Are you the most LGBT_friendly travel company in the UK?
UK-EGAYLITY 1322 — A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20 – I didn't expect being gay to make ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1323 — LGBT representation in television _ Are we moving forward?
UK-EGAYLITY 1324 — Has Progress Stalled for LGBT+ Inclusion in 2016?
UK-EGAYLITY 1325 — Three cheers for the gay marriage that ended the Isle of Man's dark history of bigotry
UK-EGAYLITY 1326 — Gays 'are better qualified for jobs', says study
UK-EGAYLITY 1327 — Here's What LGBT Life In The Middle East Is Really Like
UK-EGAYLITY 1328 — Russia Expels Gay American Pastor, An Epidemic of Anti_LGBT Violence in Brazil, And More in the ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1329 — Parents of gay Poles urge pope to help fight homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1330 — Gay couple fight homophobia with shared kiss every day to normalise same sex love
UK-EGAYLITY 1331 — Sandi Toksvig: 'I knew from the earliest time that I was gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 1332 — Spitting Image – the UK's first ever openly gay play
UK-EGAYLITY 1333 — SA set to remove discrimination against LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1334 — Most LGBTI Australians oppose plebiscite on marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1335 — Malawi: Manerela Links Religious Leaders and Homosexual Groups
UK-EGAYLITY 1336 — Hillary Clinton's nephew is a model worth watching, and 'very active' in LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1337 — Do we face more prejudice than gays?'
UK-EGAYLITY 1338 — Seattle set to ban gay conversion therapy for minors
UK-EGAYLITY 1339 — No plebiscite needed LGBTI leader believes
UK-EGAYLITY 1340 — Bastille Day killer's elderly gay lover wants to 'spit on the grave' of murderer
UK-EGAYLITY 1341 — Chelsea Clinton slams Republicans for supporting the 'child abuse' that is gay 'cure' therapy
UK-EGAYLITY 1342 — Homophobes are freaking out over this ad featuring a happy gay couple in bed
UK-EGAYLITY 1343 — 15 Famous LGBT Families Who Are Thriving, From Sir Elton John And David Furnish To Caitlyn ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1344 — Separate prisons for LGBTI inmates in Thailand
UK-EGAYLITY 1345 — 'I didn't have a gay, Aboriginal role model and that's what I needed most'
UK-EGAYLITY 1346 — Glasgow mounts bid to stage major LGBTI 2020 games
UK-EGAYLITY 1347 — Russian politician behind anti_gay law wants to decriminalise domestic violence
UK-EGAYLITY 1348 — Why so much gay sex at the RNC? A social psychologist explains
UK-EGAYLITY 1349 — Towards a New Utopia? This Exhibit Explores Gay Culture in a Post_Orlando World
UK-EGAYLITY 1350 — Colin Spencer's 1968 play was the first openly about a homosexual ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1351 — Feeling caught between the black and gay communities
UK-EGAYLITY 1352 — Department for Education increases funds to support LGBT adopters
UK-EGAYLITY 1353 — Most Canadians believe a gay prime minister is likely within 10 years
UK-EGAYLITY 1354 — UK artists remake 'Cheers' theme song with an LGBT twist
UK-EGAYLITY 1355 — New awards a chance to recognise Australian LGBTI champions
UK-EGAYLITY 1356 — Praise for PCN & call for LGBTI specific research
UK-EGAYLITY 1357 — Dad plans to walk 100 miles to battle homophobia after his gay son told him he was afraid to come ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1358 — LGBT Services Are Facing Meltdown, Disproportionately
UK-EGAYLITY 1359 — US opens door to a change in blood donation policy for gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 1360 — The Importance Of Creating A Strong Online Community Of LGBT Professionals
UK-EGAYLITY 1361 — Prince William's Staff Cried At Stories Of LGBT Bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 1362 — FDA to reconsider its gay blood ban
UK-EGAYLITY 1363 — Department for Education increases funding for LGBT adopters
UK-EGAYLITY 1364 — Businesses in Abingdon show support for LGBT community after council controversy
UK-EGAYLITY 1365 — Future Gay Partners of Descendants to be Given the Same Rights as Heterosexual Spouses
UK-EGAYLITY 1366 — First gay Olympian in history competed in 1928
UK-EGAYLITY 1367 — Equal Rights Coalition Launches at Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference
UK-EGAYLITY 1368 — Scottish agencies in drive to increase gay adoption
UK-EGAYLITY 1369 — LGBT insurance provider nominated for 'hat_trick' of awards
UK-EGAYLITY 1370 — Gay Republican claims party is 'ready to move on' from LGBT discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 1371 — Disordered eating common among LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 1372 — Why the UN's first ever LGBTI expert is not quite what you may expect
UK-EGAYLITY 1373 — Africa's first ever gay radio station hopes to be a 'beacon of light' for continent's LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1374 — Michael Scofield helps gay man escape in Prison Break preview
UK-EGAYLITY 1375 — Star Trek Discovery showrunner weighs in on gay Sulu: 'The bigger picture is that we need gay ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1376 — Family friend Hillary Clinton knew I was gay before I came out to the world
UK-EGAYLITY 1377 — Miley Cyrus wants to 'Make America Gay Again'
UK-EGAYLITY 1378 — American pastor expelled from Russia in LGBT case
UK-EGAYLITY 1379 — Gay priest quits Church of England to marry partner
UK-EGAYLITY 1380 — Gay couples in open relationships could be happier and more satisfied, study claims
UK-EGAYLITY 1381 — Theresa May 'will build a better Britain for LGBT people', says deputy chair of LGBTory
UK-EGAYLITY 1382 — Hillary Clinton selects pro_gay Senator Tim Kaine as running mate
UK-EGAYLITY 1383 — Gay Republican insists party is more LGBT friendly than ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1384 — Why I started an LGBT club at my all_girls school
UK-EGAYLITY 1385 — Gay couple wins work permit appeal
UK-EGAYLITY 1386 — Ollie Locke comes out as gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1387 — Olly Alexander says gay sex education should be taught in school
UK-EGAYLITY 1388 — True pioneers in supporting the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1389 — The Case Against 'Dumbledoring': It's Time For Real LGBTIQ Representation
UK-EGAYLITY 1390 — Tanzania bans lubricant in bid to 'curb homosexuality'
UK-EGAYLITY 1391 — Scotland's gay politicians tell of suffering in school as they back LBGT teaching in classroom
UK-EGAYLITY 1392 — Gay Republican insists party is turning more LGBTI friendly
UK-EGAYLITY 1393 — Terri Butler appointed as Labor's spokesperson for LGBTI affairs
UK-EGAYLITY 1394 — Glasgow teacher nominated for top award for LGBT work in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1395 — Growing up gay: researchers want to talk to you!
UK-EGAYLITY 1396 — Clinton's VP pick Tim Kaine supportive of LGBTI equality in recent years
UK-EGAYLITY 1397 — Australian Football League Launch LGBTIQ Pride Game
UK-EGAYLITY 1398 — Highland LGBT Forum and LEAP Sports Scotland in New Joint Initiative
UK-EGAYLITY 1399 — PFLAG survey calls for LGBTI Australians to have their say on marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1400 — LGBT 'Safe Spaces' Coming to World Youth Day
UK-EGAYLITY 1401 — Brisbane City Council to hold LGBT forum at the Powerhouse
UK-EGAYLITY 1402 — Obama Administration Ramps Up Global LGBTI Activism in Lame Duck
UK-EGAYLITY 1403 — Uruguay: a global leader for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1404 — Elton John pledges millions to support LGBT people in Africa
UK-EGAYLITY 1405 — Why the LGBT market is key in the wake of Brexit
UK-EGAYLITY 1406 — How does Trump's running mate Mike Pence feel about LGBT rights?
UK-EGAYLITY 1407 — Gays For Trump throw Wake Up! party promoting Islamophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1408 — Victory for London LGBTI bar Black Cap as plan to turn it into mainstream bar is defeated
UK-EGAYLITY 1409 — Attitude's Matthew Todd honoured with Freedom of the City of London for LGBT work
UK-EGAYLITY 1410 — Prince William gay mag best seller
UK-EGAYLITY 1411 — Star Trek Beyond actor John Cho 'proud' of Sulu's cut gay kiss
UK-EGAYLITY 1412 — LGBT rights – ensuring safety in the workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 1413 — Glasgow Pride: Ultimate guide to Scotland's biggest LGBTI celebration
UK-EGAYLITY 1414 — LGBT Indoctrination Coming to Scottish Schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1415 — HIV won't end without gay community – Elton John
UK-EGAYLITY 1416 — Does Airbnb Do Enough To Fight Gay Hate?
UK-EGAYLITY 1417 — Whether You're an Evangelical or a Rabbi, 'Religious Freedom' Is No Excuse for Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1418 — The AFL Launches Historic 'Pride Game' To Tackle Homophobia In Sport
UK-EGAYLITY 1419 — Angela Eagle's local Labour Party suspended over claims of bullying, homophobia and abuse
UK-EGAYLITY 1420 — Mhairi Black calls for LGBT lessons in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1421 — Gay Ecuadorian author overcomes barriers and publishes novel
UK-EGAYLITY 1422 — William issue set to be one of gay magazine Attitude's best sellers
UK-EGAYLITY 1423 — California will now teach LGBT history in grade schools and high schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1424 — Sydney to upgrade lighting in LGBTI hotspots
UK-EGAYLITY 1425 — Exclusive school's LGBTI policy draws fire
UK-EGAYLITY 1426 — Fight For LGBTI Rights Feels Schizophrenic
UK-EGAYLITY 1427 — Helping LGBTI clients get the best financial advice
UK-EGAYLITY 1428 — Troye Sivan's Mum Has Started A Petition To Support LGBTI Kids
UK-EGAYLITY 1429 — Walgreens gives away pharmacy guide on treating LGBTI customers with respect
UK-EGAYLITY 1430 — Meet the trans woman who is bringing back the T to the British LGBTI bar
UK-EGAYLITY 1431 — James Franco honored as LGBT ally at Outfest
UK-EGAYLITY 1432 — GTA 5 LGBT Pride mod created ahead of Stockholm Pride fest
UK-EGAYLITY 1433 — There's an economic cost to homophobia — and the numbers are staggering
UK-EGAYLITY 1434 — Catholic Church in Scotland speaks in support of tackling homophobia in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1435 — Catholic Church in Scotland supports tackling school_based homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1436 — LGBTIQ advocates call on major parties to choose equality in portfolio reshuffle
UK-EGAYLITY 1437 — North Carolina's HB2 law tweaked but anti_LGBTI part remains
UK-EGAYLITY 1438 — LGBTI vote at the UN shows battle for human rights is far from won
UK-EGAYLITY 1439 — It's time we had a gay Disney princess
UK-EGAYLITY 1440 — The final frontier, gay sulu and the future of humanity – Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine chat to GT
UK-EGAYLITY 1441 — World's first openly gay boxer wins fight he dedicated to Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1442 — Homophobia continues in Malawi as Mangochi district council block CEDEP from implementing
UK-EGAYLITY 1443 — Gay Iceland, an insider's guide: 'Sitting in nature with your lover and watching the Northern Lights
UK-EGAYLITY 1444 — FBI finds no evidence that Pulse was targeted because it was a gay club
UK-EGAYLITY 1445 — This Is What LGBT Leaders Hope And Fear For Britain Under Theresa May
UK-EGAYLITY 1446 — Dear Coleen: I'm gay and trying for a surrogate baby but I haven't told my partner
UK-EGAYLITY 1447 — Family rewrite inheritance rules to give partners of gay descendants equal rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1448 — Jeb Bush: It's Obama's fault my party is so anti_gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1449 — Donald Trump selects anti_LGBT Indiana governor as running mate
UK-EGAYLITY 1450 — Meet the pioneering Scots teachers putting LGBTI issues front and centre in the classroom
UK-EGAYLITY 1451 — Sydney to review lighting and safety of LGBTI areas for better protection
UK-EGAYLITY 1452 — Argentine Filmmaker Brings Personal Touch to Gay Characters
UK-EGAYLITY 1453 — LGBTI community more likely to suffer from mental illness
UK-EGAYLITY 1454 — If we have to use labels to identify ourselves, we need more than just LGBT
UK-EGAYLITY 1455 — Gay rights not on AU human rights agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 1456 — LGBTI groups blast Trump for picking 'national disgrace' Pence for VP
UK-EGAYLITY 1457 — The who's who of LGBTI influencers in Manila, the Philippines capital, in 12 striking images
UK-EGAYLITY 1458 — Uruguay Hosts Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference
UK-EGAYLITY 1459 — Donald Trump describes GOP's anti_LGBTI platform as 'very good'
UK-EGAYLITY 1460 — A look at what's LGBTI about the Emmy nominations
UK-EGAYLITY 1461 — From Harvey Milk to Stonewall, LGBTI history to be taught in California schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1462 — LGBTI shows sweep Emmynominations
UK-EGAYLITY 1463 — Leading Church LGBTI equality campaigner targeted by hate crime
UK-EGAYLITY 1464 — Only DA attends LGBT+ election meeting
UK-EGAYLITY 1465 — A Primer On Homophobia, Queer Rights And Gay Sex In Rio
UK-EGAYLITY 1466 — Dolly Parton says gay dance album is still in the works
UK-EGAYLITY 1467 — Coronation Street characters debate Ashers gay cake row
UK-EGAYLITY 1468 — Gay married couple will represent Great Britain at Rio Olympics
UK-EGAYLITY 1469 — LGBT youth group in Yate faces closure as funding is due to stop
UK-EGAYLITY 1470 — Christian dating site sued for excluding gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 1471 — Who is Justine Greening, the UK's first LGBT Minister of Equalities?
UK-EGAYLITY 1472 — Almost 100% of young people think sex and relationship lessons should be LGBT_inclusive
UK-EGAYLITY 1473 — Gay men, it's time to educate yourselves about what HIV_positive and undetectable means
UK-EGAYLITY 1474 — Gay march in Israeli city cancelled after court restricts it
UK-EGAYLITY 1475 — Ninety_five percent of children aren't getting LGBT education
UK-EGAYLITY 1476 — Victorian Government still kicking LGBTI goals
UK-EGAYLITY 1477 — Webseries creator hopes to film more LGBTI content
UK-EGAYLITY 1478 — Gay gun ownership up after Orlando massacre
UK-EGAYLITY 1479 — Homophobia Surges As Mexican President Supports Marriage Equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1480 — Helen Clark has a "great passion" for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1481 — Gay Republicans 'mad as hell' over 'most anti_LGBT platform in party's 162_year history'
UK-EGAYLITY 1482 — Randy Berry, Special US Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons
UK-EGAYLITY 1483 — Star Trek: Beyond cast rally behind gay Sulu
UK-EGAYLITY 1484 — Kill the gays' US pastor barred from Wimpy, Spur
UK-EGAYLITY 1485 — SA's LGBTI community at higher risk of depression, anxiety
UK-EGAYLITY 1486 — Canada to participate in Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference
UK-EGAYLITY 1487 — Brisbane's new rainbow footpath a bright dedication to the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1488 — Toronto archbishop to bless gay marriages despite vote
UK-EGAYLITY 1489 — Republicans could be poised for a battle over gay rights at the GOP convention
UK-EGAYLITY 1490 — A gay Republican delegate gave an emotional plea for her party to stop opposing same_sex marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 1491 — Where Is It Illegal To Be Gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 1492 — HRC releases recommendations for welcoming LGBTQ refugees
UK-EGAYLITY 1493 — Paris after Orlando: gay prisoners of racial prejudice
UK-EGAYLITY 1494 — Mother of gay murder victim: 'Homophobic hate crime still a major issue'
UK-EGAYLITY 1495 — From LGBTI rights to porn, Republicans hash out their stance on social issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1496 — Celebrities and LGBT people share their Sex Education memories
UK-EGAYLITY 1497 — 95% of young people didn't receive LGBT_inclusive sex ed classes
UK-EGAYLITY 1498 — Ray Liotta 'shocked' his gay kiss went viral
UK-EGAYLITY 1499 — Gay HIV_positive actor lands the biggest role on Broadway
UK-EGAYLITY 1500 — Record 27 out LGBTI athletes already set to compete in Rio Olympics
UK-EGAYLITY 1501 — Bath & North East Somerset Council among best in tackling homophobia and transgender ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1502 — Gay Mormon singer asks 'how many more' LGBT suicides before action is taken
UK-EGAYLITY 1503 — A Sikh mother and son in UK become the voice of marginalised LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 1504 — Where does the next UK Prime Minister Theresa May stand on LGBTI rights?
UK-EGAYLITY 1505 — United Reformed Church in UK Votes in Favor of Gay Marriage Ceremonies
UK-EGAYLITY 1506 — Italian broadcaster apologies for cutting How to Get Away With Murder gay sex scene
UK-EGAYLITY 1507 — Why it's time for gay men to stop body_shaming'
UK-EGAYLITY 1508 — Why 'The Secret Life Of Us' Meant So Much To A Generation Of LGBT Australians
UK-EGAYLITY 1509 — LGBT groups to air ad during Trump acceptance speech
UK-EGAYLITY 1510 — US pastor supportive of LGBT rights ordered to leave Russia
UK-EGAYLITY 1511 — Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson compares gay marriage to murder
UK-EGAYLITY 1512 — Breaking down barriers for LGBTI inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 1513 — City of Sydney to review LGBTI areas for lighting and safety in wake of Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1514 — In southeastern Europe, data helps bolster LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1515 — Religious leader backs calls for LGBT lessons in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1516 — Caitlyn Jenner attending LGBT event during GOP convention
UK-EGAYLITY 1517 — Watch: new Philippines commercial tackles gay man coming out to family
UK-EGAYLITY 1518 — Out in Africa: Gay Life in Uganda
UK-EGAYLITY 1519 — UN Wants Guardian of LGBT Culture
UK-EGAYLITY 1520 — Why Brexit vote matters to LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 1521 — George Takei: Gay Sulu 'really unfortunate'
UK-EGAYLITY 1522 — Growing up LGBT in Ireland can cause distress among teens and young adults
UK-EGAYLITY 1523 — Anti_gay Cameroonians target LGBTI rights activists
UK-EGAYLITY 1524 — These Out Celebs in India Are Trying to Decriminalize Homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1525 — Star Trek Beyond: John Cho's Sulu is gay, in tribute to George Takei
UK-EGAYLITY 1526 — Gay couples should only have civil partnerships, I didn't like marriage law
UK-EGAYLITY 1527 — Seven things you need to know about serving LGBT customers
UK-EGAYLITY 1528 — South Africa: Public Cut_Out for Gay Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1529 — Ibiza, Corfu or Mykonos: which island's been voted Europe's most LGBTI_friendly beach destination?
UK-EGAYLITY 1530 — Where Does India's LGBT Movement Stand?
UK-EGAYLITY 1531 — The 'gay cure' experiments that were written out of scientific history are revealed
UK-EGAYLITY 1532 — How pro_LGBT+ is the tech industry?
UK-EGAYLITY 1533 — Hey, Disney – We Want More LGBT+ Characters!
UK-EGAYLITY 1534 — Japan election manifestos free LGBT rights from political closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1535 — Big Brother: Were Ryan and Hughie homophobic? Andy West's gay marriage rant sparks a HUGE ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1536 — Will Pastor Scott Lively Pay for 'Crimes Against Humanity' for Calling Homosexuality a Sin?
UK-EGAYLITY 1537 — African/US appeal for Cameroon's girls, LGBTI youths
UK-EGAYLITY 1538 — Where's the gay Pride in Fife?' asks video blogger
UK-EGAYLITY 1539 — Sexually transmitted infections increase 10% among gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 1540 — Surrogate Unrelated to Baby Wins Custody Over Gay Couple
UK-EGAYLITY 1541 — Evan Williams tells us about playing one half of the gay power couple at the centre of Versailles
UK-EGAYLITY 1542 — The Human Right Not To Hide. Celebrating The Anniversary Of A Landmark LGBTQ Case
UK-EGAYLITY 1543 — Californian girl came out to family with 'I'm Gay' sign on Splash Mountain and everyone's loving it
UK-EGAYLITY 1544 — Why Legal Equality For LGBT People Isn't Enough
UK-EGAYLITY 1545 — Charity awarded cash to combat LGBT bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 1546 — Uber driver allegedly refuses gay couple service because of a kiss
UK-EGAYLITY 1547 — These 11 top_selling LGBTI music artists have sold over 1.2 billion records between them
UK-EGAYLITY 1548 — Edinburgh gay man posts homophobic abuse video he suffered on a bus after Pride event
UK-EGAYLITY 1549 — Puerto Rico's First LGBTQ Monument Is a Heartwarming Tribute to Pulse Shooting Victims
UK-EGAYLITY 1550 — Leading Up to the Olympics, Brazil's Homophobia Comes to Light
UK-EGAYLITY 1551 — This Homophobic Father Won't Claim Body Of His Gay Son Who Died In Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1552 — What it's like to be a 22_year_old gay man in Pakistan
UK-EGAYLITY 1553 — SA's UN vote an 'insult' to LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1554 — Is Theresa May the right Conservative leader for gay people?
UK-EGAYLITY 1555 — Labour should extend 'zero tolerance' anti_Semitism rules to homophobia and sexism
UK-EGAYLITY 1556 — The wright stuff causes homophobia debate with Chris Bryant
UK-EGAYLITY 1557 — Friend of gays' Donald Trump vetting anti_LGBT Governor to be Vice President
UK-EGAYLITY 1558 — Scottish Free Church will 'resist' Sturgeon's plans for LGBT_inclusive education in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 1559 — Stephen Crabb: Gay cure support “complete fabrication”
UK-EGAYLITY 1560 — Adidas, Nike team up for gay and lesbian soccer world championship
UK-EGAYLITY 1561 — I'm blocked from being UKIP leader because I challenged homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1562 — Whilst Scotland flies Rainbow flag with pride, English town denies LGBT recognition
UK-EGAYLITY 1563 — Watch the first ever gay proposal on Big Brother UK
UK-EGAYLITY 1564 — South African cardinal reveals tensions in hierarchy over Church's attitude to gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 1565 — Big Brother's Sam Giffen criticised against for “stereotypical” gay comment
UK-EGAYLITY 1566 — Dolly Parton “proud” to see gay fans and drag queens at her concerts
UK-EGAYLITY 1567 — Gay senior MP Angela Eagle could take over UK's Labour party
UK-EGAYLITY 1568 — SA's decision to abstain from UN elections on LGBT resolution criticised
UK-EGAYLITY 1569 — Owner of dating site ChristianMingle agrees to open doors to gay singles in judge_approved ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1570 — Oxford Uni ditches paintings of white men for portraits of women, gay and black people
UK-EGAYLITY 1571 — LGBTI Pride March in Quito, Ecuador
UK-EGAYLITY 1572 — Judge blocks Mississippi law allowing denial of services to LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1573 — LGBTI people invited to end of Ramadan Muslim meal
UK-EGAYLITY 1574 — Scotland backs LGBTI organisations and groups
UK-EGAYLITY 1575 — Election shows majority support same_sex marriage, LGBTI groups claim
UK-EGAYLITY 1576 — Watch How These Commuters React To Public Acts Of Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1577 — This short film about gay love and homophobia will break your heart
UK-EGAYLITY 1578 — Queers in the Holy Land: Choking on Blue and White Glitter on Gay Birthright
UK-EGAYLITY 1579 — At gay rugby club, South African 'fairies' tackle prejudice
UK-EGAYLITY 1580 — African cardinal rebukes Cardinal Marx's call for apology to homosexuals
UK-EGAYLITY 1581 — The UN Votes To Create Its First LGBT Rights Watchdog
UK-EGAYLITY 1582 — Australian Sex Party stands strong on LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1583 — Gay singer smashes Queen's Somebody to Love on America's Got Talent
UK-EGAYLITY 1584 — Straight Jacket: How to Be Gay and Happy by Matthew Todd
UK-EGAYLITY 1585 — TV presenters Jan Versteegh and Tim Hofman in gay kiss for l'homo magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 1586 — Indian Supreme Court refuses to change anti_gay law
UK-EGAYLITY 1587 — LGBTI people reacting to homophobic comments will show you how much work there is still left to do
UK-EGAYLITY 1588 — Gay man takes reins of Jewish group
UK-EGAYLITY 1589 — North American leaders push for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1590 — Gay men forced to flee their homes in Ivory Coast after U.S. embassy posted picture of them
UK-EGAYLITY 1591 — Scots MP introduces Turing Law to quash anti_gay convictions
UK-EGAYLITY 1592 — Caitlyn Jenner says Donald Trump 'seems very much behind the LGBT community'
UK-EGAYLITY 1593 — Reform Institute calls for better balance in SA laws to support LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 1594 — Singer Ryan Beatty comes out: “Proud to be a raging homosexual”
UK-EGAYLITY 1595 — Kenya rules anal examination of homosexuals is legal
UK-EGAYLITY 1596 — Only five countries give LGBT people equal constitutional rights: research
UK-EGAYLITY 1597 — Christians should ask for forgiveness from gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 1598 — Gay YouTuber 'faked hate crime attack after being arrested for vandalizing cars'
UK-EGAYLITY 1599 — Thinking pink: the purchasing power of gay Aussies
UK-EGAYLITY 1600 — Gay LGBTI Senator in fight of his political life
UK-EGAYLITY 1601 — Life sentence for gay pride murderer
UK-EGAYLITY 1602 — What can your LGBTIQ candidates do for you?
UK-EGAYLITY 1603 — New York City to host 2019 International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association convention
UK-EGAYLITY 1604 — I can no longer be a proud, gay British man because of Brexit
UK-EGAYLITY 1605 — Municipality of Lima denies 'homophobic reasoning' in denying LGBTI march
UK-EGAYLITY 1606 — Social experiment tests people's reactions to homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1607 — Philippines LGBT group accuse police of failing to serve and protect
UK-EGAYLITY 1608 — Watch Jesse Eisenberg take on anti_gay protesters at London Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1609 — What it's like to be gay and a Muslim
UK-EGAYLITY 1610 — Rylan Clark_Neal and husband Dan to become first gay couple to host This Morning
UK-EGAYLITY 1611 — Gay couple kicked out of Uber for kissing at San Francisco Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1612 — How a police raid on a pub led to the rise of the LGBT movement across the world
UK-EGAYLITY 1613 — These are the UK's most powerful LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 1614 — Should there be a dedicated federal spokesperson for LGBTI affairs?
UK-EGAYLITY 1615 — Where the parties stand on LGBTI representation and engagement
UK-EGAYLITY 1616 — Record number of LGBTI candidates running in 2016 federal election
UK-EGAYLITY 1617 — Five Things You Can Do to Expand LGBTI Rights Globally
UK-EGAYLITY 1618 — End anti_LGBTI religious bias, London Pride marchers say
UK-EGAYLITY 1619 — Dateline explores attitudes to the LGBTI community in the wake of Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1620 — Australia's gay marriage referendum will make our LGBTI children 'political punching bags', say ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1621 — Where the parties stand on LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 1622 — 77% of LGBTI people in the UK feel uncomfortable being their true self in public
UK-EGAYLITY 1623 — David Cameron calls on LGBT community to live “freely and openly” in UK
UK-EGAYLITY 1624 — Shawn Mendes speaks out about gay rumours
UK-EGAYLITY 1625 — Turkey uses tear gas to break up gay pride gathering
UK-EGAYLITY 1626 — Jesse Eisenberg Scolds Ant_Gay Protesters In London
UK-EGAYLITY 1627 — Pope backs apology to gays, but says it's not just them
UK-EGAYLITY 1628 — 10 of adland's LGBT+ role models
UK-EGAYLITY 1629 — Gay Marriages Triple After Four Years of Victories
UK-EGAYLITY 1630 — How Brexit Could Redraw The International LGBT Rights Map
UK-EGAYLITY 1631 — Brexit vote could adversely affect LGBT asylum seekers
UK-EGAYLITY 1632 — Jeremy Corbyn Told To Resign Over Brexit By LGBT Labour Activists At Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1633 — An Open Letter to a Gay Christian
UK-EGAYLITY 1634 — Zayn Malik Is A LGBTQ Positive Muslim After Orlando Shootings Despite 'Pillowtalk' Remix Shade
UK-EGAYLITY 1635 — Rebecca Davis Is Helping This Cape Town Mosque Address Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1636 — 25 Gay Anthems We Need More Than Ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1637 — London Gay Men's Chorus releases song to aid victims of Orlando shooting
UK-EGAYLITY 1638 — UN rights experts stress need for protection of LGBT people in places of detention
UK-EGAYLITY 1639 — Feds decide against creating diplomat for LGBT issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1640 — Campaign launches free teacher training for LGBT education
UK-EGAYLITY 1641 — Church of England Launches Gay Christian Congregation Called True North
UK-EGAYLITY 1642 — How Bill Shorten became a champion of the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1643 — Research shows LGBT+ still hide their identity
UK-EGAYLITY 1644 — Orlando Massacre Prompts Vigils Among African LGBTIQ
UK-EGAYLITY 1645 — After Orlando, some businesses stress LGBT inclusivity moves
UK-EGAYLITY 1646 — Pride in London research reveals majority of LGBT people lie about their gender or sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1647 — Church of England to launch LGBT congregation
UK-EGAYLITY 1648 — European Union Unites Around LGBT and Women's Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1649 — Let LGBT People Of Colour Speak For Themselves"
UK-EGAYLITY 1650 — Gay people still feel the need to hide their sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1651 — Majority of LGBT+ people in UK still feel they need to lie about their sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1652 — Catholics Feel Helpless While 'Gutless' Bishop Embraces LGBT Agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 1653 — All 28 EU Member States Agree to Push LGBTI Cause Across Europe: First Time Ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1654 — A civil marriage equality debate? Only if leaders call out homophobia wherever it occurs
UK-EGAYLITY 1655 — Fearing Violence, LGBT Refugees Rarely Seek Help
UK-EGAYLITY 1656 — Stonewall x Absolut: LGBT Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1657 — Why LGBT+ Education Is More Important Than Ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1658 — Would Brexit help LGBT people in Britain? Be skeptical.
UK-EGAYLITY 1659 — LGBT Support Now Unanimous Across EU Policy
UK-EGAYLITY 1660 — What Black LGBT Pride Means To Us
UK-EGAYLITY 1661 — Irish campaign group calls for LGBTI pension equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1662 — Equality campaigners to launch free LGBT training courses for Scots teachers
UK-EGAYLITY 1663 — After Orlando shooting, families are discovering their lost loved ones were gay for the very first time
UK-EGAYLITY 1664 — Mexico in group addressing LGBTI human rights at UN
UK-EGAYLITY 1665 — Campaign group gives teachers lessons on LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1666 — Meet the LGBTI Ugandan community living in fear in Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp
UK-EGAYLITY 1667 — EU votes to improve LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1668 — Clashes After Istanbul Bans LGBT Pride March
UK-EGAYLITY 1669 — Why LGBT trade unionists and allies will be marching in great numbers at this year's Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1670 — CofE church offers new congregation for gay Christians
UK-EGAYLITY 1671 — More gay and bi men are getting tested for HIV than ever before
UK-EGAYLITY 1672 — In Chicago, Muslim and gay rights leaders take on Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 1673 — You Can't Be Lesbian Or Gay If Britain Leaves The EU, Corbyn Suggests
UK-EGAYLITY 1674 — The anti_gay Anglican Church drove me out of Nigeria but I still have faith
UK-EGAYLITY 1675 — Uber offers free rides to gay bars across the US
UK-EGAYLITY 1676 — NZ LGBTI young leader to recieve Queen's Award
UK-EGAYLITY 1677 — 100s of LGBTI people lined the streets yesterday patiently waiting to get themselves inked in ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1678 — The Absurdity of Blood Donation Restrictions for Gay Men After the Orlando Shooting
UK-EGAYLITY 1679 — Security tightens as thousands turn out for gay pride weekend events
UK-EGAYLITY 1680 — LGBT pastor says Christians can be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1681 — Ex_wife of Orlando gunman reveals Omar Mateen's 'resentment towards homosexuality' and ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1682 — This gay man won't have sex for a year so he can donate blood
UK-EGAYLITY 1683 — London Pride: Gay and trans symbols replace green man on traffic light pedestrian crossings for ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1684 — Erdogan pictured dining with Turkish transgender star despite crackdown on LGBT parade
UK-EGAYLITY 1685 — Orlando adds poignancy to gay film fest
UK-EGAYLITY 1686 — Was Anton Yelchin Gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 1687 — Kenya's 'gay tests' ruled legal
UK-EGAYLITY 1688 — Lesbian woman sues Chinese education ministry over claim homosexuality is a 'mental disorder'
UK-EGAYLITY 1689 — Is there still a problem with homophobia in this country?
UK-EGAYLITY 1690 — London's crossing signs go LGBT for Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1691 — A Struggle Ignored? The Multiple Oppressions of LGBT Refugees
UK-EGAYLITY 1692 — Can you be Gay and a Liberal?
UK-EGAYLITY 1693 — LGBTI_friendly clubs are a safe haven for community
UK-EGAYLITY 1694 — Turkish police attack LGBTI demonstrators
UK-EGAYLITY 1695 — 10 LGBT Coming of Age Books to Fill You with Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1696 — LGBT YouTuber's come together to make a powerful video to tell the world they're not afraid
UK-EGAYLITY 1697 — Gunmen killed five in a Mexico gay bar three weeks before Orlando shootings
UK-EGAYLITY 1698 — Safe schools: supporting LGBTI students
UK-EGAYLITY 1699 — 28 Foreign Missions Come Together For Showing Support To LGBTI, Will Hold Pride Events In Delhi
UK-EGAYLITY 1700 — Gay rights may be the best weapon in the fight against Islamic State
UK-EGAYLITY 1701 — Foreign missions in New Delhi reaffirm their commitment to equal rights for LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1702 — Malta wanted "more ambitious" EU defence of LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1703 — London 'extremist called for gay people to be thrown off high buildings'
UK-EGAYLITY 1704 — Chinese lesbian sues ministry over gay 'disorder' textbook
UK-EGAYLITY 1705 — Gay blood donation law may be relaxed further on mainland UK
UK-EGAYLITY 1706 — Director and star discuss film about gay footballer
UK-EGAYLITY 1707 — Trump tells supporters to "ask the gays" if he's LGBT_friendly, gets dragged on Twitter
UK-EGAYLITY 1708 — Hackers hijack pro_Isis accounts to share gay porn following Orlando attack
UK-EGAYLITY 1709 — Muslim view of LGBT people in spotlight after Orlando attack
UK-EGAYLITY 1710 — Orlando shooting is just the latest chapter in the global fight for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1711 — Brisbane footpath to be painted in rainbow colours to honour gay community
UK-EGAYLITY 1712 — Trump, Hanson and Gaynor are wrong: you can't fight Orlando with yet more intolerance
UK-EGAYLITY 1713 — Gay Greens candidate Jason Bell responds to homophobic graffiti scrawled across his campaign ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1714 — LGBTI community gathers in CT to share their challenges
UK-EGAYLITY 1715 — Humanism is the ultimate, long_standing and unfaltering ally of LGBTI people everywhere.
UK-EGAYLITY 1716 — Prince William appears on cover of gay magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 1717 — LGBTI group to hold vigil in St Julians in the wake of Orlando gay club shooting
UK-EGAYLITY 1718 — Scottish Parliament to act on LGBTI equality following Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1719 — We need to talk about LGBT mental health, right now
UK-EGAYLITY 1720 — Gunman used gay dating app
UK-EGAYLITY 1721 — I might not get killed at Connections but I'm cautious about being gay in WA
UK-EGAYLITY 1722 — LGBTI Africans mourn and protest with grieving US
UK-EGAYLITY 1723 — Suicide rates the highest for LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1724 — 14 times I witnessed homophobia in Britain and did nothing about it
UK-EGAYLITY 1725 — Why LGBT People See Orlando Differently
UK-EGAYLITY 1726 — Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti_Semitism
UK-EGAYLITY 1727 — Azealia Banks apologises on Facebook for homophobia and says 'words hurt'
UK-EGAYLITY 1728 — The LGBTI Community Must Not Be Written Out of this Tragedy
UK-EGAYLITY 1729 — Solidarity with LGBTI community in Tunisia.
UK-EGAYLITY 1730 — Democrats urge an end to curbs on blood donations from gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 1731 — LGBT massacre was not about Islam
UK-EGAYLITY 1732 — Pride in London: Organisers urge 'vigilance' at LGBT festival after Orlando nightclub massacre
UK-EGAYLITY 1733 — Living with my lesbian partner where it's illegal to be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1734 — Orlando shooting: LGBT community seeking help to come out, says mental health counsellor
UK-EGAYLITY 1735 — US embassy in New Delhi lights up in solidarity with LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1736 — Where Being Gay Is Punished by Death
UK-EGAYLITY 1737 — LGBTI needs more than marriage this election
UK-EGAYLITY 1738 — UN Acknowledges Human Rights Violation Against LGBT Community
UK-EGAYLITY 1739 — Let's be clear: Orlando was an attack on gay people at a gay club because they were gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1740 — Don't Have Any Religion Other Than Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1741 — Colgate puts a smile on our face with Mexico's first gay_inclusive ad
UK-EGAYLITY 1742 — 6 ways to stand together with the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 1743 — Out, proud and never afraid' LGBT community use hashtag ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1744 — The Orlando shooting grew out of everyday homophobia – we cannot be complacent
UK-EGAYLITY 1745 — The Orlando Massacre Is About LGBT People No Matter What the UK Media Says
UK-EGAYLITY 1746 — Cleric who preached death for homosexual acts and toured Orlando visits Sydney
UK-EGAYLITY 1747 — New York's LGBT community gathers outside iconic Stonewall Inn to mourn for Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1748 — How the LGBT community is showing solidarity with Orlando
UK-EGAYLITY 1749 — The Safety of a Gay Bar
UK-EGAYLITY 1750 — Revolting tragedy': LGBT rights group condemns attack at Orlando nightclub
UK-EGAYLITY 1751 — Ex_wife of Orlando gay nightclub shooter says 'he beat me'
UK-EGAYLITY 1752 — A recent history of terrorism against LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1753 — Orlando shooting: LGBTI community responds to worst gun massacre in US history
UK-EGAYLITY 1754 — LGBT are most hated minority on earth; look at how UN treats us for proof
UK-EGAYLITY 1755 — Thousands gather in heart of California's LGBTIQ community for candlelit vigil
UK-EGAYLITY 1756 — Scotland's LGBT community to hold vigils for victims of Orlando attack
UK-EGAYLITY 1757 — South Koreans march for gay pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1758 — LGBTI rights in the Caribbean: Losing to win
UK-EGAYLITY 1759 — LGBTI activists march in Poland, Croatia, Italy as part of Gay pride event
UK-EGAYLITY 1760 — Kyiv's Gay Rights Rally Held Without Major Incidents
UK-EGAYLITY 1761 — DEC members in Malawi's Karonga district vow to protect LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1762 — POUTfest brings LGBTI films to screens across the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 1763 — What's Behind The Japanese LGBTQ Bullying Epidemic?
UK-EGAYLITY 1764 — A magazine for gay weddings in a country that bans them
UK-EGAYLITY 1765 — Greens and LGBTI Australian Equality party swap preferences in Victoria
UK-EGAYLITY 1766 — Reggae artist reveals newalbum: 'Gays Belong in HeavenToo'
UK-EGAYLITY 1767 — LGBTI schoolchildren should be given understanding, not judgment
UK-EGAYLITY 1768 — The United Nations To Consider Creating An LGBT Rights Officer
UK-EGAYLITY 1769 — Michael Bisping's Tired Homophobia Just the Latest in MMA's Culture Problem
UK-EGAYLITY 1770 — Domestic abuse in LGBT relationships: How to recognise the signs
UK-EGAYLITY 1771 — Gays the new Jews': African media homophobia vs Twitter empathy
UK-EGAYLITY 1772 — Money, Sex And Homophobia: It's Hard Out There For A Male Model
UK-EGAYLITY 1773 — Martin O'Neill's gaffe must trigger a wider debate on homophobia in football
UK-EGAYLITY 1774 — Study finds Indian workplaces are high on homophobia, low on openness
UK-EGAYLITY 1775 — LGBT people are facing discrimination as they die
UK-EGAYLITY 1776 — UN Watch calls on Ban Ki_moon to “name and shame” countries who excluded LGBT rights groups ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1777 — Terminally ill LGBT people delay seeking help because of health service fears
UK-EGAYLITY 1778 — Africa's first gay rugby team launches marketing campaign using slurs they hear on the pitch ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1779 — Finding Dory lesbians might not be gay after all – Pixar 'hasn't asked them'
UK-EGAYLITY 1780 — Don't be taken for a mug – voting for Brexit won't put LGBT rights at risk
UK-EGAYLITY 1781 — Moldova to go backwards & reinstate anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 1782 — How The Sims just became the most radical LGBT_friendly game ever
UK-EGAYLITY 1783 — Singapore warns foreign companies not to support LGBT pride event
UK-EGAYLITY 1784 — Captain America May Never Have A Boyfriend, But He's Long Had A Gay Best Friend
UK-EGAYLITY 1785 — This is why Hillary Clinton's presidential nomination is a big deal for gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 1786 — Task Team to Look Into LGBTI Concerns
UK-EGAYLITY 1787 — Church advises Sydney's top private school on how to tackle 'the homosexual agenda'
UK-EGAYLITY 1788 — Rainbow Guide Another First For LGBTI Equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1789 — Kidnapped Honduran LGBTQ Rights Activist Found Dead
UK-EGAYLITY 1790 — Home Affairs officials to be taught about LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1791 — Compass launches LGBT network
UK-EGAYLITY 1792 — Game Of Thrones gets another gay character – but who?
UK-EGAYLITY 1793 — Home Affairs to embark on campaign to educate officials about LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1794 — Prove you are gay' shocks minister
UK-EGAYLITY 1795 — Ireland's only gay football club speak out against Martin O'Neill's 'Queer' comments
UK-EGAYLITY 1796 — Georgians support gay rights, but want rallies banned
UK-EGAYLITY 1797 — Companies face up to clash of cultures over LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1798 — Offensive Or Controversial LGBT Cartoon Characters
UK-EGAYLITY 1799 — It's time to make America gay again!
UK-EGAYLITY 1800 — Christian schools are teaching pupils that gay people are 'unnatural'
UK-EGAYLITY 1801 — Jeremy Jordan calls for help to save his cousin from a 'pray away the gay' detention centre
UK-EGAYLITY 1802 — Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry snapped kissing friend Becky at LGBTI event
UK-EGAYLITY 1803 — Great Alternative Debate willshow minor parties at odds onLGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1804 — Ireland's only all male gay football team describe Martin O'Neill's 'queer' remark as 'disappointing'
UK-EGAYLITY 1805 — UN wants companies to be LGBT_inclusive
UK-EGAYLITY 1806 — Former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan reassess anti_gay law
UK-EGAYLITY 1807 — State Department condemns murder of LGBT activist in Honduras
UK-EGAYLITY 1808 — Bernie Sanders gets a 'yaaaaas' as he visits West Hollywood gay bar
UK-EGAYLITY 1809 — Understanding LGBT Mental Health
UK-EGAYLITY 1810 — Former Nigerian President, who signed anti_LGBT law, says country could allow marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1811 — What's the best thing about being gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 1812 — LGBT group 'deeply saddened' with negative attacks against transgender child, parents
UK-EGAYLITY 1813 — New anti_gun control ads attempt to win over women and LGBT voters
UK-EGAYLITY 1814 — Russian crime gangs find gays easy targets for blackmail
UK-EGAYLITY 1815 — Honduras gay rights activist kidnapped and murdered
UK-EGAYLITY 1816 — Britain's Largest LGBT Domestic Violence Charity Closes
UK-EGAYLITY 1817 — Matthew Todd on growing up gay: "We are strapped inside a cultural straitjacket"
UK-EGAYLITY 1818 — Gay marriage vote 'risks church split'
UK-EGAYLITY 1819 — Mr Gay Wales on life as the contest's first ever winner with a physical disability
UK-EGAYLITY 1820 — LGBTI activist murdered in Honduras
UK-EGAYLITY 1821 — Making LGBTI inclusion happen in aged care
UK-EGAYLITY 1822 — Inside Mongolia's Only Gay Bar
UK-EGAYLITY 1823 — Prominent LGBT activist murdered in Honduras
UK-EGAYLITY 1824 — What I've learned from counseling gay men for the past 25 years
UK-EGAYLITY 1825 — Citizenship rights, discrimination and stigmatisation of LGBTI students by health care services at a ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1826 — Is the world now a better place for LGBTI people?
UK-EGAYLITY 1827 — Spate of gay custody battles force law to define what a parent is: could this mean more rights for ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1828 — President Obama declares LGBT Pride month with quote from Dr Martin Luther King
UK-EGAYLITY 1829 — Nick Jonas not letting the gay baiting rap get him down
UK-EGAYLITY 1830 — Honoring Indonesia's brave LGBT advocates
UK-EGAYLITY 1831 — Prospective LGBTIQ parents invited to join the making rainbow families seminar
UK-EGAYLITY 1832 — Greece to send gay Syrian asylum seeker back to Turkey under controversial migrant deal
UK-EGAYLITY 1833 — Largest LGBT movement in Middle East go to be shared live
UK-EGAYLITY 1834 — NZ sports come together to stamp out homophobia and racism
UK-EGAYLITY 1835 — Ukraine's Heroes: Gay soldier fights for Ukraine despite homophobic moods
UK-EGAYLITY 1836 — Safe Schools program hijacked, says gay activist
UK-EGAYLITY 1837 — LGBT Mission Aiming To 'Broaden The Tent'
UK-EGAYLITY 1838 — Campaign to tackle 'ingrained' homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1839 — This Is What It's Like To Be Gay Or Trans In Myanmar
UK-EGAYLITY 1840 — US adults reporting homosexual experience doubles: study
UK-EGAYLITY 1841 — Openly gay Nigerian man, Bisi Alimi visits UK registry with parnter ahead of wedding
UK-EGAYLITY 1842 — Australian apology for anti_gay laws offers an example for Canada
UK-EGAYLITY 1843 — Mississippi's governor says Christians willing to be 'crucified' to support anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 1844 — LGBT Censorship by South African Broadcaster Complicit in Nigerian Bigotry
UK-EGAYLITY 1845 — Cuba increasingly popular travel destination for LGBT Americans
UK-EGAYLITY 1846 — People_to_people: How to help LGBT folks in repressive lands
UK-EGAYLITY 1847 — There's no reason we can't continue being a leader in LGBT rights from outside the EU'
UK-EGAYLITY 1848 — A bar as a national monument? New York's LGBT landmark vies for honor
UK-EGAYLITY 1849 — The UK has more regular LGBTI characters on TV than in the US
UK-EGAYLITY 1850 — Adidas unveils new 2016 LGBT Pride collection
UK-EGAYLITY 1851 — Ukraine Neo_Nazis warn gay people there will be a 'bloodbath' if they dare to hold a Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 1852 — Traditional Indian parents Vijay and Sushma Agarwal threw son a big gay Hindu wedding
UK-EGAYLITY 1853 — Publisher hit with anti_Semitic abuse after tweet about LGBT story
UK-EGAYLITY 1854 — Is Steven Beale gay? EastEnders fans confused by character's Lauren Branning romance
UK-EGAYLITY 1855 — US Special Envoy for LGBTI Rights to Visit Ukraine on June 7
UK-EGAYLITY 1856 — Ontario politician promises more rights for gay parents, calls current laws 'outdated'
UK-EGAYLITY 1857 — Obama pays tribute to activists in final LGBTI Pride Month Proclamation
UK-EGAYLITY 1858 — Australian Marriage Equality Advocates Back First Gay Wedding Magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 1859 — LGBTI Africans: Out and proud in Birmingham
UK-EGAYLITY 1860 — Royston police officer takes pride in representing LGBT community and promoting equality
UK-EGAYLITY 1861 — Gay Chinese student publicly confesses love for friend on campus
UK-EGAYLITY 1862 — Incredible trailer brings gay superheroes to life
UK-EGAYLITY 1863 — Jewish journalist abused on social media over LGBT_book tweet
UK-EGAYLITY 1864 — Undressing Israel: Gay Men In The Promised Land" explores LGBT life in Israel
UK-EGAYLITY 1865 — Nick Jonas talks about that Kingdom gay sex scene
UK-EGAYLITY 1866 — 'If there's one thing that makes us look bad, it's homophobic gay people'
UK-EGAYLITY 1867 — I'll fight for LGBT rights, vows Sinn Fein woman set to be first gay deputy mayor
UK-EGAYLITY 1868 — Scottish gay rugby team crowned champions at the world's LGBT rugby world cup
UK-EGAYLITY 1869 — Mom, I'm Gay" writer set for Aussie book tour
UK-EGAYLITY 1870 — Scottish politician Jeremy Balfour once said gay adoption is 'political correctness gone mad' – and ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1871 — Gay Queensland policeman is an everyday hero
UK-EGAYLITY 1872 — New app sends pro_LGBTI message to homophobic Russian laws
UK-EGAYLITY 1873 — Israelis, Palestinians, and the LGBTQ community
UK-EGAYLITY 1874 — Nick Jonas on gay sex: 'I wouldn't say I haven't, because that would be lying'
UK-EGAYLITY 1875 — Russia's LGBT community get the chance to show pride with a rainbow
UK-EGAYLITY 1876 — Australian LGBT schools chief resigns after calling national flag 'racist'
UK-EGAYLITY 1877 — Anti_gay preacher with 'you deserve rape' sign gets hit with baseball bat
UK-EGAYLITY 1878 — Did Republicans suggest majority of Texans are gay in new motion?
UK-EGAYLITY 1879 — A gay superhero? Yes please! Just not Captain America
UK-EGAYLITY 1880 — I was given gay exorcism, Booker winner reveals
UK-EGAYLITY 1881 — College student helping to raise awareness of LGBT issues in her area
UK-EGAYLITY 1882 — Australia LGBT Awards confirmed for Sydney Opera House in March 2017
UK-EGAYLITY 1883 — Hurricane players wear rainbow laces for LGBTI fans
UK-EGAYLITY 1884 — Birmingham Pride 2016: Britain's largest two_day LGBT Pride festival
UK-EGAYLITY 1885 — A cleric in Ghana says gay sex 'causes earthquakes'
UK-EGAYLITY 1886 — Gay sauna's bid for sex entertainment licence prompts 'homophobia and hate'
UK-EGAYLITY 1887 — Can you really label a sound or style of music gay?” – Olly Alexander responds to his music being ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1888 — Britain's Got Talent's Danny Beard says Simon Cowell doesn't 'get' gay acts
UK-EGAYLITY 1889 — Gay couple's plans for a Fermanagh wedding still on ice
UK-EGAYLITY 1890 — A state_by_state look at proposals dealing with LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1891 — Why would young LGBT people join a trade union?
UK-EGAYLITY 1892 — Show solidarity with the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 1893 — Artistic appeals for human rights of LGBTI Ugandans
UK-EGAYLITY 1894 — Muslim cleric claims gay sex 'causes earthquakes'
UK-EGAYLITY 1895 — Government pledge to erase historical homosexual convictions goes unanswered
UK-EGAYLITY 1896 — Next census could ask: Are you gay or transsexual?
UK-EGAYLITY 1897 — Bernie Sanders releases pro_LGBT rights campaign video
UK-EGAYLITY 1898 — Anti_gay countries block LGBT organizations from AIDS discussions
UK-EGAYLITY 1899 — LGBTI are kids now protected from conversion therapy in Vermont
UK-EGAYLITY 1900 — Uniting still one of Australia's most LGBTI_friendly employers
UK-EGAYLITY 1901 — The Francophone LGBTI Advocates Initiative
UK-EGAYLITY 1902 — Gays angry at Bonang Matheba
UK-EGAYLITY 1903 — Mpho Tutu_Van Furth on gay marriage after calling it quits with Anglican Church
UK-EGAYLITY 1904 — UK law banning BDSM and bondage porn is directly 'targeting and exposing gay men'
UK-EGAYLITY 1905 — UK actor Ian McKellen: 'India needs to grow up' about gays
UK-EGAYLITY 1906 — Gay man says incident with homophobic Uber driver left him 'fearing for his safety'
UK-EGAYLITY 1907 — Gay people are being unfairly targeted by porn ban claims new report
UK-EGAYLITY 1908 — Gay SA Radio comes out online to highlight LGBTI realities
UK-EGAYLITY 1909 — Extreme porn laws 'unfairly target gay men and sexual minorities'
UK-EGAYLITY 1910 — Students divided over LGBT_only accommodation at universities
UK-EGAYLITY 1911 — ECADE calls political parties to state position on LGBT discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 1912 — Outcry over ban of LGBT groups from global AIDS conference
UK-EGAYLITY 1913 — Gay radio out of the closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1914 — People in Australia were once convicted for being gay. Finally, they have received an apology.
UK-EGAYLITY 1915 — Plan for gay hate crimememorial in Bondi
UK-EGAYLITY 1916 — Waverley Council to build memorial for victims of gay hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 1917 — Nyle DiMarco makes history as Dancing With The Stars' first LGBTI winner
UK-EGAYLITY 1918 — Revealing He Was Gay Wasn't Difficult. Here's Why
UK-EGAYLITY 1919 — Gay Syrian couple share heartbreak over being resettled in separate countries
UK-EGAYLITY 1920 — Gay people plan to protest at Pride in London over it becoming 'militarized'
UK-EGAYLITY 1921 — Australian Federal Election Heats Up With LGBTI Topics
UK-EGAYLITY 1922 — Gay activists target homophobic B&B owner who refuses to let same_sex couples share a bed
UK-EGAYLITY 1923 — Victorian premier apologies for 'abominable' laws punishing homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1924 — Homophobic Uber driver's anti_gay rant made this man fear for his safety
UK-EGAYLITY 1925 — Britain's Got Talent viewers complain over David Walliams' 'gay act'
UK-EGAYLITY 1926 — LGBTI sexual violence support “not good enough"
UK-EGAYLITY 1927 — LGBT and trying to come out to your folks? Try it anonymously
UK-EGAYLITY 1928 — Victorian government apology 'welcomed' by LGBTI rights activists
UK-EGAYLITY 1929 — Christianity Must Exorcise Itself of Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1930 — Converse release limited_edition sneakers for LGBTI Pride season
UK-EGAYLITY 1931 — Sir Ian McKellen surprises LGBT teens at Stonewall Youth Awards
UK-EGAYLITY 1932 — Labor pledges gay and lesbian rights watchdog if it wins office
UK-EGAYLITY 1933 — Only 5 per cent of China's LGBTI citizens have come out of the closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1934 — 68% of Northern Ireland public back gay marriage introduction
UK-EGAYLITY 1935 — Gay teenager's tweet goes viral after he admits he was forced to take his boyfriend to their prom in ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1936 — San Diego Padres accused of homophobia after national anthem mistake
UK-EGAYLITY 1937 — LGBTI orgs blocked from UN AIDS conference
UK-EGAYLITY 1938 — Labor's LGBTI plan won't end discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 1939 — The truth about child custody for LGBTI parents
UK-EGAYLITY 1940 — Christian pastor wants people to wear white to rally against LGBTI pride in Singapore
UK-EGAYLITY 1941 — Sydney must share the shame of gay_hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 1942 — Tim Ramsey: Going back to school to say 'I'm gay' was terrifying
UK-EGAYLITY 1943 — Watch the gay South African advert that's been angering homophobes
UK-EGAYLITY 1944 — Texas Republican party inadvertently suggests most Texans are gay
UK-EGAYLITY 1945 — What I Learned from LGBT People's Stories of Coming Out in Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 1946 — Bears more likely to have low self_esteem and riskier sex than other gay men, new study claims
UK-EGAYLITY 1947 — Only 5% of China's LGBT citizens have come out of the closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1948 — US Sees Progress in Vietnam on LGBTI Issues
UK-EGAYLITY 1949 — New app helps LGBT teenagers come out to their friends and family anonymously to take away the ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1950 — Here's Australia's top 20 employers for LGBTI inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 1951 — Cuban LGBT group honors Blade
UK-EGAYLITY 1952 — Zimbabwe: Gays and Lesbians Group Says 55 Percent Membership Harrassed By Cops
UK-EGAYLITY 1953 — 74 countries to go' — battle cry in fight for LGBTI justice
UK-EGAYLITY 1954 — British companies awarded for promoting LGBTI employment rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1955 — HIV rates alarmingly high for gay and bisexual men in southern US States
UK-EGAYLITY 1956 — Why Britain leaving the EU would be bad for LGBTI workers
UK-EGAYLITY 1957 — How the world feels about LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 1958 — Will you still 'like' me? LGBTI teens come out of digital closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1959 — More people than ever now believe it should be legal to be LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 1960 — It's time to vote forBrisbane's best LGBTIachievers
UK-EGAYLITY 1961 — Fearing Discrimination, Most LGBTI Individuals Remain in Closet, Report Concludes
UK-EGAYLITY 1962 — Radical' Pride campaigners lift drag ban in preparation for next rival LGBT festival
UK-EGAYLITY 1963 — Integrating LGBTI People into Global Development
UK-EGAYLITY 1964 — Statement on the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1965 — See pictures from Uganda's largest ever rally for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 1966 — Muslim nations ban LGBT groups from UN meeting on AIDS
UK-EGAYLITY 1967 — Workshops on LGBTI migration in Central America by IOM
UK-EGAYLITY 1968 — U.N. Report Says 75% of Employed LGBTIs in China Surveyed Still in the Closet
UK-EGAYLITY 1969 — Doctor warns of gay 'sex roulette' parties where one guest has HIV
UK-EGAYLITY 1970 — Nigerian laws give conflicting message on HIV and homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1971 — Australians Embarassed? Position on LGBTI Rights World Map Worries Nation
UK-EGAYLITY 1972 — Most People Still Hold Anti_LGBT Views
UK-EGAYLITY 1973 — 55 percent gays raided by cops
UK-EGAYLITY 1974 — 5% of Chinese LGBTI open about gender and sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 1975 — LGBTI rights: “we still have a lot of work to do”
UK-EGAYLITY 1976 — Love's runaways: the gay Ugandans forced into exile
UK-EGAYLITY 1977 — Muslim countries ban gay and transgender reps from United Nations meeting on Aids
UK-EGAYLITY 1978 — 52% of young Irish LGBTI people 'face abuse at school'
UK-EGAYLITY 1979 — 11 inspiring LGBTI celebrities who have battled depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses
UK-EGAYLITY 1980 — Chinese society gradually opening up to gays and lesbians: UN survey
UK-EGAYLITY 1981 — New Survey Shows Frightening Anti_LGBT Bias Worldwide
UK-EGAYLITY 1982 — Survey Sheds Light on Chinese LGBTI Experiences
UK-EGAYLITY 1983 — International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia marked
UK-EGAYLITY 1984 — This adorable video wants to make holding hands in public carefree for LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 1985 — Sad Songs about Gay Life in Great Britain in the 1960s
UK-EGAYLITY 1986 — UK spy agency GCHQ offers apology to gay code breakers, including Alan Turing
UK-EGAYLITY 1987 — Gay student Angus McCormack told suit is 'inappropriate' for school event
UK-EGAYLITY 1988 — Homophobia in the Commonwealth is a shameful legacy. Britain must do more
UK-EGAYLITY 1989 — Global survey on LGBT issues finds heteronormative views still the norm
UK-EGAYLITY 1990 — International scorecard on LGBTI rights shows Australia lagging behind its peers
UK-EGAYLITY 1991 — IOM Organizes Workshops on LGBTI Migration in Central America
UK-EGAYLITY 1992 — Watch Emmerdale's Danny Miller smooch Coleen Nolan after comparing gay scenes to Loose ...
UK-EGAYLITY 1993 — Are Gay Men Nothing But Meat?
UK-EGAYLITY 1994 — International day against Homophobia, Biphobia and transphobia
UK-EGAYLITY 1995 — This poster at a pro_LGBTI rally in Lebanon is the funniest thing you'll read in Arabic today
UK-EGAYLITY 1996 — Same_sex unions are not enough, say Italy's exiled gay parents
UK-EGAYLITY 1997 — There's only one openly gay CEO in the Fortune 500...There has to be more'
UK-EGAYLITY 1998 — Less tourists travel to North Carolina and Mississippi since the passage of anti_LGBT legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 1999 — Castro's daughter leads Cuba's biggest ever Pride parade amid calls for LGBT reforms
UK-EGAYLITY 2000 — LGBTI people from 21 countries around the world explain why they fight for equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2001 — Time's up for LGBTI village
UK-EGAYLITY 2002 — Man arrested for murder of Bangladeshi gay activists
UK-EGAYLITY 2003 — Volunteers crowdfund this year's Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week
UK-EGAYLITY 2004 — Azealia Banks sorry for racist and anti_LGBTI rant
UK-EGAYLITY 2005 — Can international business really help promote LGBT rights worldwide?
UK-EGAYLITY 2006 — Albanian Gay Activists Pedal for Equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2007 — Mississippi faces suit for anti_LGBTI legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 2008 — Mariela Castro leads Cuba LGBT march
UK-EGAYLITY 2009 — Germany declares three countries that criminalize gay sex to be 'safe' for gay asylum seekers
UK-EGAYLITY 2010 — These messages left by LGBTI veterans of mental health might just be the hope that saves lives
UK-EGAYLITY 2011 — Latvia, Lithuania Ranked Worst Nation in EU for LGBT Citizens
UK-EGAYLITY 2012 — Statement by the Spokesperson on LGBTI rights in the United States
UK-EGAYLITY 2013 — Malta's Ira Losco celebrates her country's ranking as number one for LGBTI equality in Europe at ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2014 — LGBTI Survey' shows ignorance of the law
UK-EGAYLITY 2015 — Turnbull takes out top GLORIA gong for lack of action on LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY2016 — Adorable Gay Vultures And Other Happy LGBTQ News From Around The World
UK-EGAYLITY 2017 — George Bush 'flattered' by award from anti_LGBT hate group
UK-EGAYLITY 2018 — For the first time, a gay magazine is published in Arabic and is available across the Middle East
UK-EGAYLITY 2019 — Watch Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake sing LGBTI anthem as a beautiful duet
UK-EGAYLITY 2020 — UN Secretary General Ban Ki_Moon Appears In Video With International LGBT Activists
UK-EGAYLITY 2021 — Long_running British gay pub put up for sale
UK-EGAYLITY 2022 — Mr Gay Syria' defy's Islam with his leather hotpants
UK-EGAYLITY 2023 — Eurovision singer Sergey Lazarev: Russia will welcome gay fans to our country if we win
UK-EGAYLITY 2024 — Rome's Trevi Fountain lights up rainbow as MPs approve gay civil unions
UK-EGAYLITY 2025 — Rest home acknowledged for LGBTI inclusivity
UK-EGAYLITY 2026 — Gay and lesbian rights lobbies join forces ahead of election
UK-EGAYLITY 2027 — The 15 worst countries to be gay in Europe
UK-EGAYLITY 2028 — Scotland is best in Europe for LGBTI equality and human rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2029 — Italy has joined the civilized world but gay civil unions are still under threat
UK-EGAYLITY 2030 — Advocates to mark global day against homophobia, transphobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2031 — Italy gives green light to gay marriages as prime minister heralds 'day of celebration' despite huge ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2032 — Lithuania ahead of Latvia for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2033 — Scotland named Europe's most LGBTI_friendly country: Here are 12 glorious landscapes to celebrate
UK-EGAYLITY 2034 — Wisconsin businesses embrace rainbow decals to show they're LGBTI_friendly
UK-EGAYLITY 2035 — Azerbaijan worst place to be gay in Europe, finds LGBTI index
UK-EGAYLITY 2036 — Substantial doubt' over the future of world's only publicly_traded LGBT company
UK-EGAYLITY 2037 — Libyan LGBT activist hopes to leave Benghazi
UK-EGAYLITY 2038 — Scotland tops in Europe for gay equality and human rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2039 — Campaigners warn against complacency as Scotland rated top for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2040 — LGBT Refugees Panic as Kenyan Government Announces Closure of Refugee Camps
UK-EGAYLITY 2041 — Dozens of LGBT ministers put pressure on Methodist decision about homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 2042 — This video on what it is like to grow up LGBTI in Portugal will make you cry
UK-EGAYLITY 2043 — After the Stonewall Inn, 11 more LGBTI landmarks that should be national monuments
UK-EGAYLITY 2044 — Iceland falling behind other countries in LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2045 — Ashers appeal: Bakers 'could not commit sin' by making gay cake
UK-EGAYLITY 2046 — One hundred United Methodist clergy come out as gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2047 — It's all change at Glastonbury's gay quarter, The NYC Downlow
UK-EGAYLITY 2048 — Ireland moves up equality rankings for LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2049 — Scotland named best European country for LGBT equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2050 — Ashers gay cake case will have freedom of expression implications for UK, say Belfast Christian ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2051 — Service is a cornerstone of gay rugby
UK-EGAYLITY 2052 — Three LGBTI candidates arebattling for Brisbane
UK-EGAYLITY 2053 — Conservative states North Carolina, Mississippi under attack over new anti_LGBT laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2054 — LGBTI rights advocate accepted into UN programme
UK-EGAYLITY 2055 — US government sues North Carolina over anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2056 — LGBTI Rights in Nepal: Few Steps Forward, One Step Backward
UK-EGAYLITY 2057 — Watch this weepy Mother's Day advert featuring LGBTI families (and Lucy Liu)
UK-EGAYLITY 2058 — Christian 'gay cake' bakery return to court to appeal discrimination ruling
UK-EGAYLITY 2059 — Gay blood case to be taken to UK's highest court
UK-EGAYLITY 2060 — Stars of Eurovision 2016 promise it's going to be a 'very gay year'
UK-EGAYLITY 2061 — Inside the World Bank's 'strategic global research agenda' for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2062 — Gay, elderly and ethnic minority deathbed patients suffer prejudice and neglect in British hospitals
UK-EGAYLITY 2063 — North Carolina governor refuses to back down over anti_LGBT law despite federal demands
UK-EGAYLITY 2064 — How The L Word Made Being Gay OK
UK-EGAYLITY 2065 — Small children watch as gay man is thrown off a building by Isis executioners
UK-EGAYLITY 2066 — Meet the first US special envoy promoting gay and transgender rights across the globe
UK-EGAYLITY 2067 — LGBTI lobby groups announce election agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 2068 — Obama planning a monument to gay rights?
UK-EGAYLITY 2069 — Enrol for equality! LGBTI rights lobbies set their election agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 2070 — Jewish school ordered to teach LGBTI issues or lose out on new students
UK-EGAYLITY 2071 — Bullying of LGBTI students is rife in Japanese high schools, report says
UK-EGAYLITY 2072 — PNG called on to amend anti_gay laws at UN hearing
UK-EGAYLITY 2073 — Gay advocates slam Eaglehawk man's anti_gay leaflet
UK-EGAYLITY 2074 — Australians must fight back against the anti_gay crusade
UK-EGAYLITY 2075 — On LGBTI rights in Asia, a picture of diversity amid intolerance
UK-EGAYLITY 2076 — Gay and straight ex_Jehovah's Witnesses speak out on creepy indoctrination kids' video
UK-EGAYLITY 2077 — Captain America: Civil War directors want to bring in LGBTI characters to the Marvel universe
UK-EGAYLITY 2078 — Radical Islam Bill could criminalize gay marriage opposition as 'non_violent extremism'
UK-EGAYLITY 2079 — Japan schools a 'hateful' place for LGBT students: rights group
UK-EGAYLITY 2080 — Wales elects its first ever LGBTI politicians
UK-EGAYLITY 2081 — Malawian Gays Face Homophobia At Public Health Facilities
UK-EGAYLITY 2082 — Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy: Chaos and LGBT
UK-EGAYLITY 2083 — Actor who plays gay on Nashville may not buy home in Tennessee due to anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2084 — MP's plan to pay for cathedral repairs by letting gay and lesbian couples marry there
UK-EGAYLITY 2085 — Africa's first gay rugby team fights stereotypes with bold campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 2086 — Adele offers to be 'surrogate' for gay couple who got engaged at gig
UK-EGAYLITY 2087 — Contribute to TAG LGBT newsdesk
UK-EGAYLITY 2088 — You are not alone” – Jane Fonda shares message of support for LGBT youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2089 — Christian 'Extremists' Opposing Gay Marriage May Be Criminalised By Radical Islam Bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2090 — Kenyan court to hear case against alleged gay anal examinations
UK-EGAYLITY 2091 — How welcoming is academia to LGBT staff?
UK-EGAYLITY 2092 — Obama to name Stonewall as the first LGBTI rights national monument
UK-EGAYLITY 2093 — 19 LGBTI rights activists arrested in St Petersburg
UK-EGAYLITY 2094 — Russian LGBT activists detained during May Day marches
UK-EGAYLITY 2095 — Political parties should only select candidates that support LGBT equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2096 — Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer wants Westeros to show some gay pride
UK-EGAYLITY 2097 — North Carolina governor admits his signing of anti_LGBTI bill may cost him reelection
UK-EGAYLITY 2098 — Who should London's LGBTIs vote for as their mayor?
UK-EGAYLITY 2099 — Read how these gay twins can help give your career a boost
UK-EGAYLITY 2100 — How growing up in the digital world is shaping our LGBTI identities
UK-EGAYLITY 2101 — Only 8 Major Studio Films In 2015 Had Significant Gay Characters
UK-EGAYLITY 2102 — Community members call for T2 building to be converted to LGBTI museum
UK-EGAYLITY 2103 — Al Qaeda claims killings of LGBTI activists in Bangladesh
UK-EGAYLITY 2104 — Joan Rivers' daughter donates mom's rainbow coat to raise money for LGBTI cause
UK-EGAYLITY 2105 — International human rights groups launch campaign to support the LGBTI community in Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 2106 — New anti_smoking campaign targets LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2107 — Homophobia abroad: Why shouldn't my gay nephew enjoy the same freedoms as me?
UK-EGAYLITY 2108 — Senior Saudi Islamic cleric says homosexuals should not be punished
UK-EGAYLITY 2109 — New advert shows how ridiculous North Carolina's anti_LGBT law is
UK-EGAYLITY 2110 — Kenya: Call to ban forced anal examinations to 'prove' homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 2111 — Why I refuse to be a part of David Cameron's PR effort to impress gay people
UK-EGAYLITY 2112 — Global LGBTI rights and finding one's identity
UK-EGAYLITY 2113 — Tally of LGBTI rights, wrongs in 29 sub_Saharan countries
UK-EGAYLITY 2114 — Leaked banned flags list says no to Wales but yes to the LGBT rainbow flag
UK-EGAYLITY 2115 — GLAAD calls on Star Wars to introduce LGBT characters
UK-EGAYLITY 2116 — EastEnders boss says homophobia is still rife among viewers
UK-EGAYLITY 2117 — St Petersburg parade allows Neo_Nazis to march while gay people are arrested, dragged and beaten
UK-EGAYLITY 2118 — Hollywood has a serious LGBTI diversity issue, GLAAD study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 2119 — Create an LGBTI museum instead
UK-EGAYLITY 2120 — Being gay and muslim: 'death is your repentance'
UK-EGAYLITY 2121 — Senate acknowledges loss of Bangladeshi LGBTI magazine editor
UK-EGAYLITY 2122 — LGBTI Pride House to return to Glasgow this summer
UK-EGAYLITY 2123 — Scottish Labour leader wants to make a difference for LGBT young people
UK-EGAYLITY 2124 — LGBT inclusion in films static, diversity drops, study says
UK-EGAYLITY 2125 — Shakespeare had gay characters too, people just ignored it
UK-EGAYLITY 2126 — People are campaigning to make Elsa the first LGBT princess in Disney's history
UK-EGAYLITY 2127 — Australia now has an openly gay Imam
UK-EGAYLITY 2128 — Children of gay fathers are as well adjusted as those with heterosexual parents, study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 2129 — Hollywood films slip through with an 'adequate' grade for LGBTI representation
UK-EGAYLITY 2130 — Conservative Indonesians vs. LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2131 — Europe's first rehab center opens for LGBTI people with chemsex issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2132 — How has marriage changed life for gay people?
UK-EGAYLITY 2133 — Why Are Young Gay and Bisexual Men More Likely to Kill Themselves?
UK-EGAYLITY 2134 — Why such silence in Egypt amid anti_LGBTI crackdown?
UK-EGAYLITY 2135 — Kasich admits gay sexuality is 'probably' genetic
UK-EGAYLITY 2136 — Anti_LGBTI campaigners' smears and lies target trans people
UK-EGAYLITY 2137 — Anti_LGBTI groups form coalition to fight UN for protecting same_sex couples and families
UK-EGAYLITY 2138 — Hundreds rallied in front of Mississippi Governor's mansion over newly signed anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2139 — Egale forges ahead with LGBT youth shelter
UK-EGAYLITY 2140 — For State Department's LGBTI Envoy, Every Country Is A Different Challenge
UK-EGAYLITY 2141 — Where does Scottish Party stand on LGBTI issues?
UK-EGAYLITY 2142 — Homophobia leads to five suicides a year'
UK-EGAYLITY 2143 — UK study says gay men with boyfriends less likely to suffer from depression
UK-EGAYLITY 2144 — What Is YOUR Most Significant Gay Moment In Culture?
UK-EGAYLITY 2145 — This brilliant pro_gay billboard apparently touched a nerve with bigots who defaced it
UK-EGAYLITY 2146 — US Senators introduce Bill to end “harmful” anti_LGBT 'conversion therapy'
UK-EGAYLITY 2147 — 8% of BBC workforce to be LGBT by 2020
UK-EGAYLITY 2148 — Ugandan LGBT rights group releases shocking report into human rights abuses
UK-EGAYLITY 2149 — Alarming study on gay and bisexual men reveals startling truth
UK-EGAYLITY 2150 — Bradford Bulls rugby club offer stadium to help save city's gay pride
UK-EGAYLITY 2151 — How Soaps Have Led The Way For LGBT Culture On Television
UK-EGAYLITY 2152 — The New British Invasion: How Gay Pop Stars Are Winning Over America
UK-EGAYLITY 2153 — Scottish LGBTI boxing club introduces new session
UK-EGAYLITY 2154 — Are gay men more masculine than straight men? One YouTuber finds out
UK-EGAYLITY 2155 — Young gay, bisexual men more likely to suffer depression, says new study
UK-EGAYLITY 2156 — Alabama City passes anti_LGBT legislation banning transgender people from using restroom ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2157 — New killings in Bangladesh leave LGBT community full of fear
UK-EGAYLITY 2158 — Almost half of gay men 'would use' HIV_preventing PrEP drugs
UK-EGAYLITY 2159 — America's Top Gay Diplomat Gives Status Report
UK-EGAYLITY 2160 — Jordan Reportedly Bans Band With Gay Frontman From Performing
UK-EGAYLITY 2161 — Anti_LGBTI 'religious freedom' bill is effectively dead in Missouri
UK-EGAYLITY 2162 — Anti_LGBTI bill 'protecting' therapists signed into law by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
UK-EGAYLITY 2163 — Gay men need to cut out the transphobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2164 — Isle of Man finally approves gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 2165 — National Gay Media Association statement on murder of gay Bangladeshi journalist
UK-EGAYLITY 2166 — Lebanese band fronted by outspoken gay singer banned from performing in Jordan
UK-EGAYLITY 2167 — Caribbean nations inch their way toward LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2168 — National Gay Media Association condemns murder of LGBTI editor
UK-EGAYLITY 2169 — Four of the best LGBTI short films of the last decade with Digital Pride
UK-EGAYLITY 2170 — Eleven men jailed for three to 12 years in Egypt just for being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2171 — Young British Gay and Bi Men Six Times More Likely to Attempt Suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 2172 — OITNB star Uzo Aduba describes encounters with LGBTI fans as 'intense'
UK-EGAYLITY 2173 — HK first city in Asia to bid for Gay Games
UK-EGAYLITY 2174 — Victoria budgets $30 million to support LGBTI citizens
UK-EGAYLITY 2175 — LGBTIQ communities win big in Victorian budget
UK-EGAYLITY 2176 — Bangladesh: Authorities fail to curb brutal killing spree as LGBTI editor hacked to death
UK-EGAYLITY 2177 — Shocking moment cashier at New Orleans Family Dollar 'refuses to serve woman because she is gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 2178 — Michelle Obama speaks out against anti_LGBTI law in Mississippi
UK-EGAYLITY 2179 — SNP Manifesto: our action for LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2180 — Al_Qaeda claim responsibility over murder of the editor of Bangladesh's LGBTI magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 2181 — This is what happens when you come out in public as a gay Muslim
UK-EGAYLITY 2182 — Gay couple win custody battle against Thai surrogate mother
UK-EGAYLITY 2183 — ITV's 'The Durrells' criticised after turning gay character straight for TV
UK-EGAYLITY 2184 — UK's LGBT travel advisories, which name US states, might also note machete attack in Bangladesh
UK-EGAYLITY 2185 — Amnesty International highlights homophobia in Turkey with gay turtles
UK-EGAYLITY 2186 — Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas cancel North Carolina shows over anti_gay bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2187 — Members of Congress criticize Saudi Arabia over LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2188 — Police, Gangs Major Perpetrators of LGBT Violence in El Salvador: Activist
UK-EGAYLITY 2189 — Gran Canaria mayor responds to fears that new rules and regulations could kill the gay scene
UK-EGAYLITY 2190 — US Embassy worker, LGBT editor hacked to death in Bangladeshi capital
UK-EGAYLITY 2191 — Contestant claims Russian authorities ripped up passport for being Gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2192 — College Campus Pulls Screening Of Zoolander 2 Over LGBT Mockery
UK-EGAYLITY 2193 — Are these new rules going to destroy Gran Canaria's gay scene?
UK-EGAYLITY 2194 — Editor of Bangladesh's first LGBTI magazine hacked to death
UK-EGAYLITY 2195 — Malaysia police chief says gay people can't become cops
UK-EGAYLITY 2196 — Education Minister Peter Collier no need for LGBTI anti_bullying program
UK-EGAYLITY 2197 — Hong Kong may host the Gay Games in 2022
UK-EGAYLITY 2198 — Gay Eurovision contestant claims Russian officials 'tore up his passport'
UK-EGAYLITY 2199 — The gay Anzacs who refused to stay silent
UK-EGAYLITY 2200 — Bishop defies Church to perform gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 2201 — Obama says daughters changed his position on gay marriage after they made him realize issue ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2202 — BBC pledges to hire more LGBT staff and talent in a drive for diversity
UK-EGAYLITY 2203 — Where does the SNP stand on LGBTI issues?
UK-EGAYLITY 2204 — Hong Kong bids for the Gay Games, hopes to improve LGBTI rights in the region
UK-EGAYLITY 2205 — Norway Catholic Church may stop performing state weddings after Lutheran gay marriage vote
UK-EGAYLITY 2206 — Netherlands must issue US travel warnings like the UK, demand Dutch LGBTIs
UK-EGAYLITY 2207 — Caribbean Tourism Organization hosts panel discussion on 'How to reach the LGBT market'
UK-EGAYLITY 2208 — Log Cabin Republicans supports Donald Trump record on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2209 — Did the UK just comment on American LGBT laws?
UK-EGAYLITY 2210 — Record number of corporations to come in this year for Singapore's biggest LGBTI rally
UK-EGAYLITY 2211 — American Family Association thinks backlash over anti_LGBT bills is work of the Devil
UK-EGAYLITY 2212 — Conservative MP Bernie Finn says Victorian gay and lesbian Pride Centre 'misplaced priorities'
UK-EGAYLITY 2213 — Anti_LGBT persecution increased under Uganda law
UK-EGAYLITY 2214 — Manifesto watch: Where do the Scottish Lib Dems stand on LGBTI issues?
UK-EGAYLITY 2215 — Art detective claims Da Vinci based the Mona Lisa on gay lover
UK-EGAYLITY 2216 — Events announced for Digital Pride at London's GAY Heaven next weekend
UK-EGAYLITY 2217 — First US envoy for gay rights welcomes limited advances
UK-EGAYLITY 2218 — Nicola Sturgeon promises to tackle anti_LGBT bullying in SNP manifesto
UK-EGAYLITY 2219 — Turkey and Bosnia_Herzegovina must improve on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2220 — Toolkit for progress toward LGBT rights in 53 countries
UK-EGAYLITY 2221 — Chicago Blackhawks' Shaw sorry for gay slur
UK-EGAYLITY 2222 — First Chilean policeman in gay union celebrates in Santiago
UK-EGAYLITY 2223 — Ben Mitchell's Gay Lover Quits EastEnders
UK-EGAYLITY 2224 — The truth about stalking in the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2225 — Australia's First LGBTI 'Pride Centre' Coming Up in Victoria: Bigger Than San Francisco's Centre?
UK-EGAYLITY 2226 — UK warns LGBTI travellers who wish to travel to US
UK-EGAYLITY 2227 — LGBTI groups vying for space in the multimillion_dollar Pride Centre
UK-EGAYLITY 2228 — Hungary Tripped the EU again with Poland's Help on LGBTI Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2229 — NYC conference brings together those wishing to target lucrative LGBTI market
UK-EGAYLITY 2230 — Mona Lisa based on Da Vinci's gay lover, art detective claims
UK-EGAYLITY 2231 — Gay Venezuelan 'artivist' fights homophobia, discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 2232 — Try being gay for a day
UK-EGAYLITY 2233 — Homophobia in Morocco: Gay or Straight, It's Personal
UK-EGAYLITY 2234 — Homophobia in Sport inquiry launched
UK-EGAYLITY 2235 — LGBT+ Education Saves Lives, So Why Aren't We Talking About It?
UK-EGAYLITY 2236 — Viola Davis says she will “fight” for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2237 — Fewer parents would reject LGBTI kids if there was more outreach
UK-EGAYLITY 2238 — Victoria to open first LGBTI centre
UK-EGAYLITY 2239 — Gov't manifesto ignores foreigners, LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2240 — The UK is now warning people about going to North Carolina and Mississippi over anti_LGBTI laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2241 — Indigenous man overcame homophobia, co_founds first LGBTQ+ group in Squamish, BC
UK-EGAYLITY 2242 — Jair Bolsonaro: Pro_Torture, Anti_Gay and Brazil's Future President?
UK-EGAYLITY 2243 — Proposals for new 'gay propaganda' laws; Europe worries
UK-EGAYLITY 2244 — Israel government defends 'Imagine London Without Gays' billboard: 'We want people to be furious!'
UK-EGAYLITY 2245 — We Asked Gay Men if They Would Rather Be Straight
UK-EGAYLITY 2246 — The 8 best LGBT events and festivals in Europe 2016
UK-EGAYLITY 2247 — Lexi's Story highlights the importance of tackling LGBT youth homelessness
UK-EGAYLITY 2248 — LGBTIQ groups applaud Telstra's recommitment to marriage equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2249 — Central Asia: European Parliament concerned about state of LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2250 — Imaginative gay rights campaign launched
UK-EGAYLITY 2251 — Secrets of a gay Jehovah's Witness: how I escaped the religion and rebuilt my life
UK-EGAYLITY 2252 — Gay Australian Comedians "Marry" To Protest Current Laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2253 — Gay couple receive hate_filled RSVP threatening to “ruin” their wedding
UK-EGAYLITY 2254 — Northern Ireland gay community mobilises against DUP candidates
UK-EGAYLITY 2255 — Welsh assembly election: Improve LGBT lives, Lib Dems say
UK-EGAYLITY 2256 — Ben Mitchell comes out as gay with Paul in Queen Vic and Little Mo
UK-EGAYLITY 2257 — Rabbis address LGBTI inclusion
UK-EGAYLITY 2258 — Uganda's Speaker will bring back Anti_Homosexuality law
UK-EGAYLITY 2259 — 41 men arrested in 'gay raid' of Kuwait massage parlor
UK-EGAYLITY 2260 — State proposals on LGBT rights push business into spotlight
UK-EGAYLITY 2261 — Are gay pupils being bullied at school?
UK-EGAYLITY 2262 — Hilarious SNL skit takes aim at baker who won't make gay wedding cake
UK-EGAYLITY 2263 — North Carolina pol wants anti_LGBTI law repealed
UK-EGAYLITY 2264 — LGBTI getting the call to enrol to vote
UK-EGAYLITY 2265 — Africa?s New Gay_Bashing ?Islamic Republic?
UK-EGAYLITY 2266 — First gay couple to marry in Ukraine shares their love story and hope for the future
UK-EGAYLITY 2267 — Saturday Night Live has fun with anti_LGBTI bakers
UK-EGAYLITY 2268 — Britain's Got Talent's Young Dancer Speaks Of “Gay” Bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 2269 — Super_gonorrhea' is new health concern for British gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 2270 — This 'homosexual types' list from a 1958 UK government report is insane
UK-EGAYLITY 2271 — What's it like to be LGBTI in Malta?
UK-EGAYLITY 2272 — I apologize to gay staff unfairly dismissed in the past
UK-EGAYLITY 2273 — Scott Morrison to share Australian Christian Lobby stage with anti_gay extremists
UK-EGAYLITY 2274 — Indigenous student shares the racial abuse he receives from gay men online
UK-EGAYLITY 2275 — Why LGBTI staff feel respected at the Co_op
UK-EGAYLITY 2276 — Q_topia seeks help to send youth to lgbti hui
UK-EGAYLITY 2277 — Support for imperiled LGBTI activists in Cameroon
UK-EGAYLITY 2278 — Greens senator calls on local government to show leadership on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2279 — Major LGBTI business groups call for Telstra boycott
UK-EGAYLITY 2280 — Research suggests 50% of straight people carry gay gene
UK-EGAYLITY 2281 — Where In The World Is Homosexuality Punished By The Death Penalty
UK-EGAYLITY 2282 — LGBTI youth need to know they're supported: 'angel'
UK-EGAYLITY 2283 — Rihanna reaffirms LGBTI support after helping fan come out
UK-EGAYLITY 2284 — Sharon Stone cancels movie shoot in Mississippi in protest of anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2285 — The UK's Only LGBT Domestic Violence Charity Is Still Fighting For Its Life
UK-EGAYLITY 2286 — Starr boycotts North Carolina over 'anti_LGBT' law
UK-EGAYLITY 2287 — Half of all people 'could have gay genes,' according to US study
UK-EGAYLITY 2288 — Louisiana governor signs executive order protecting LGBTI workers
UK-EGAYLITY 2289 — White House speaks out against 'mean_spirited' anti_LGBTI legislation in states
UK-EGAYLITY 2290 — Anti_homophobia booklet for W Cape schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2291 — LGBTIs more likely to buy or sell homes than straight people
UK-EGAYLITY 2292 — Scottish Greens launches a comprehensive LGBTI manifesto
UK-EGAYLITY 2293 — LGBTI hate crime victims failed by Romanian authorities
UK-EGAYLITY 2294 — Half of all people could be carrying 'gay genes'
UK-EGAYLITY 2295 — Gay Air France cabin crew object to Iran flights over death penalty fears
UK-EGAYLITY 2296 — Adam Lambert wants more openly gay pop stars in America
UK-EGAYLITY 2297 — Award_winning gay youth activist found dead aged 22 following apparent suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 2298 — Gay journalist stabbed to death by 'Hitler_loving homophobe' in Russia
UK-EGAYLITY 2299 — Ilia State University's controversial study claims half of population have 'gay genes'
UK-EGAYLITY 2300 — Multi_millionaire gay men who shared luxury Mayfair flat fight bitter court row over who gets the ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2301 — LGBT Icons And Stars Who Have Passed Away In 2016
UK-EGAYLITY 2302 — Judge rules against couple in China's first gay marriage case
UK-EGAYLITY 2303 — North Carolina lawmaker says he was “wrong” to vote for anti_LGBT law
UK-EGAYLITY 2304 — Gay Russian journalist stabbed to death by 'Hitler_loving homophobic vigilante'
UK-EGAYLITY 2305 — Melbourne set to host Australia's first LGBTI wedding expo
UK-EGAYLITY 2306 — Governor has attempt at amending anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2307 — Hillary Clinton blasts LGBT discrimination in new campaign video
UK-EGAYLITY 2308 — How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World – author Gregory Woods gives us
UK-EGAYLITY 2309 — Chemsex: why is gay sex causing straight panic?
UK-EGAYLITY 2310 — Most Jamaicans would kick out their gay children'
UK-EGAYLITY 2311 — Porn Site Protests Anti_LGBT Law By Blocking North Carolina Users
UK-EGAYLITY 2312 — Cyndi Lauper talks LGBT rights at star unveiling
UK-EGAYLITY 2313 — Overcoming India's Official Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2314 — Milk' director shoots gay history series for US TV
UK-EGAYLITY 2315 — 2 Lovely Gays go cray cray for clay clay
UK-EGAYLITY 2316 — GLAAD calls on music industry to take a stand against Tennessee's anti_LGBT bills
UK-EGAYLITY 2317 — Scottish Greens Back Calls For LGBT Inclusivity Training In Schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2318 — Mississippi church a window into national gay rights debate
UK-EGAYLITY 2319 — Poll finds more than half of British Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal
UK-EGAYLITY 2320 — Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams stand up for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2321 — Promised Land: Authors of LGBTI fairytale thrilled 'long overdue' story has met crowdfunding target
UK-EGAYLITY 2322 — How Gay Slurs Toward Cristiano Ronaldo Speak Millions About Sports
UK-EGAYLITY 2323 — Students make a colourful stand against homophobia in football
UK-EGAYLITY 2324 — Indonesian Government nominated for homophobia award for trying to ban gay emojis
UK-EGAYLITY 2325 — Fighting homophobia with art in Nigeria
UK-EGAYLITY 2326 — Mississippi's restaurants protest anti_LGBTI religious liberty law
UK-EGAYLITY 2327 — Studio behind Twilight leaves North Carolina signs in new anti_gay laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2328 — It's only a phase': what not to say to LGBT pupils if they come out
UK-EGAYLITY 2329 — American Idol runner_up says she 'doesn't agree' with LGBT lifestyles
UK-EGAYLITY 2330 — Bruce Springsteen called 'bully' for protesting anti_LGBT law
UK-EGAYLITY 2331 — Bryan Adams cancels Mississippi show over 'extremely discriminatory' anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2332 — LGBTI advocates call for Scott Morrison to withdraw from the ACL conference
UK-EGAYLITY 2333 — There's More To Trent Zimmerman Than Being A Gay Liberal In The House Of Reps
UK-EGAYLITY 2334 — Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert in protest against anti_LGBTI, transgender laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2335 — Health care's response to LGBT community is improving, but still has a ways to go, doctors say
UK-EGAYLITY 2336 — Group says Pope statement not 'joyful' for LGBTs
UK-EGAYLITY 2337 — Pennsylvania governor bars LGBT discrimination in contracts
UK-EGAYLITY 2338 — Seven_year_old supports trans friend with protest against anti_LGBT law
UK-EGAYLITY 2339 — Colombia Legalizes Gay Marriage, Huge Victory for LGBTI Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2340 — Anti_gay Franklin Graham blasts PayPal for pulling out of North Carolina
UK-EGAYLITY 2341 — I counsel LGBTI people and know the personal harm a marriage equality plebiscite will cause
UK-EGAYLITY 2342 — From Auden to Wilde: a roll call of gay talent
UK-EGAYLITY 2343 — UK government launches inquiry into homophobia in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2344 — The UK Just Endangered LGBT Lives by Delaying the Roll_Out of PrEP
UK-EGAYLITY 2345 — Ian McEwan clarifies transgender comments after backlash from LGBT campaigners
UK-EGAYLITY 2346 — Archbishop of Wales apologises for LGBT prejudice
UK-EGAYLITY 2347 — This German politician thinks teaching kids about gay rights will turn the country back to the 1940s ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2348 — 10 of the best LGBT films available on Netflix UK _ From Lilting to Boys
UK-EGAYLITY 2349 — Barrister involved in boyfriend's chemsex death says party drugs are wrecking gay men's lives
UK-EGAYLITY 2350 — Melbourne to host first LGBTIQ Wedding Expo
UK-EGAYLITY 2351 — Ellen DeGeneres speaks out against Mississippi's anti LGBTI Bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2352 — Hong Kong's LGBT community urges FCC to cancel Manny Pacquiao fight viewing
UK-EGAYLITY 2353 — Cyndi Lauper speaks out passionately for homeless LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2354 — Australia's largest gay and lesbian news publication appoints new editor
UK-EGAYLITY 2355 — Born free, killed by hate _ the price of being gay in South Africa
UK-EGAYLITY 2356 — LGBT domestic violence charity “days away from closure”
UK-EGAYLITY 2357 — The brave nurses who supported people who underwent 'gay cures' in post_war Britain
UK-EGAYLITY 2358 — The Gaubert twins celebrate one year of myGwork LGBT recruitment
UK-EGAYLITY 2359 — Backlash continues to build against North Carolina and Mississippi anti_LGBTI laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2360 — Hillary Clinton praises Demi Lovato for 'empowering' LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 2361 — LGBT people less likely to come 'out' in rural areas like Mid Ulster
UK-EGAYLITY 2362 — New York bans official state travel to Mississippi as it passes new anti_gay law
UK-EGAYLITY 2363 — What's behind the wave of anti_LGBT laws sweeping across the USA?
UK-EGAYLITY 2364 — Street harassment of LGBTI people rife, La Trobe University study finds
UK-EGAYLITY 2365 — Accepting the LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2366 — PayPal drops plan for Charlotte expansion due to North Carolina's new anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2367 — Mississippi governor signs anti_LGBTI 'religious freedom' bill into law
UK-EGAYLITY 2368 — How schools and parents can make life better for LGBT kids
UK-EGAYLITY 2369 — Michael Sam slams anti_LGBT law in home state of Missouri
UK-EGAYLITY 2370 — LGBT group condemn homophobic slurs aimed at Cristiano Ronaldo
UK-EGAYLITY 2371 — Scottish party leaders pledge LGBT push in next Parliament
UK-EGAYLITY 2372 — Why Scotland is the best place in the UK to be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2373 — Gay rights group fights Cristiano Ronaldo's case after homophobic abuse from Barcelona
UK-EGAYLITY 2374 — 15 Old_Timey Names for 'Gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 2375 — Kristin Chenoweth and Rosie O'Donnell are a perfect pair in matching ensembles at LGBT charity ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2376 — Any LGBT Dibbers out there?
UK-EGAYLITY 2377 — Wicked composer bans performances in North Carolina over anti_LGBT law
UK-EGAYLITY 2378 — LGBTI group files complaint over homophobic slurs aimed at Cristiano Ronaldo
UK-EGAYLITY 2379 — Russia unhappy diplomats attend LGBTI film fest
UK-EGAYLITY 2380 — Discussing drugs and Sydney's LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2381 — Tunisians accused of homosexual sex are forced to have anal exams
UK-EGAYLITY 2382 — Scottish Labour leader praises Holyrood as 'gayest parliament in the world'
UK-EGAYLITY 2383 — 9 LGBTI celebrities in their 60s who look more amazing than ever
UK-EGAYLITY 2384 — I didn't feel like my identity was acceptable' _ Growing up LGBTI in Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 2385 — North Carolina's federal aid under review due to anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2386 — Coronation Street star: 'I hated myself for being gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 2387 — Son of Simpsons' writer inspires cartoon's gay storyline
UK-EGAYLITY 2388 — James Franco's shocking GAY PORN film King Cobra is being released in April
UK-EGAYLITY 2389 — Smithers will finally come out _ thanks to Simpsons writer's gay son
UK-EGAYLITY 2390 — Canadian PM Justin Trudeau plans to bare all for gay magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 2391 — Carmen's Portrait first LGBTI in National Gallery
UK-EGAYLITY 2392 — Psychiatrists say marriage equality would help LGBTI mental health
UK-EGAYLITY 2393 — Lack of marriage equality causing mental illness in gays
UK-EGAYLITY 2394 — Concern over LGBTI mental health
UK-EGAYLITY 2395 — LGBT Community More Prone To Mental Illness And Psychological Distress
UK-EGAYLITY 2396 — Marriage Equality Debate Harming LGBTI People's Mental Health
UK-EGAYLITY 2397 — Emma Thompson takes a stand against homophobia in Scottish schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2398 — LGBTI Scottish hustings reveals consensus on gender recognition law change
UK-EGAYLITY 2399 — We aren't trying to 'chuck out' gay men from the LGBT movement
UK-EGAYLITY 2400 — Words of Harvey Milk used in powerful video thanking Georgia governor for veto of anti_LGBTI bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2401 — Mississippi Senate passes anti_LGBTI bill after just two hours of debate
UK-EGAYLITY 2402 — LGBT Ugandans Debut Second Edition of Bombastic Magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 2403 — Sweden is getting a rainbow flag postal stamp celebrating LGBTI pride in May
UK-EGAYLITY 2404 — Tom Knight explores the curse of labels in the gay community
UK-EGAYLITY 2405 — James Franco's gay porn drama gets premiere date
UK-EGAYLITY 2406 — Marriage equality creates false sense of security for LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2407 — North Carolina Attorney General won't defend 'shameful' anti_LGBTI law in court
UK-EGAYLITY 2408 — 50_year_old US gay bar closes without warning
UK-EGAYLITY 2409 — Tunisia is jailing men for having gay sex and forcing them to undergo anal exams, human rights ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2410 — Boris Johnson is wrong: British LGBTIs are better off staying in the EU
UK-EGAYLITY 2411 — Emma Thompson joins TIE to call for an end to homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2412 — Young gay Muslim on cost of coming out: "It's crushing that my parents don't accept me"
UK-EGAYLITY 2413 — Rainbow Laces: Kicking homophobia to the kerb
UK-EGAYLITY 2414 — Royal Commission saysAustralia can do much more tocombat LGBTI domestic violence
UK-EGAYLITY 2415 — Support for family, friends of LGBTI individuals
UK-EGAYLITY 2416 — LGBTI homeless youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2417 — Scottish party leaders to take part in LGBTI Question Time
UK-EGAYLITY 2418 — The amazing moment staff at an LGBTI shelter hear it's been saved from immediate closure
UK-EGAYLITY 2419 — All bullying is bad but LGBTI kids cop more of it
UK-EGAYLITY 2420 — Iggy Azalea to lead Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade
UK-EGAYLITY 2421 — Say hello to the UK's first LGBT insurance provider
UK-EGAYLITY 2422 — Green Party's mayoral candidate pledges to save LGBT venues from wrecking balls
UK-EGAYLITY 2423 — Homophobia? Knot Me campaign gets star support
UK-EGAYLITY 2424 — Rainbowlaces campaign looks to kick homophobia out of sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2425 — Michael Sam Sees More Racism In Gay Community Than Homophobia In Black Community
UK-EGAYLITY 2426 — Push to support homeless LGBTI youth after influx at crisis accommodation centres
UK-EGAYLITY 2427 — Mexican players launch campaign against homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2428 — Chinese censors allow trailer for film of gay love story
UK-EGAYLITY 2429 — The Royal Commission into Family Violence report: what it means for LGBTI Victorians
UK-EGAYLITY 2430 — 20 years of political homophobia from the religious right
UK-EGAYLITY 2431 — Over 40% of gay men are unaware they can donate stem cells
UK-EGAYLITY 2432 — The Baseball Coach Who Said "We Kill Gay People" Is Now Attempting To Combat Homophobia In ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2433 — Transphobia, homophobia, ignorance and piss
UK-EGAYLITY 2434 — NHL safety director Patrick Burke running to help end homophobia in sports
UK-EGAYLITY 2435 — When will I stop feeling self_conscious about being gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 2436 — 17 non_white LGBTI celebrities we'd like to see on the cover of a gay magazine
UK-EGAYLITY 2437 — 5 Things to Know About LGBT Issues in Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 2438 — 12 celebrities showing you can be LGBTI and a Christian
UK-EGAYLITY 2439 — Where YOUR taxes are going: Foreign aid for vice girls in Belize and gay rights of Turks
UK-EGAYLITY 2440 — Young People Can Swing EU Vote Just Like Ireland's Gay Marriage Vote, Says Minister
UK-EGAYLITY 2441 — UK_based LGBT 'PinkNews' plots US growth from Berkeley
UK-EGAYLITY 2442 — US governor rejects Georgia bill deemed anti_gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2443 — LGBTI activist facing deportation is released
UK-EGAYLITY 2444 — Parents proud of their LGBTI kids' bravery
UK-EGAYLITY 2445 — North Carolina makes it legal to discriminate against LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 2446 — Georgia Governor will veto 'anti_LGBT' bill that risked massive business boycotts
UK-EGAYLITY 2447 — Gender_neutral housing on campus to expand with LGBT_focused program
UK-EGAYLITY 2448 — Should schools ask students about their sexual orientation to protect LGBT rights?
UK-EGAYLITY 2449 — Lab Theater play looks at lives, experiences of local LGBT youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2450 — Dominicans see LGBT rights advancing with gay US diplomat
UK-EGAYLITY 2451 — LGBT groups file lawsuit against North Carolina over 'Bathroom Bill' for discriminating against ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2452 — Australian States And Territories Respond To LGBT Anti_Bullying Program Changes
UK-EGAYLITY 2453 — Do too many gay characters die on television?
UK-EGAYLITY 2454 — Saudi man arrested for flying rainbow flag not knowing it symbolised LGBT pride
UK-EGAYLITY 2455 — Ecuador Makes Important Strides for LGBTI People
UK-EGAYLITY 2456 — San Francisco Mayor bans employees from travelling to North Carolina after anti_LGBTI law passes
UK-EGAYLITY 2457 — Uganda cleric vows to fight pro_gay lawmakers
UK-EGAYLITY 2458 — IBM condemns North Carolina's anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2459 — Gay Tory columnist condemns Boris Johnson for courting LGBTI voters
UK-EGAYLITY 2460 — Study Raises Concerns For Young LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 2461 — Bookshop Darlinghurst up for sale: New owners sought to take over iconic LGBTI business
UK-EGAYLITY 2462 — Botswana: Court of Appeal Unanimously Recognises Gay Rights Organisation
UK-EGAYLITY 2463 — World Psychiatric Association: 'Stop trying to “cure” gay people and legalize their sex lives'
UK-EGAYLITY 2464 — Backlash against new anti_LGBTI North Carolina law
UK-EGAYLITY 2465 — Rural LGBTI people feel safer in urban areas
UK-EGAYLITY 2466 — Clay Aiken angry about North Carolina's anti_LGBTI law but more upset about voter apathy
UK-EGAYLITY 2467 — Is homophobia a thorny issue for Birmingham Labour Party?
UK-EGAYLITY 2468 — GI Jane who attacked man and woman in Manchester's Gay Village is dismissed from Army
UK-EGAYLITY 2469 — Lesbian asylum seeker told to 'prove' she's gay by handing over naked pictures
UK-EGAYLITY 2470 — The EU is a driving force for LGBTI rights at home and abroad
UK-EGAYLITY 2471 — Media Campaign Launched to Bring LGBT Issues Out of the Shadows
UK-EGAYLITY 2472 — Argentina joins global LGBT rights initiative
UK-EGAYLITY 2473 — LGBTI community in Myanmar continues to struggle for equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2474 — Malawi Catholic Church demands government resumes jailing gays
UK-EGAYLITY 2475 — Why LGBTI Christians should give thanks for Desmond Tutu this Easter
UK-EGAYLITY 2476 — James Franco explains his 'obsession' with gay culture
UK-EGAYLITY 2477 — Gay barrister pleads guilty to buying chemsex drugs that caused boyfriend's death
UK-EGAYLITY 2478 — White gay male reps 'not oppressed enough' to be in LGBT societies, say campaigners
UK-EGAYLITY 2479 — Oxford Street's much_loved LGBTI bookshop is up for sale
UK-EGAYLITY 2480 — It's up to society now to put a stop to LGBTI bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 2481 — Guy Pearce joins cast of Dustin Lance Black's new LGBTI rights drama When We Rise
UK-EGAYLITY 2482 — Trans man's perfect response to North Carolina Governor signing anti_LGBTI law
UK-EGAYLITY 2483 — London Mayor Boris Johnson to LGBTI voters: 'I'm out and I'm proud'
UK-EGAYLITY 2484 — PrEP has changed my life, now all gay and bi men need to fight for it
UK-EGAYLITY 2485 — TIE campaign calls on the SNP to commit to tackling homophobia in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2486 — Human Rights and Homophobia: Interview with Peter Tatchell
UK-EGAYLITY 2487 — Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults are twice as likely to suffer mental health issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2488 — Lesbian, Gay, And Bi Brits Are At Much Higher Risk Of Mental Health Problems, A Big Study Has ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2489 — 7 adorable celebrity couples who prove LGBTI relationships can last
UK-EGAYLITY 2490 — North Carolina lawmakers pass bill that would ban LGBTI rights ordinances
UK-EGAYLITY 2491 — Irish LGBT Youth At Higher Risk Of Self Harm And Suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 2492 — Campaign urges next Commonwealth governments meeting to focus on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2493 — LGBT advocates to attend global HRC summit
UK-EGAYLITY 2494 — Bullies' cruel taunts make LGBT teens feel unsafe on our streets
UK-EGAYLITY 2495 — LGBTI study: 'You still get a lot of negative slurs'
UK-EGAYLITY 2496 — Botswana's highest court tells Government gays have human rights too
UK-EGAYLITY 2497 — Antarctica declared the 'world's first LGBTI friendly continent'
UK-EGAYLITY 2498 — 70% of LGBT teens in Ireland have experienced suicidal thoughts
UK-EGAYLITY 2499 — Obama meets with Cuban LGBT activists
UK-EGAYLITY 2500 — Is Antarctica the world's most LGBT friendly continent?
UK-EGAYLITY 2501 — LGBTI young people 'three times more likely to attempt suicide'
UK-EGAYLITY 2502 — Irish gay and lesbian teens experience "horrifying" bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 2503 — Indonesia region tells beauty parlors to stop employing LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 2504 — Younger gay people twice as likely to self_harm, survey finds
UK-EGAYLITY 2505 — Where do London's mayoral candidates stand on LGBTI issues?
UK-EGAYLITY 2506 — You Can Get Married, But You Still Risk Getting Punched in the Face" _ Being LGBTI in Ireland
UK-EGAYLITY 2507 — Aussies to star in mini_series on gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2508 — Rates of LGBT self harm, suicide are horrific, says McAleese
UK-EGAYLITY 2509 — Virulent anti_gay remarks test Indonesia's moderate image
UK-EGAYLITY 2510 — Steve Grand: 'People love to hate young, good_looking, white gay men'
UK-EGAYLITY 2511 — LGBT teenagers are three times more likely to attempt suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 2512 — LGBTI rights in Myanmar
UK-EGAYLITY 2513 — Rachel Griffiths & Guy Pearce to star in new Hollywood TV series on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2514 — One in three gay teenagers attempts suicide
UK-EGAYLITY 2515 — New Research Shows LGBTI Teenagers Are More Likely To Self_Harm
UK-EGAYLITY 2516 — A non_uniform day to celebrate LGBTIs in UK schools is coming
UK-EGAYLITY 2517 — Sadly, In Football, Being Gay Is Seen As A Weakness'
UK-EGAYLITY 2518 — Half of Europe's doctors think being gay's a disease
UK-EGAYLITY 2519 — Homophobia or behavior issues? Ogden man banned from LDS Institute of Religion
UK-EGAYLITY 2520 — Homophobia claims by same_sex marriage advocates are bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 2521 — One kiss' against bullying and homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2522 — Ukraine LGBT Festival Canceled Following Violent Protests
UK-EGAYLITY 2523 — Gay Canadians face higher rates of mental health issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2524 — Cern laboratory made famous for work on Large Hadron Collider embroiled in homophobia row
UK-EGAYLITY 2525 — Homophobia exposed at the home of the Large Hadron Collider
UK-EGAYLITY 2526 — South Africa Aligns with LGBTI Censorship
UK-EGAYLITY 2527 — Report says LGBTI youth particularly vulnerable to online sexual exploitation
UK-EGAYLITY 2528 — Holyrood's intervention regarding LGBTI rights backfires in Ghana
UK-EGAYLITY 2529 — Homophobic attack on Safe Schools initiative harmful for LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2530 — Antigay Protesters Shut Down Ukraine LGBT Event
UK-EGAYLITY 2531 — Are there too many letters in the LGBTQI acronym?
UK-EGAYLITY 2532 — Ghanaian president confronted over LGBT rights abuses during visit to Scotland
UK-EGAYLITY 2533 — LGBT groups march in New York's St. Patrick's Day parade
UK-EGAYLITY 2534 — Bullying of LGBTI is human rights violation in EU schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2535 — New York City mayor joins in St Patrick's Day parade after ban on LGBTI groups lifted
UK-EGAYLITY 2536 — Malaysia's religious police clamping down on LGBTI Muslims sparks off online debate
UK-EGAYLITY 2537 — Threats made against Ukraine LGBT festival
UK-EGAYLITY 2538 — Holyrood leaders snub Ghana's president due to position on gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2539 — Dominican religious group wants US to remove gay US ambassador
UK-EGAYLITY 2540 — The Latest: Gay activist happy to be in St. Patrick's Parade
UK-EGAYLITY 2541 — The Brutal Consequences of Uganda's Infamous Anti_Gay Law
UK-EGAYLITY 2542 — Ghanaian president's visit to Scotland draws LGBT rights criticism
UK-EGAYLITY 2543 — New index launched to rate sporting bodies on their LGBTI_friendly credentials
UK-EGAYLITY 2544 — First Minister to discuss "gay rights" with Ghanaian President
UK-EGAYLITY 2545 — New York mayor marching in St. Pat's parade after gay rights uproar
UK-EGAYLITY 2546 — Cardinals minor leaguer quit game due to homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2547 — This lesbian hip_hop duo from Cuba fights homophobia with music
UK-EGAYLITY 2548 — The LGBTI Case For A Marriage Equality Plebiscite Doesn't Add Up
UK-EGAYLITY 2549 — LGBTI youth camp launches crowdfunding campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 2550 — LGBTI seniors set to celebrate NSW Seniors festival
UK-EGAYLITY 2551 — Homosexuality still seen as a disease in parts of EU
UK-EGAYLITY 2552 — Health Minister should decide whether gay men can donate blood, court rules
UK-EGAYLITY 2553 — London's next mayor can still do so much for LGBTIs
UK-EGAYLITY 2554 — Botswana gay activists applaud court judgement
UK-EGAYLITY 2555 — Japanese company to offer wedding services for LGBTI tourist couples to Japan
UK-EGAYLITY 2556 — Gay movie banned in Italy by Vatican; becomes box office hit
UK-EGAYLITY 2557 — I'm 20 per cent gay – and I've been banned from kissing
UK-EGAYLITY 2558 — Ted Cruz announces endorsements of more than 30 key Ohio leaders, many of them anti_LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 2559 — Mobile billboard protesting Australia's treatment of gay refugees to tour Parliament House
UK-EGAYLITY 2560 — First trans staffer at the White House appointed LGBT liaison
UK-EGAYLITY 2561 — Sports organisations sign on to reduce homophobia in Aussie sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2562 — Lesbian hip_hop duo from Havana fights homophobia with music
UK-EGAYLITY 2563 — Lesbian love story "Carol" voted best LGBT film of all time
UK-EGAYLITY 2564 — The Kenyan Govt. Couldn't Get Google To Ban This Gay Rights Music Video
UK-EGAYLITY 2565 — BFI Flare Reveals Top 30 LGBT Films Of All Time
UK-EGAYLITY 2566 — Jordan wanted to kill himself as a child because he was gay... now he aims to stop other kids ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2567 — LGBT rights 'a global issue'
UK-EGAYLITY 2568 — Head defends 'gay play' at her primary school and stands up to homophobic comments on social ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2569 — The Vatican's ban on romantic gay drama 'Weekend' appears to have backfired
UK-EGAYLITY 2570 — Malta will use Commonwealth chairmanship to promote LGBTIQ right...
UK-EGAYLITY 2571 — Kansas City, Missouri gets dedicated LGBTI domestic violence support center
UK-EGAYLITY 2572 — Victoria announces 'Australian first' LGBTI Multicultural grants
UK-EGAYLITY 2573 — Police to be given specialist training on LGBTI hate crime
UK-EGAYLITY 2574 — Scotland: 60 police to train for LGBT hate crimes
UK-EGAYLITY 2575 — Youngsters take pride in LGBT month
UK-EGAYLITY 2576 — When governments curtail our freedoms, LGBT people are first in the firing line
UK-EGAYLITY 2577 — Prince William and Kate give support to gay suicide awareness
UK-EGAYLITY 2578 — Fans revolt after gay TV character killed off
UK-EGAYLITY 2579 — Win tickets to BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival world premiere of The Pass
UK-EGAYLITY 2580 — Hounslow raises awareness of hate crime against LGBT
UK-EGAYLITY 2581 — GayFriday celebrates a year of LGBT events in Cheltenham
UK-EGAYLITY 2582 — Gay rights campaign aims to educate schoolteachers and prevent teenagers from feeling ashamed ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2583 — Media retracts inaccurate report on Indonesia's Social Ministry using boiling water to treat LGBT ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2584 — Embracing LGBTI Jews
UK-EGAYLITY 2585 — LGBT spies to be celebrated by US spy agencies
UK-EGAYLITY 2586 — You have to watch this cute gay presenter's video for kids
UK-EGAYLITY 2587 — My fiance told me he was gay _ but that doesn't mean I have to stop loving him'
UK-EGAYLITY 2588 — We're Up For A British LGBT Award And We Need Your Help!
UK-EGAYLITY 2589 — Indonesian LGBTI groups prepare evacuation plans
UK-EGAYLITY 2590 — Shots fired at Berlin's LGBT museum
UK-EGAYLITY 2591 — You'll soon be able to watch Nick Jonas play gay on UK TV
UK-EGAYLITY 2592 — Self_loathing' killer sentenced to life in prison after shooting gay man in the face
UK-EGAYLITY 2593 — Almost at 4000 Signatures and support from Peter Tatchell, STOP_Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2594 — London LGBT Film Festival highlights
UK-EGAYLITY 2595 — For LGBTI Equality, We Must Come Out in Favour of Europe
UK-EGAYLITY 2596 — I needed Safe Schools': Hundreds rally in Melbourne to support LGBTI student program
UK-EGAYLITY 2597 — Teacher REFUSES to apologise after 'homophobic' parents SLAM school for staging 'gay play'
UK-EGAYLITY 2598 — RuPaul: “I sort of carry the torch of the gay movement”
UK-EGAYLITY 2599 — This LGBTI youth's heartbreaking story will shock you
UK-EGAYLITY 2600 — Squeamishness will not solve the problem of homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2601 — US Democrats propose national travel ban on foreign anti_gay officials
UK-EGAYLITY 2602 — National LGBTI Health Alliance rocked by executive director's lack of support for Safe School
UK-EGAYLITY 2603 — EU demands inclusion of LGBTI rights in gender mainstreaming
UK-EGAYLITY 2604 — Toronto gay fathers' horror on learning image of them with baby son is used in anti_gay capaigns
UK-EGAYLITY 2605 — European Parliament demands protection for LGBTI refugees
UK-EGAYLITY 2606 — China's Only Gay Pride Returns For Eighth Year
UK-EGAYLITY 2607 — Thousands sign petition to save gay refugees trapped on Nauru
UK-EGAYLITY 2608 — Indonesian lawmakers considering LGBT propaganda bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2609 — Manny Pacquiao's meeting with Philippine LGBT activists sparks debate within the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 2610 — Chief Minister Andrew Barr tells school children it's OK to be gay, OK to be trans
UK-EGAYLITY 2611 — Professionally Speaking: challenges to achieving equality for LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2612 — Indonesian LGBT groups set up safehouses, hotlines
UK-EGAYLITY 2613 — Inside the Chinese closet: The world of the fake_marriage market for the LGBT community in China
UK-EGAYLITY 2614 — This Is What Domestic Violence Is Like When You're LGBT
UK-EGAYLITY 2615 — Group set out to gather city's LGBT stories for new project
UK-EGAYLITY 2616 — Dustin Lance Black is straight back to work making an LGBT mini_series
UK-EGAYLITY 2617 — What is, and how to do, LGBT History?
UK-EGAYLITY 2618 — Amal Fashanu claims to know of seven gay Premier League players
UK-EGAYLITY 2619 — Why it's essential we tackle homophobia in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2620 — Majority of LGBT travellers wouldn't visit a destination where it's illegal to be gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2621 — The problem with sex education for LGBTI women
UK-EGAYLITY 2622 — Empowering and supporting women within the LGBTI community strengthen us all
UK-EGAYLITY 2623 — Calls for national Human Rights Commissioner for LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2624 — RainbowLaces the latest push to end homophobia in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2625 — It's Still Illegal to Be Gay in 76 Countries Around The World. What Can We Do To Help?
UK-EGAYLITY 2626 — Here's What Happens to Homophobes When They Watch Gay Porn
UK-EGAYLITY 2627 — Churches lobbied for doctrine of gay equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2628 — There's more to being gay than anal penetration
UK-EGAYLITY 2629 — Why it's essential we tackle homophobia in the classroom
UK-EGAYLITY 2630 — LGBT Chamber of Commerce launched in Dominican Republic
UK-EGAYLITY 2631 — Why the Queen believed gay marriage shouldn't be allowed
UK-EGAYLITY 2632 — Gay' case against Christian bakery goes wobbly
UK-EGAYLITY 2633 — John Fashanu's daughter amal : I know 7 gay Prem footballers
UK-EGAYLITY 2634 — Gay couple banned from school prom by assistant principal who then suspends them when they ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2635 — Indonesia discussing anti_LGBTI propaganda law
UK-EGAYLITY 2636 — Mardi Gras Threatened To Ban LGBTI Refugee Activists From Marching If They Protested Bill Shorten
UK-EGAYLITY 2637 — Great Britain pledges £1 million to fight anti_LGBTI bullying in schools
UK-EGAYLITY 2638 — Being a gay man costs you an additional £38000 over the course of your career
UK-EGAYLITY 2639 — Australian PM and opposition leader appear at LGBT parade
UK-EGAYLITY 2640 — Italy gay rights activists rally for universal marriage and adoption rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2641 — Rugby league first sporting code to have a float in Sydney's LGBT Mardi Gras
UK-EGAYLITY 2642 — 8 amazing celebrity moms who are hugely supportive of LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2643 — Scots gay_inclusive rugby clubs campaign for skill over sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 2644 — LGBT community are needed to adopt and foster children
UK-EGAYLITY 2645 — Mardi Gras 2016 makeover: What it takes to prepare for LGBT's night of nights... where some spend ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2646 — LGBT domestic violence charity Broken Rainbow 'won't face closure'
UK-EGAYLITY 2647 — Kicking out homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2648 — Safe Schools program benefitting LGBTI youth, Illawarra youth advocate says
UK-EGAYLITY 2649 — Building starts on Ballan LGBTI village
UK-EGAYLITY 2650 — Education program improving services for LGBTI seniors
UK-EGAYLITY 2651 — China bans LGBTI content on television
UK-EGAYLITY 2652 — Police apologize 38 years after mass arrests at first Sydney gay Mardi Gras
UK-EGAYLITY 2653 — Sixteen gay and lesbian couples will tie the knot in Knysna next month in what has ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2654 — Facebook and IBM explain why LGBTI inclusion is vital to business success
UK-EGAYLITY 2655 — Lifeline improve serices for LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2656 — HBO condemns Pacquiao's 'deplorable' anti_gay comments
UK-EGAYLITY 2657 — Britain's gay lobby joins forces with UKIP on Brexit
UK-EGAYLITY 2658 — World Bank 'won't fund' projects in developing countries that endanger LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 2659 — Real Housewives of Melbourne's Gina Liano talks about her large gay and lesbian fan group
UK-EGAYLITY 2660 — This is what LGBTI Italians are going through to get civil unions
UK-EGAYLITY 2661 — Being Gay in the Workplace: From America to India
UK-EGAYLITY 2662 — In or Out? The housing needs of older LGBT people in Birmingham
UK-EGAYLITY 2663 — Google ignores Kenya's request to ban a gay rights rap video
UK-EGAYLITY 2664 — Gay seniors share their wisdom with the younger generation
UK-EGAYLITY 2665 — Gay people face 'horrible' ordeal of coming out again in aged care
UK-EGAYLITY 2666 — Sydney community meeting to be held over attacks on LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2667 — Safe Schools LGBTI program workers receiving abuse, says union
UK-EGAYLITY 2668 — US envoy promotes LGBTI rights to UN ambassadors with Broadway visit
UK-EGAYLITY 2669 — LGBT advocates from Kyrgyzstan visit DC
UK-EGAYLITY 2670 — Gay Israeli solider's powerful plea for equal rights for military families
UK-EGAYLITY 2671 — Call for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Milton Keynes to adopt
UK-EGAYLITY 2672 — Catholic League urges network to drop gay activist sitcom
UK-EGAYLITY 2673 — Tony Warren dead: Coronation Street creator 'spearheaded' positive portrayals of homosexuality ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2674 — Why I believe British LGBTI rights are in danger today
UK-EGAYLITY 2675 — Trent Zimmerman's maiden speech delivers message of hope for LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2676 — US ambassador takes Russian counterpart to LGBT Broadway musical
UK-EGAYLITY 2677 — Kids Search engine: LGBTI words are "bad words"
UK-EGAYLITY 2678 — LGBTI rue exclusion from survey
UK-EGAYLITY 2679 — Out and Proud group makes LGBTI case for UK to leave EU
UK-EGAYLITY 2680 — Right' to tackle LGBTI bullying: Liberal MP
UK-EGAYLITY 2681 — Anti_gay countries' diplomats dragged to acclaimed lesbian musical
UK-EGAYLITY 2682 — Mary's Fairy Burger For Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
UK-EGAYLITY 2683 — Arsenal and Manchester United fight homophobia by exchanging rainbow laces
UK-EGAYLITY 2684 — Conservative MP hosts reception for LGBTI engineers and allies at House of Commons
UK-EGAYLITY 2685 — The criticism heaped upon Sam Smith by some LGBTI people highlights their own insecurities
UK-EGAYLITY 2686 — LGBT Campaigner Calls for Legal Protections
UK-EGAYLITY 2687 — The new 'Kiddle' search engine for children is homophobia at its most creepy and dangerous
UK-EGAYLITY 2688 — This one graph shows the biggest threat to LGBT rights in Malawi
UK-EGAYLITY 2689 — Tom Daley's partner blasts singer Sam Smith for texting diver in Twitter row over gay Oscar winners
UK-EGAYLITY 2690 — Eddie Redmayne speaks out for homeless LGBT youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2691 — More LGBT foster carers sought by agency
UK-EGAYLITY 2692 — Meet The People Fighting Homophobia And Transphobia In Africa
UK-EGAYLITY 2693 — Tony Abbott says Safe Schools LGBTI program's funding should be 'terminated'
UK-EGAYLITY 2694 — Transgender Fitness Model Aydian Dowling Covers 'Gay Times'
UK-EGAYLITY 2695 — Fairytale Vienna, where the LGBTI community puts a fresh spin on tradition
UK-EGAYLITY 2696 — You need to read this Christian's response to an anti_gay Ugandan Archbishop
UK-EGAYLITY 2697 — Albanian Gays Party to Defeat Isolation
UK-EGAYLITY 2698 — Student expelled from British university for biblical opposition to gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 2699 — 7 openly gay Academy Award winners that aren't Sam Smith following those LGBT 'first' claims at ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2700 — Lancashire's LGBT history mapped out on interactive website
UK-EGAYLITY 2701 — LGBT History Month: How One Bookshop Battled Homophobic Attacks While Supporting The ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2702 — Student is expelled for opposing gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 2703 — Girls' Lena Dunham plays the grown up as Hannah's dad's gay hookup goes wrong
UK-EGAYLITY 2704 — Dustin Lance Black reminds Sam Smith he too is an openly gay Oscar winner in scathing tweet
UK-EGAYLITY 2705 — Football 1 Prejudice 0: Aberdeen set to lead the way as they launch first ever LGBT supporters group
UK-EGAYLITY 2706 — Sam Smith Backtracks Over 'Gay Men' Comments _ But Still Gets His Facts Wrong
UK-EGAYLITY 2707 — Erosion of human rights and rise of homophobia takes gloss off Mardi Gras festivities
UK-EGAYLITY 2708 — Indonesia's largest Islamic group calls on government to criminalize gay sex, activism
UK-EGAYLITY 2709 — Police Scotland most friendly employers for LGBT ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2710 — Burberry and Inditex join global business coalition pushing for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2711 — This gay imam is on a mission to make other LGBTI Muslims feel less alone in the world
UK-EGAYLITY 2712 — Everything you need to know about the controversial LGBT program
UK-EGAYLITY 2713 — Liberal senator Dean Smith asks colleagues to have empathy for LGBTI teens
UK-EGAYLITY 2714 — Gay Star News looks at what is and what has been gay about the Oscars
UK-EGAYLITY 2715 — Why a gay Indian professor's death inspired a film
UK-EGAYLITY 2716 — Malcolm Turnbull urges calm heads over Safe Schools LGBTI program
UK-EGAYLITY 2717 — US criminal justice system disproportionately targets LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2718 — Day after marking first LGBTI rights day, Israel's parliament shoots down six pro_gay bills
UK-EGAYLITY 2719 — MPs 'bravely' demonstrating why the LGBTI anti_bullying program is so important
UK-EGAYLITY 2720 — Limited breakthrough for Italian gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2721 — Caledonian Thebans LGBTI_friendly rugby club to make history
UK-EGAYLITY 2722 — Italy's gay couples win a bitter_sweat victory
UK-EGAYLITY 2723 — UK's oldest gay rugby clubs to face_off in commemorative match
UK-EGAYLITY 2724 — What if you went back to the country you were forced to flee for being gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 2725 — Former gay porn star pleads guilty to raping 14_year_old boy
UK-EGAYLITY 2726 — Homophobia: Live on Broadway
UK-EGAYLITY 2727 — Aligarh', a Fresh Take on Battle Against Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2728 — Beating Bernardi: Responding To The Reactionary Right's Homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2729 — Gay rights pioneers get the apology they deserve
UK-EGAYLITY 2730 — Why LGBT Education Needs to Be on Every School's Agenda
UK-EGAYLITY 2731 — US Centers of Disease Control: 50% of gay African American men at risk of getting HIV
UK-EGAYLITY 2732 — Ugandan LGBT activists fear post_election crackdown
UK-EGAYLITY 2733 — Shamans have cursed the property developers who are killing London's gay saunas
UK-EGAYLITY 2734 — Candidates for Brisbane's upcoming council election respond to LGBTI community survey
UK-EGAYLITY 2735 — Labour Party's new business advisor tops list of LGBTI executives
UK-EGAYLITY 2736 — Did Harper Lee reveal she was gay in To Kill A Mockingbird?
UK-EGAYLITY 2737 — LGBTI people can do more for asylum seekers and refugees: Gillian Triggs
UK-EGAYLITY 2738 — Only one school has quit Safe Schools LGBTI program after parents' objections
UK-EGAYLITY 2739 — NSW Parliament apologises for historical homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2740 — China removes gay teen drama from the internet, sparking furious backlash
UK-EGAYLITY 2741 — Violence in Capitol Hill: is this the end of the line for Seattle's gay neighborhood?
UK-EGAYLITY 2742 — Why gaming's gay male representation needs to change
UK-EGAYLITY 2743 — New York Mets announce Pride Night game for LGBTI fans
UK-EGAYLITY 2744 — Italy PM to drop adoption rights from gay civil unions bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2745 — Sydney Morning Herald apologizes to LGBTI marchers for outing them
UK-EGAYLITY 2746 — Why the first music video about Homosexuality in Kenyan was banned!
UK-EGAYLITY 2747 — Dan Savage blasts Democrats still holding Clinton's past gay marriage stance against her
UK-EGAYLITY 2748 — Safe Schools LGBTI program researchers 'receiving abusive emails' after Christian lobby campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 2749 — Listen to the powerful African gay rights rap anthem they're trying to ban in Kenya
UK-EGAYLITY 2750 — Turnbull orders review of LGBTI Safe Schools program
UK-EGAYLITY 2751 — Germany opens LGBT shelter after number of attacks towards gay refugees rises
UK-EGAYLITY 2752 — LGBT Ugandans explain what love means to them
UK-EGAYLITY 2753 — Tiny theatres tackle big LGBT themes
UK-EGAYLITY 2754 — North Carolina governor threatens to quash Charlotte's LGBTI protections
UK-EGAYLITY 2755 — Malcolm Turnbull calls snap review of Safe Schools LGBTI program
UK-EGAYLITY 2756 — The Travel Industry Needs to Stop Being Scared of Embracing the LGBT Community
UK-EGAYLITY 2757 — British LGBT awards criticised for including Zayn Malik and Zoella in shortlist
UK-EGAYLITY 2758 — Peter Tatchell Defends LGBT Officer Who Called Him 'Transphobic'
UK-EGAYLITY 2759 — Places of Pride map launched by Google to plot LGBTQI special moments
UK-EGAYLITY 2760 — LGBT visitors to US can get married in New York City, no matter what your home country's rules are
UK-EGAYLITY 2761 — What it's like to be a gay man teaching LGBT equality at a Muslim school
UK-EGAYLITY 2762 — LGBTI Labour laments PN reticence in condemning Church's position...
UK-EGAYLITY 2763 — Missouri Catholic archbishop urging parishes to cut ties to Girl Scouts over LGBTI acceptance
UK-EGAYLITY 2764 — Hillary Clinton defends LGBTI rights record: 'I am a 100% supporter'
UK-EGAYLITY 2765 — The ugly rise of anti_LGBT sentiment in Indonesia threatens Bali tourism
UK-EGAYLITY 2766 — Peruvian Police Break Up 'Kisses Against Homophobia' Event With Water Cannons
UK-EGAYLITY 2767 — Anglican Church moves to give full membership to LGBTI congregants
UK-EGAYLITY 2768 — Catholic church defends Manny Pacquiao over anti_gay comments
UK-EGAYLITY 2769 — Gay Nigerian man and lover seen shopping for wedding rings (photos)
UK-EGAYLITY 2770 — Three Welsh MPs in a photo of the most lesbian, gay or bisexual parliamentarians ever pictured ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2771 — WWE wrestler Dave Bautista criticises Manny Pacquiao over anti_gay comments
UK-EGAYLITY 2772 — Gillian Triggs joins 'Australia can do more' LGBTI refugees talk
UK-EGAYLITY 2773 — Gay conversion therapy: Church misses opportunity to build bridges _ Drachma
UK-EGAYLITY 2774 — Michele Davis: We can't rely on parents to inform children on LGBTI issues
UK-EGAYLITY 2775 — Australian bank creates an LGBT_inspired branch for Sydney Mardi Gras
UK-EGAYLITY 2776 — ANZ's bank on Oxford Streetgets 'GAYNZ' makeover
UK-EGAYLITY 2777 — Karalee Katsambanis: Don't teach my kids about LGBTI issues... that's my job
UK-EGAYLITY 2778 — Top Gay Therapist Attacks His Professional Body For “Failing” LGBT People
UK-EGAYLITY 2779 — Calls for people to 'Be the Rainbow' in Cambridge as county council backs LGBT History month
UK-EGAYLITY 2780 — Gays and lesbians of Zimbabwe (1990_)
UK-EGAYLITY 2781 — The European Commission's boat in the Amsterdam Gay Pride parade
UK-EGAYLITY 2782 — This film shines a light on what LGBTI people actually do in bed
UK-EGAYLITY 2783 — An anti_gay campaign accidentally raised $32000 for an LGBT charity event
UK-EGAYLITY 2784 — People Aren't Happy About The British LGBT Awards
UK-EGAYLITY 2785 — Italian senate forced to postpone vote on gay civil unions after Catholic rebellion
UK-EGAYLITY 2786 — Banning homosexuality fosters hate crime and homophobia, says UN report
UK-EGAYLITY 2787 — Anti_gay campaign accidentally raises thousands of pounds for LGBT charity event
UK-EGAYLITY 2788 — What the EOC's anti_discrimination survey means for the future of gay rights in Hong Kong
UK-EGAYLITY 2789 — Anti_gay group accidentally raises thousands of dollars for LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2790 — Beautiful portraits of kids with LGBT parents line Sydney street
UK-EGAYLITY 2791 — Georgia ranked 23rdin Europe for LGBT rights legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 2792 — There is no such thing as a 'gay manual', but I wish I'd had this when I was a child
UK-EGAYLITY 2793 — 13 steps to greater LGBT equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2794 — The Men Who Want To Change LGBT Teacher Training In Scotland
UK-EGAYLITY 2795 — LGBTI training implementation must be be better, say studies
UK-EGAYLITY 2796 — Archbishops' response to LGBTI activist is a 'missed opportunity'
UK-EGAYLITY 2797 — What conservative gay Christians want
UK-EGAYLITY 2798 — Gay people do need specialist travel agencies _ I should know
UK-EGAYLITY 2799 — Tunisian Government urged to decriminalise homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 2800 — LGBTI People Targeted in Ugandan Presidential Election
UK-EGAYLITY 2801 — Gay lawmaker in Pennsylvania drops out of race for seat in US Congress
UK-EGAYLITY 2802 — Team spirt: 5 other awesome gay sports clubs in Sydney you should also know about
UK-EGAYLITY 2803 — ACON Zone will be a one_stop shop for info and resources on LGBTI health and HIV at Fair Day
UK-EGAYLITY 2804 — A personal account of why the Safe Schools Coalition is vital to our LGBTIQ youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2805 — PM told Presbyterians public vote on gay marriage in Australia will be compulsory for all
UK-EGAYLITY 2806 — Christian groups have crossed the line in their attacks on LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2807 — Axed ruling party official claims Zimbabwe government is full of homosexuals
UK-EGAYLITY 2808 — Cameroon gay people plead with Pope to save them from his priests
UK-EGAYLITY 2809 — 10 celebrities who are super proud of their gay brothers and sisters
UK-EGAYLITY 2810 — STOP SAFE Schools Coalition wants to prevent LGBTI youth from attending same_sex formal
UK-EGAYLITY 2811 — Switzerland's Christian Democrats are trying to ban gay marriage by stealth this month
UK-EGAYLITY 2812 — LGBTI community asks govt to honour its rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2813 — Flags for gay_friendly college
UK-EGAYLITY 2814 — New poll suggests Hillary Clinton has got the LGBT vote
UK-EGAYLITY 2815 — 31% Of Donald Trump Supporters Want To Ban Gay People From The United States
UK-EGAYLITY 2816 — LGBT youngsters have support of gay rights campaigner in documentary that combats
UK-EGAYLITY 2817 — Indonesia tells UNDP not to finance LGBT community programmes in largest Muslim country
UK-EGAYLITY 2818 — LGBT history month: The importance of reporting incidents of hate crime
UK-EGAYLITY 2819 — You have to see these incredible LGBTI_themed cakes baked by school pupils
UK-EGAYLITY 2820 — Meet the gay teacher hoping to transform a Muslim_majority school in UK
UK-EGAYLITY 2821 — Boxing champion Pacquiao says gay couples 'worse than animals'
UK-EGAYLITY 2822 — Julianne Moore Talks Gay Rights in Italy: "Having a Family Is a Matter of Human Rights"
UK-EGAYLITY 2823 — Gay rights and same_sex marriage will dominate C of E summer synod
UK-EGAYLITY 2824 — Adidas show their support for the LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 2825 — 7 US Presidents who were rumoured to be gay or bisexual
UK-EGAYLITY 2826 — 12 Years a Slave star: It's harder to be gay than black in Hollywood
UK-EGAYLITY 2827 — Steve Coogan and Paul Rudd to play a married gay couple in new comedy
UK-EGAYLITY 2828 — Could the gay blood ban be scrapped in Luxembourg?
UK-EGAYLITY 2829 — Australian anti_gay marriage groups want hate speech laws 'suspended' for public vote
UK-EGAYLITY 2830 — Plea for equality drive as 'many LGBTI teachers do not feel safe in schools'
UK-EGAYLITY 2831 — Police use water cannons against Peruvian LGBT activists
UK-EGAYLITY 2832 — What's really happening in the Catholic Church on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2833 — We need LGBTI hate crime laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2834 — Corrie babe Faye Brooks tells us about her first ever gay kiss
UK-EGAYLITY 2835 — Christian Lobby: government has met us over gay marriage 'no' campaign
UK-EGAYLITY 2836 — Chiwetel Ejiofor: 'Being gay is harder than being black in Hollywood'
UK-EGAYLITY 2837 — Melbourne clinic expands to provide greater LGBTI health support
UK-EGAYLITY 2838 — Safe Schools report shows young LGBT people proud to stand out
UK-EGAYLITY 2839 — Adidas: LGBTI athletes protected from discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 2840 — Government and schools not doing enough to promote LGBTI equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2841 — Republican compares LGBTI people to pedophiles during anti_discrimination hearing
UK-EGAYLITY 2842 — Jakarta police criticized for shutting down LGBT rights workshop
UK-EGAYLITY 2843 — The EU Says Crimea's LGBT Rights Situation Is Now 'Gravely' Concerning
UK-EGAYLITY 2844 — 43% of LGBTI teachers have faced bullying, finds study
UK-EGAYLITY 2845 — Nearly half of LGBTI teachers suffer bullying, poll finds
UK-EGAYLITY 2846 — Obama praises DeGeneres for her role in helping attitudes shift on LGBTI equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2847 — Louis Smith lashes out at sexuality rumours: 'Yeah I'm gay damn you caught me out'
UK-EGAYLITY 2848 — Malawi's anti_gay law is back in force again
UK-EGAYLITY 2849 — Keegan Hirst Discusses LGBT Inclusion Within Sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2850 — These are our rights': Ghana's LGBT community finally finds Solace
UK-EGAYLITY 2851 — Florida just tried, but failed, to protect LGBT people against discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 2852 — Indonesia bans gay emojis and stickers from messaging apps
UK-EGAYLITY 2853 — Bernie Sanders launches LGBT friendly campaign ad (VIDEO)
UK-EGAYLITY 2854 — Indiana governor stumped by 'yes or no' question on gays getting fired
UK-EGAYLITY 2855 — Former Australian PM got free trip to the US from extreme anti_gay group
UK-EGAYLITY 2856 — Sir Elton John 'not afraid' ahead of meeting with Putin on LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2857 — Grindr is growing up: how the gay dating app became a major digital player
UK-EGAYLITY 2858 — Politician 'lifted' anti_gay marriage speech from Tory MP
UK-EGAYLITY 2859 — Gobierno concerta nueva política pública de comunidad LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 2860 — Meet Sandra Moran, Guatemala's first openly gay Congress member
UK-EGAYLITY 2861 — What is the Chinese media doing right for LGBT people?
UK-EGAYLITY 2862 — Malawi court orders police to resume arrests of LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 2863 — Ian Thorpe to appear at first LGBTI event at Mardi Gras Film Festival
UK-EGAYLITY 2864 — Cannibal who ate gay lover 'with permission' describes 'unique experience'
UK-EGAYLITY 2865 — Facebook reveals more Australians than ever coming out as gay in profiles
UK-EGAYLITY 2866 — Portugal lawmakers overturn veto on gay rights, abortion law
UK-EGAYLITY 2867 — Safe Schools Coalition is more about LGBTI advocacy than making schools safer
UK-EGAYLITY 2868 — Charlotte, North Carolina, to vote on LGBT protections later this month
UK-EGAYLITY 2869 — Six countries making progress on LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2870 — EU is “gravely concerned” about LGBT oppression in Crimea
UK-EGAYLITY 2871 — Study: It doesn't get better for one third of LGBTI youth
UK-EGAYLITY 2872 — Twice as many Australians are coming out as LGBTI on Facebook each day
UK-EGAYLITY 2873 — More Aussies are identifying themselves as LGBTI on Facebook
UK-EGAYLITY 2874 — IBM sponsors Executive Forum in Bangalore to discuss LGBTI inclusion in India
UK-EGAYLITY 2875 — Will Young is taking on the Education Secretary over LGBT mental health
UK-EGAYLITY 2876 — Indonesia Islamic authority calls for prosecution of Muslims who join LGBTI activities
UK-EGAYLITY 2877 — Check_in desk: LGBTI events worth travelling for
UK-EGAYLITY 2878 — Warning over impact of gay marriage vote on LGBTI community
UK-EGAYLITY 2879 — New Outbreak of State Homophobia in Indonesia
UK-EGAYLITY 2880 — Queensland police launches support network for LGBTI
UK-EGAYLITY 2881 — European Parliament 'gravely concerned' about oppression of gays in Crimea
UK-EGAYLITY 2882 — Positive stereotypes of gay men 'can still be damaging', say experts
UK-EGAYLITY 2883 — Victim Of Brutal Gay Bashing Shares Message Of Hope
UK-EGAYLITY 2884 — What Will The Gay Community Look Like In Ten Years?
UK-EGAYLITY 2885 — Malawi: Picture of Gay Malawian Man Goes Viral After Brutal Attack
UK-EGAYLITY 2886 — Which States Still Have Anti_Gay Sex Laws?
UK-EGAYLITY 2887 — Gay man confronts Marco Rubio: “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?”
UK-EGAYLITY 2888 — Portrayal of 'fashionable and witty' gay men on screen could harm self_esteem, researchers claim
UK-EGAYLITY 2889 — Revolutionary new health system requires doctors to get LGBT 'competency' training
UK-EGAYLITY 2890 — New York Governor announces measures to ban LGBT conversion therapy
UK-EGAYLITY 2891 — Electrocution, rape and submersion: 'gay cures' and the fight to end them
UK-EGAYLITY 2892 — Hillary Clinton: LGBTI equality is 'top of my priority list'
UK-EGAYLITY 2893 — Donald Trump on LGBT rights: “I'm going to bring people together”
UK-EGAYLITY 2894 — “I will kill myself”: the gay Syrian refugee couple who could be deported from the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 2895 — We need LGBT_specific domestic violence charities more than ever _ but the only one in the UK is ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2896 — LGBTIs and Christian hate: Welby and the Anglican Church need to pick a side
UK-EGAYLITY 2897 — How to become an LGBTI supermodel like Cara Delevingne (at London's Madame Tussauds, that is)
UK-EGAYLITY 2898 — Where are we now? The global outlook for LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2899 — Gay Rights Advocate Supports Christian Bakery That Refused To Make Gay Marriage Cake
UK-EGAYLITY 2900 — The only national UK LGBT domestic violence charity could close
UK-EGAYLITY 2901 — 20 Things You Get Only If You're A Early Millennial Gay Man
UK-EGAYLITY 2902 — Russian lawyers to debate whether tiger and goat actually promoted 'gay propaganda'
UK-EGAYLITY 2903 — Can you understand the secret language of gay men?
UK-EGAYLITY 2904 — Gay character Johnny Carter to return to Eastenders
UK-EGAYLITY 2905 — Gay Men Left Vulnerable as LGBT Domestic Violence Organization Faces Closure
UK-EGAYLITY 2906 — South Australia Yet to Cancel Gay Couple's 'Never Married' Death Certificate
UK-EGAYLITY 2907 — Michigan passes bill that could 'punish' gay sex with 15 years in prison
UK-EGAYLITY 2908 — I will kill myself”: the gay Syrian refugee couple who could be deported from the UK
UK-EGAYLITY 2909 — Death of British LGBTI activist in Romania treated as suspicious
UK-EGAYLITY 2910 — Donald Trump pledges to 'move forward' LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2911 — The five important LGBT moments in history they don't teach you at school
UK-EGAYLITY 2912 — UK's national LGBT domestic violence charity faces closure
UK-EGAYLITY 2913 — Harlem's most gay_hating church could soon be filled with homeless black LGBTI kids
UK-EGAYLITY 2914 — This is what the LGBTI community are facing in Romania
UK-EGAYLITY 2915 — Hillary Clinton shares emotional letter from gay dads “scared” of Republicans
UK-EGAYLITY 2916 — What is LGBT History Month?
UK-EGAYLITY 2917 — New UN stamp supports gay rights
UK-EGAYLITY 2918 — Gay guy explains why he's supporting anti_gay marriage Donald Trump
UK-EGAYLITY 2919 — What it's like to be young, gay... and homeless
UK-EGAYLITY 2920 — LGBT History Month descends on London to promote equality
UK-EGAYLITY 2921 — Angela Eagle: EU crucial to ending homophobia across the world
UK-EGAYLITY 2922 — Christian, Muslim and Hindu groups insist Supreme Court must NOT make homosexual acts legal ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2923 — Homophobic Duck Dynasty star labels gay marriage 'evil' at Ted Cruz rally
UK-EGAYLITY 2924 — Army vet granted 'honourable' discharge... 60 years after he was fired for being gay
UK-EGAYLITY 2925 — KPMG sponsor initiative to get more LGBT directors on to corporate boards
UK-EGAYLITY 2926 — Children's TV show to feature gay dads for the first time
UK-EGAYLITY 2927 — Gay cake' row halted over legal fears
UK-EGAYLITY 2928 — LGBT football team London Titans partner with Queens Park Rangers to tackle homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 2929 — Gay rights bill aimed at ending discrimination in Indiana scrapped
UK-EGAYLITY 2930 — New Anglican pressure group will campaign for 'full participation' of gay people in Church
UK-EGAYLITY 2931 — Anti_discrimination legislation is crucial to ensure the rights of LGBTI people in Hong Kong
UK-EGAYLITY 2932 — Christians unite to campaign for LGBTI equality in Church of England
UK-EGAYLITY 2933 — 8000 sign petition supporting 'anti_gay' bakers ahead of appeal
UK-EGAYLITY 2934 — Bromsgrove marks LGBT History Month with programme of events
UK-EGAYLITY 2935 — Businesses and athletes unite to combat LGBTI discrimination in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 2936 — San Francisco's tech bros told: quit changing the gayborhood
UK-EGAYLITY 2937 — Rainbow flag raised at town hall to mark start of LGBT history month
UK-EGAYLITY 2938 — 8 Best LGBT Events & Festivals in Europe 2016
UK-EGAYLITY 2939 — LGBT Activist Now Supports Irish Bakery's Right to Refuse to Make Pro_Gay Marriage 'Bert and
UK-EGAYLITY 2940 — Aussie Teen Drama To Bring LGBTI Characters To The Foreground
UK-EGAYLITY 2941 — TPPA 'bad for LGBTI people: don't sign'
UK-EGAYLITY 2942 — Abbott's pandering to gay_hate lunatic fringe is a disgrace
UK-EGAYLITY 2943 — Is Big Gay Day exploiting LGBT charities?
UK-EGAYLITY 2944 — Russia fines gay activist for giving advice to LGBTI teens on social media
UK-EGAYLITY 2945 — India's Supreme Court will reconsider law that criminalizes LGBTQ sexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 2946 — Disabled LGBT people report horrific levels of bullying
UK-EGAYLITY 2947 — One in three pupils believe it's not safe to be openly gay, lesbian or bisexual in school
UK-EGAYLITY 2948 — Irish Prison Service 'has no policies to protect LGBT prisoners'
UK-EGAYLITY 2949 — LGBT rights: 'Happy about SC decision; society needs to change'
UK-EGAYLITY 2950 — The 2016 follow_up to Rollercoaster Tycoon is going to be very gay_friendly
UK-EGAYLITY 2951 — Leading CEOs and business leaders confirmed for new global LGBTI diversity conference
UK-EGAYLITY 2952 — Student Pride: How to make the most of the LGBTI festival's job fair
UK-EGAYLITY 2953 — LGBT history month 2016: Top ten milestones achieved in British history
UK-EGAYLITY 2954 — Disabled LGBT pupils more likely to face bullying at school
UK-EGAYLITY 2955 — India Supreme Court reopens case on decriminalising gay sex
UK-EGAYLITY 2956 — My time as a lesbian mental health nurse shows why we are failing LGBTIs
UK-EGAYLITY 2957 — With Ashers gay cake ruling, judge effectively saying you can have your faith but you can't take it to ...
UK-EGAYLITY 2958 — India's top court to hear final appeal on gay sex ban
UK-EGAYLITY 2959 — Gay people in Burma live secret lives. Will Aung San Suu Kyi liberate them?
UK-EGAYLITY 2960 — Netherlands politician convicted for anti_gay comments
UK-EGAYLITY 2961 — Gemany opens LGBTI refugee shelter
UK-EGAYLITY 2962 — Upbeat view of LGBT_friendly African isle
UK-EGAYLITY 2963 — How the British Empire's gay rights legacy is still killing people to this day
UK-EGAYLITY 2964 — Rainbow flag to be raised to mark start of LGBT history month
UK-EGAYLITY 2965 — LGBT support service records busiest year
UK-EGAYLITY 2966 — Gay cake row bakery owner reveals attacks on business
UK-EGAYLITY 2967 — What I learned on my rocky road to coming out as gay to my Sikh family
UK-EGAYLITY 2968 — Politician lodges motion to make Scotland's workplaces more LGBTI friendly
UK-EGAYLITY 2969 — Nicola Sturgeon hails Scotland's progress as LGBT History Month begins
UK-EGAYLITY 2970 — Australian state to issue apology for historic anti_gay laws
UK-EGAYLITY 2971 — British same_sex marriage laws influence South Australia to change homosexual legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 2972 — Meet the pastor who came out as gay... but won't divorce his wife of 20 years
UK-EGAYLITY 2973 — What gay subset do you belong to?
UK-EGAYLITY 2974 — YouTube stars to kick off Redbridge celebrations for LGBT month
UK-EGAYLITY 2975 — Most diverse' Screen Actors Guild awards dominated by LGBT shows
UK-EGAYLITY 2976 — Manchester 53rd in top 100 LGBT*_friendly workplaces
UK-EGAYLITY 2977 — Harlem hate church could be turned into LGBTI youth homeless center
UK-EGAYLITY 2978 — Holyrood's LGBTI bid gets activist and union support: SNP MSP Kevin Stewart lodges motion
UK-EGAYLITY 2979 — Gay Republicans attack Hillary Clinton 'flip_flop' on equal marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 2980 — Since Mormon church enacted anti_gay policy, 32 young LGBTI people have killed themselves
UK-EGAYLITY 2981 — Gay community to receive formal state apology
UK-EGAYLITY 2982 — The Rights of LGBTI Children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
UK-EGAYLITY 2983 — Davey Wavey makes a case for respecting LGBTI elders
UK-EGAYLITY 2984 — Why religion is the theme of 2016's LGBT History Month
UK-EGAYLITY 2985 — Tyson Fury warned over future comments by British Boxing after homophobia and sexism row
UK-EGAYLITY 2986 — LGBT travel start_up 'expects £1m turnover in first three months of trading'
UK-EGAYLITY 2987 — Vicious cycle of pretence on discrimination of LGBTQ in Singapore
UK-EGAYLITY 2988 — Ellen Page reveals new LGBTI doco series
UK-EGAYLITY 2989 — More work to do on LGBTI training, as project nears end of funding
UK-EGAYLITY 2990 — LGBT community fights against push to have Fred Hollows on $5 bill
UK-EGAYLITY 2991 — US envoy for LGBTI rights to visit Taiwan
UK-EGAYLITY 2992 — Community Shocked By “Disgusting” Sticker Inciting Violence Against Gay Men
UK-EGAYLITY 2993 — Atari releases LGBTI_positive mobile game Pridefest
UK-EGAYLITY 2994 — Ellen Page accuses Hollywood of 'double standard' for LGBTI actors
UK-EGAYLITY 2995 — The founders of Propaganda on the club's closure and the future of HK's gay nightlife scene
UK-EGAYLITY 2996 — LGBTI groups lament the lack of progress on Section 377A
UK-EGAYLITY 2997 — Why do gay people in Georgia not want to legalize same_sex marriage right now?
UK-EGAYLITY 2998 — LGBTI boxing club announces new training dates
UK-EGAYLITY 2999 — 20 of Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi and white boyfriend's couple moments
UK-EGAYLITY 3000 — Gay Syrian refugee's hope of new life tested by Dutch camps
UK-EGAYLITY 3001 — Anti racism movement could learn from LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 3002 — Seeds of hope” for gay rights in Africa, says US LGBT envoy
UK-EGAYLITY 3003 — Whose side is Pope Francis really on: LGBTIs or the haters?
UK-EGAYLITY 3004 — One in six people have seen an anti_gay hate crime in the past year
UK-EGAYLITY 3005 — Ellen Page asks Hollywood why being gay means she can't play a straight person
UK-EGAYLITY 3006 — Ian McKellan says gay actors are also disregarded at the Oscars amid racism controversy
UK-EGAYLITY 3007 — Majority of Hongkongers now support anti_discrimination laws for LGBT people – watchdog
UK-EGAYLITY 3008 — His death made us stronger': Uganda's LGBT groups on David Kato's murder
UK-EGAYLITY 3009 — Indonesian minister says LGBT students should be banned from university
UK-EGAYLITY 3010 — How many British people witnessed a LGBTI hate crime last year?
UK-EGAYLITY 3011 — Ellen Page drops emotional new trailer for LGBTI travel show 'Gaycation'
UK-EGAYLITY 3012 — Oklahoma introduces record 26 anti_gay bills
UK-EGAYLITY 3013 — UK journalist says poppers and lube is 'God's way of telling you gay sex is unnatural'
UK-EGAYLITY 3014 — Ian McKellen says LGBT people are “disregarded” by film industry
UK-EGAYLITY 3015 — Homophobic Legislation Threatens LGBT Community in Belarus
UK-EGAYLITY 3016 — Why I have hope after 30 years of pain for LGBTI Ugandans
UK-EGAYLITY 3017 — Homophobes Are People Too' Campaign Challenges Macedonia's Hostility Toward LGBT People
UK-EGAYLITY 3018 — Study: 91.8% of Hong Kong youth support protection of LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3019 — Malawi warned over 'gays should be killed' comments
UK-EGAYLITY 3020 — LGBT goes to campus: What's
UK-EGAYLITY 3021 — Straight stars pose as gay couples in bid to tackle homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 3022 — Go_ahead for gay weddings as second Bolton church given licence to host same sex marriages
UK-EGAYLITY 3023 — Sir Ian McKellen joins Oscars diversity debate: 'no openly gay actor has won'
UK-EGAYLITY 3024 — LGBTI in the workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 3025 — US special envoy discuss homosexuality in Botswana
UK-EGAYLITY 3026 — A centre for LGBTI refugees in Berlin
UK-EGAYLITY 3027 — Gay and lesbian civil unions are essential for Italy's economy
UK-EGAYLITY 3028 — Mathew Shurpa admits he contemplated suicide during controversial gay 'conversion therapy'
UK-EGAYLITY 3029 — 91.8% of Hong Kong youth support protection of LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3030 — John F Kennedy's gay best friend had his own bedroom in the White House
UK-EGAYLITY 3031 — Gay Bombay: How has India's sexual landscape changed?
UK-EGAYLITY 3032 — Government issues cartoons to 'explain' gay people to refugees
UK-EGAYLITY 3033 — Christian charity head declares gay people are 'the enemy'
UK-EGAYLITY 3034 — Lecturers 'disproportionately likely to be gay', US study suggests
UK-EGAYLITY 3035 — Gay conversion therapy victim Mathew Shurka forbidden from speaking to mum and sisters
UK-EGAYLITY 3036 — Homophobia allegation strikes Italian football
UK-EGAYLITY 3037 — Rallies in Italy for gay civil unions
UK-EGAYLITY 3038 — Mumbai launches India's first LGBT taxi service
UK-EGAYLITY 3039 — Cricket club accused of homophobia after making a Twitter comment about TV weatherman Sean ...
UK-EGAYLITY 3040 — 'Progress has been made over gay police but I'm not naive'
UK-EGAYLITY 3041 — RuPaul to host new trivia game show Gay For Play
UK-EGAYLITY 3042 — Gay man lifts lid on controversial 'conversion' therapy designed to make him straight
UK-EGAYLITY 3043 — Indonesia minister wants LGBTI students banned from university
UK-EGAYLITY 3044 — Viewers storm out of Daniel Radcliffe's new 'farting corpse' movie featuring gay kiss
UK-EGAYLITY 3045 — The Gay Man Who Saved A Man With His Bone Marrow
UK-EGAYLITY 3046 — Woman filmed hurling racist abuse says her drink was spiked in Gay Village
UK-EGAYLITY 3047 — Global business at Davos told to challenge LGBTI discrimination
UK-EGAYLITY 3048 — Challenging homophobia on stage
UK-EGAYLITY 3049 — UN rights office tells Malawi: halt 'worse than dogs' anti_gay rhetoric
UK-EGAYLITY 3050 — Welsh clubs join forces in campaign aiming to tackle homophobia in football
UK-EGAYLITY 3051 — Gay Jamaicans considering migration to escape harassment
UK-EGAYLITY 3052 — Russia LGBTI activist fined 100000 rubles for spreading gay 'propaganda'
UK-EGAYLITY 3053 — Rainbow Media Awards Recognizes Professionals Championing LGBT Rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3054 — Three in four LGBTI people want to flee Jamaica due to homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 3055 — EU project to increase LGBTI awareness in the north
UK-EGAYLITY 3056 — European Parliament urges member states to speak out on LGBTI rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3057 — Accenture, Barclays, Microsoft and Tesco join global coalition pushing for LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3058 — New foundation launched to support LGBT athletes
UK-EGAYLITY 3059 — London Spy Is a Gay Twist on a Well_Worn Genre
UK-EGAYLITY 3060 — Nintendo removes 'gay conversion' scene from Fire Emblem Fates
UK-EGAYLITY 3061 — Former Botswana president speaks in support of LGBT rights
UK-EGAYLITY 3062 — More Civil Society Groups join court case against Kenneth Msonda's 'Kill Gays' rants
UK-EGAYLITY 3063 — Homophobia in sport
UK-EGAYLITY 3064 — School shielded student's documentary about homophobia from families at arts night
UK-EGAYLITY 3065 — Gay rights group demands Sarri 'homophobia' sanction
UK-EGAYLITY 3066 — Are you being bullied at work for being LGBTI?
UK-EGAYLITY 3067 — MI5 named Britain's most LGBT_friendly employer
UK-EGAYLITY 3068 — Gay man who died on honeymoon in Australia will have marriage recognised
UK-EGAYLITY 3069 — First LGBT member of Guatemala Congress takes office
UK-EGAYLITY 3070 — Justin Koonin talks LGBTI rights at Freedom2Be
UK-EGAYLITY 3071 — Sports Equality Foundation launched to help LGBTI athletes come out
UK-EGAYLITY 3072 — Queensland Government meets with LGBTI community in roundtable discussion
UK-EGAYLITY 3073 — India's first LGBTI taxi service launched
UK-EGAYLITY 3074 — Western aid to Malawi not dependent on gay rights _ US
UK-EGAYLITY 3075 — M15 named best employer for promoting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender diversity
UK-EGAYLITY 3076 — Joe Biden tells business world at Davos: Do more for LGBT rights globally
UK-EGAYLITY 3077 — Clinton receives endorsement from largest LGBT organization
UK-EGAYLITY 3078 — Prominent Indiana business leader criticizes Mike Pence for doing little to help LGBT Hoosiers
UK-EGAYLITY 3079 — 10 celebrities with LGBTI kids
UK-EGAYLITY 3080 — Mancini accuses Sarri of racism and homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 3081 — Russian parliamentary committee opposes anti_gay bill
UK-EGAYLITY 3082 — A church in Australia is asking your forgiveness for Anglicanism's failure of LGBTI people
UK-EGAYLITY 3083 — Montana governor signs executive order protecting LGBTI state employees
UK-EGAYLITY 3084 — Idris Elba is fighting for more well_rounded LGBTI characters on TV
UK-EGAYLITY 3085 — First LGBTI community and Queensland government roundtable in five years returns
UK-EGAYLITY 3086 — The largest LGBTI rights group in the US is backing Hillary Clinton for president
UK-EGAYLITY 3087 — Academy President calls for the Oscars to nominate more LGBTI actors, films
UK-EGAYLITY 3088 — Global LGBTI rights to be discussed at Davos 2016
UK-EGAYLITY 3089 — Berlin to open first German shelter for LGBTI refugees
UK-EGAYLITY 3090 — Alliance Review of National LGBTI AAC Strategy Implementation
UK-EGAYLITY 3091 — Britain's concentration camps for gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 3092 — What would Martin Luther King Jr think of the gay rights movement?
UK-EGAYLITY 3093 — Gay couples in Russia could face jail for holding hands or kissing in public
UK-EGAYLITY 3094 — Which one's the guy and which one's the girl?” – The ridiculous questions gay couples are asked
UK-EGAYLITY 3095 — MI5 named UK's most gay_friendly employer after survey
UK-EGAYLITY 3096 — Spy agency is the most gay_friendly employer in Britain
UK-EGAYLITY 3097 — Canada LGBTI community upset by jewelry shop sign in Newfoundland
UK-EGAYLITY 3098 — US gay rights envoy to visit Malawi
UK-EGAYLITY 3099 — YouTuber Calum McSwiggan made porn videos after being fired 'for being gay'
UK-EGAYLITY 3100 — Justin Welby apologises to the LGBT community for the hurt caused by the church
UK-EGAYLITY 3101 — Midsumma Festival: 'Long way to go' for equality as Melbourne's annual LGBTI event kicks off
UK-EGAYLITY 3102 — Obama: My daughters' attitude to LGBTI people 'gives me hope'
UK-EGAYLITY 3103 — Taiwan elects pro LGBTI rights President.
UK-EGAYLITY 3104 — A Republican co_sponsoring a bill on LGBTI protections? It has happened
UK-EGAYLITY 3105 — Gay Christians protest outside primates press conference
UK-EGAYLITY 3106 — Jamaica is failing its LGBT youth
UK-EGAYLITY 3107 — LGBTI tourism in Australia gets a rebrand
UK-EGAYLITY 3108 — Giving healthy gay men HIV drugs 'could help reverse epidemic'
UK-EGAYLITY 3109 — 14 Things Gay Men Did That Prove They Are Years Ahead Of Their Time
UK-EGAYLITY 3110 — Shock as Anglican Communion punishes US church for acceptance of gays
UK-EGAYLITY 3111 — Play shines a light on the plights of LGBTI asylum seekers
UK-EGAYLITY 3112 — Homophobia: South African girl beaten, raped, murdered for being a lesbian
UK-EGAYLITY 3113 — Dear Coleen: After 19 years together, my partner said she was gay and left me
UK-EGAYLITY 3114 — Pence backing religious freedom in LGBT rights debate
UK-EGAYLITY 3115 — Britain's Parliament might be the most LGBT in the world
UK-EGAYLITY 3116 — MSPs reject bid to make LGBT teaching statutory
UK-EGAYLITY 3117 — Russia wants to ban public displays of affection among gay men
UK-EGAYLITY 3118 — Gay and straight men watch each other's porn, and it is not what they expected
UK-EGAYLITY 3119 — Archbishops “treated like children” in meeting over homosexuality
UK-EGAYLITY 3120 — Australia's largest LGBTI sports festival returns to Melbourne
UK-EGAYLITY 3121 — Med center serves as leader in LGBTQI healthcare
UK-EGAYLITY 3122 — Teen Wolf star, Charlie Carver reveals he's gay in emotional Instagram post!
UK-EGAYLITY 3123 — Has The Scottish Parliament Fails LGBT Children?
UK-EGAYLITY 3124 — Why does it matter if David Mundell MP is gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 3125 — Man sued for calling friend homosexual
UK-EGAYLITY 3126 — Anti_gay armed forces laws set to be officially removed
UK-EGAYLITY 3127 — Brighton College headteacher calls on schools to fight homophobia
UK-EGAYLITY 3128 — The end of 'gaytrification': are gay villages becoming a thing of the past?
UK-EGAYLITY 3129 — Better late than never: LGBT advocates embrace Obama's presidential evolution
UK-EGAYLITY 3130 — Giving LGBTI people in regional Australia a voice
UK-EGAYLITY 3131 — Charity for older LGBTI people has short_term future secured by £0.5million lottery cash
UK-EGAYLITY 3132 — Stonewall Housing to investigate how the older LGBT community live
UK-EGAYLITY 3133 — Can you be LGBT and Catholic? This documentary investigates
UK-EGAYLITY 3134 — Sadiq Khan says London's LGBT hate crime record is “badge of shame”
UK-EGAYLITY 3135 — Indiana Attorney General: It is 'doubly inappropriate' to say if pro_gay laws are consitutional
UK-EGAYLITY 3136 — Ben Carson: Gay people 'perhaps are abnormal'
UK-EGAYLITY 3137 — Fiji Prime Minister accused of criminal action against LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 3138 — 'People who are gay are also the children of God'
UK-EGAYLITY 3139 — Top 5 LGBT activities to do in Puerto Rico
UK-EGAYLITY 3140 — Teen Wolf' Star Charlie Carver Thanks Fans For Support After Coming Out As Gay
UK-EGAYLITY 3141 — LGBTI teens are 'too young to know' what they're talking about
UK-EGAYLITY 3142 — This Christian father has a wonderful message for parents of LGBTI kids
UK-EGAYLITY 3143 — Pope Francis urges Catholics to accept LGBT people in new book
UK-EGAYLITY 3144 — Fiji PM said to have breached law over anti_gay marriage
UK-EGAYLITY 3145 — Pilot of Aussie gay teen drama 'Subject to Change' launched on YouTube
UK-EGAYLITY 3146 — Actor blurred out of China state TV show for LGBTI_related Facebook post
UK-EGAYLITY 3147 — LGBT sex education “rapes children of their innocence,” according to an Omaha parent
UK-EGAYLITY 3148 — David Bowie: How the glam rock artist became an LGBT icon
UK-EGAYLITY 3149 — Gay Marriage Lawsuit In China Signals Possible Change On Horizon
UK-EGAYLITY 3150 — LGBTI+ activist to stand for place in Scottish Parliament
UK-EGAYLITY 3151 — Archbishop says church split over homosexuality would be a “failure”
UK-EGAYLITY 3152 — Born that way' may not be best way to reduce homophobia: Study
UK-EGAYLITY 3153 — Little girls and boys should be allowed to see gay kisses on kids' TV
UK-EGAYLITY 3154 — Homosexuality, should it be illegal?
UK-EGAYLITY 3155 — Church must repent for 'treating gays like second_class citizens'
UK-EGAYLITY 3156 — America to face storm of anti_LGBT legislation
UK-EGAYLITY 3157 — Senior Anglicans urge repentance on treatment of gay Christians
UK-EGAYLITY 3158 — A surprising number of straight men admit to having gay sex
UK-EGAYLITY 3159 — Senior Christians asks church for better treatment of LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 3160 — Stars call for British public to nominate their favorite LGBTI personalities
UK-EGAYLITY 3161 — Plymouth's largest LGBT group prepare for busy 2016 with fundraising auction
UK-EGAYLITY 3162 — 5 blockbuster gay hot spots for 2016 (that aren't London, Sydney or NYC)
UK-EGAYLITY 3163 — Gay Syrian refugee now helps others escape ISIS
UK-EGAYLITY 3164 — Fiji PM's gay marriage comments shock
UK-EGAYLITY 3165 — Hillary Clinton says therapy to turn gay kids straight must be banned
UK-EGAYLITY 3166 — LGBT activists slam Aussie airport fake penis pat_down
UK-EGAYLITY 3167 — India PhD student claims secret gay network helps LGBTI students cheat in exams
UK-EGAYLITY 3168 — How One Lesbian Teacher Educates Kids About LGBT People
UK-EGAYLITY 3169 — Twitter's new policy to block LGBTQ bullies
UK-EGAYLITY 3170 — Antigay group proposes boycotting Allstate ad starring two gay dads
UK-EGAYLITY 3171 — Pride School Atlanta to open for LGBT students bullied in mainstream education
UK-EGAYLITY 3172 — EU chiefs backtrack on citizens' petitions after alarm at anti_gay marriage proposal
UK-EGAYLITY 3173 — Star Wars 7's John Boyega says gay romance exists 'in Oscar Isaac's head'
UK-EGAYLITY 3174 — Twitter clamps down on homophobia and abuse
UK-EGAYLITY 3175 — Gay men touch boobs for the first time – with hilarious results
UK-EGAYLITY 3176 — Same_sex marriage: Gay Chinese man launches legal bid for right to marry in landmark case
UK-EGAYLITY 3177 — LGBT activist from Cumbernauld seeking Holyrood seat
UK-EGAYLITY 3178 — There are still 8 US states that ban discussion of gay issues in school
UK-EGAYLITY 3179 — Worry Not, Qiliho Tells LGBTIs
UK-EGAYLITY 3180 — Celebrity Big Brother': Winston McKenzie Homophobia Row Addressed By Emma Willis And Rylan ...
UK-EGAYLITY 3181 — Presidential hopeful 'would consider' banning gay people from military again
UK-EGAYLITY 3182 — Londoner sets up gay_friendly tour firm after too many 'awkward experiences'
UK-EGAYLITY 3183 — Bria And Chrissy video shows what happens when gay men touch boobs for the first time
UK-EGAYLITY 3184 — Gay Nigerian Hiding In UK Fears Death After Deportation
UK-EGAYLITY 3185 — Chris Gayle: more sexism claims after Mel McLaughlin row
UK-EGAYLITY 3186 — At least 25 people murdered because Isis thought they were gay
UK-EGAYLITY 3187 — Britain censors gay cartoon
UK-EGAYLITY 3188 — Tunisian Government suspends LGBT rights group
UK-EGAYLITY 3189 — Malawi politician could face arrest over call to kill gays
UK-EGAYLITY 3190 — US's oldest LGBTI business guild honors Key West retailer
UK-EGAYLITY 3191 — Addressing LGBTI in the workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 3192 — Meet the gay tech entrepreneurs that Forbes just tipped as names to watch
UK-EGAYLITY 3193 — Gay asylum seeker fears for his life if forced to return to Nigeria
UK-EGAYLITY 3194 — London's LGBT_friendly 'Open Barbers' needs help to find a new venue
UK-EGAYLITY 3195 — Anti_LGBT radio host: There's nowhere left to shop because everywhere is pro_gay
UK-EGAYLITY 3196 — First meeting of LGBT youth group in Cookstown
UK-EGAYLITY 3197 — Former homophobe' would be happy for a gay person to teach his kids
UK-EGAYLITY 3198 — Utah judge retires after criticism in gay foster parent case
UK-EGAYLITY 3199 — Hawaii throws surprise wedding for gay military veterans
UK-EGAYLITY 3200 — ISIS throw teen off roof for being gay but the chief who raped him is let off
UK-EGAYLITY 3201 — Black lesbian activist Phyll Opoku_Gyimah turns down MBE in protest at LGBT persecution by ...
UK-EGAYLITY 3202 — Hear about LGBTI in the workplace
UK-EGAYLITY 3203 — A Delhi_based LGBTI charity is launching India's first transgender modelling agency
UK-EGAYLITY 3204 — Malawi Law Society slam Msonda's 'kill the gays' remarks: Police asked to act on hate speech
UK-EGAYLITY 3205 — James Blunt: 'To call me gay is a compliment'
UK-EGAYLITY 3206 — Meet the amazing LGBT women who defined 2015
UK-EGAYLITY 3207 — This is how Google portrays LGBT people
UK-EGAYLITY 3208 — YouTubers dissect 2015's best LGBT moments
UK-EGAYLITY 3209 — Best LGBT nonfiction, 2015
UK-EGAYLITY 3210 — Gay_straight alliances needed in all schools
UK-EGAYLITY 3211 — Star Wars hero Poe Dameron: is Disney brave enough to make him gay?
UK-EGAYLITY 3212 — Celebrity support for first UK LGBT clothing brand
UK-EGAYLITY 3213 — Are bisexual people being excluded by both gay and straight people?
UK-EGAYLITY 3214 — Labour's gay marriage 'attack ad' electoral desperation, says Sinn Fein
UK-EGAYLITY 3215 — North East charity reveals personal stories of abuse suffered by LGBT community
UK-EGAYLITY 3216 — I will be killed if I return to Nigeria, says gay asylum seeker living in Sunderland
UK-EGAYLITY 3217 — ISIS throw 15_year_old teenager off a roof for being gay but the terror chief who raped him is let off
UK-EGAYLITY 3218 — Advertising watchdog defends gay hook_up ads at train stations
UK-EGAYLITY 3219 — Arrow star Colton Haynes 'comes out as gay' on Tumblr after 'secret gay past' revealed
UK-EGAYLITY 3220 — 15_Year_Old Boy Executed For "Gay" Relationship With ISIS Officer
UK-EGAYLITY 3221 — Malawi gay man comes out: 'Either kill gays or give us rights'
UK-EGAYLITY 3222 — Hong Kong gov't releases 'disappointing' report on LGBTI discrimination