Poverty 0001 — Is 2017 the year Scotland will make poverty history?
Poverty 0002 — Ethnic minorities 'suffer higher unemployment despite good school performance'
Poverty 0003 — Action call as child poverty is still rising
Poverty 0004 — Child poverty and university funding
Poverty 0005 — The government must not give up on eliminating child poverty
Poverty 0006 — Labour peer slammed over happiness study that says poverty not as important as failed relationships
Poverty 0007 — Priti Patel is wrong: mass migration is a sign of rising prosperity, not poverty
Poverty 0008 — Overwhelming' support for plans to cut Scottish child poverty to 10% or less
Poverty 0009 — People Can Suffer in Any Country': Brits Now More at Risk of Poverty Than Poles
Poverty 0010 — The government's indifference to child poverty
Poverty 0011 — Nearly 4 million children living in poverty in the UK
Poverty 0012 — New study reveals tackling mental health problems would 'reduce misery' more than solving poverty
Poverty 0013 — Examining The Poverty Situation In Liverpool
Poverty 0014 — Housing crisis fuels workers' poverty
Poverty 0015 — The housing poverty trap means work doesn't pay
Poverty 0016 — Number of workers living in poverty hits a record high
Poverty 0017 — Seven million UK workers living in poverty
Poverty 0018 — In work poverty hits record high as the housing crisis fuels insecurity
Poverty 0019 — Poverty in working households at 'record high' levels
Poverty 0020 — A third of children in Liverpool are living in poverty
Poverty 0021 — Paying people to climb out of poverty would work if billionaires get involved
Poverty 0022 — Battles to end poverty, inequality will falter in Trump era, experts predi...
Poverty 0023 — More people are going hungry': tackling food poverty in the UK
Poverty 0024 — UK fuel poverty to last a lifetime, report says
Poverty 0025 — What happened to Britain's slum children? Documentary revisits poverty_stricken youngsters from ...
Poverty 0026 — UK misses out on £45 billion due to youth unemployment record
Poverty 0027 — Unemployment falls to lowest level for 11 years
Poverty 0028 — Almost a quarter of children in Bexley are living in poverty, charities say
Poverty 0029 — Australia's child poverty 'national shame'
Poverty 0030 — Greg Wright: Child poverty is a criminal waste of human potential
Poverty 0031 — Over 200000 children growing up 'in poverty' in Scotland
Poverty 0032 — Blackpool is among the worst levels of child poverty in Lancashire
Poverty 0033 — Shock child poverty figures highlight scale of problem in Highlands
Poverty 0034 — The number of children living in poverty in Cambridge
Poverty 0035 — How bad is childhood poverty in your neighbourhood? Use our interactive tool to find out
Poverty 0036 — Over 16000 children living in poverty in the borough
Poverty 0037 — Professor Green lands two new documentaries investigating the cannabis trade and child poverty
Poverty 0038 — Child poverty most prevalent in cities
Poverty 0039 — Brexit could leave rural areas facing deep poverty': Nearly a quarter of all people in Wales now ...
Poverty 0040 — A generation of UK children will suffer in poverty. Suddenly that's normal
Poverty 0041 — 4340 kids are living in poverty in Inverclyde
Poverty 0042 — Benefits freeze contributes to child poverty
Poverty 0043 — 24% of children in Northern Ireland 'living in poverty'
Poverty 0044 — Benefit cap will leave tens of thousands more children in poverty in 'monstrous new assault' on ...
Poverty 0045 — Can we solve UK poverty?
Poverty 0046 — More children in Bristol are living in poverty now than there were during the recession
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Poverty 0052 — We must act on this cycle of poverty
Poverty 0053 — Glasgow has higher rate of single parents in poverty
Poverty 0054 — Poverty and decision_making: How behavioural science can improve opportunity in the UK
Poverty 0055 — Knowing and doing: fighting UK poverty
Poverty 0056 — Call for action to end Glasgow's poverty shame
Poverty 0057 — Poverty in Australia 2016 report reveals 730k Australian children live in squalor
Poverty 0058 — To curb deaths from disasters, end poverty
Poverty 0059 — Poverty doubles women's risk of heart disease with higher rates of smoking and obesity more ...
Poverty 0060 — If we're serious about tackling crime, we need to tackle poverty'
Poverty 0061 — Solving poverty: the promise of inclusive growth?
Poverty 0062 — Welsh Government's anti_poverty scheme scrapped
Poverty 0063 — New data on poverty in the UK reveals mass pauperisation
Poverty 0064 — New research into low wage poverty
Poverty 0065 — Black South Africans hit out at suggestion rise in white poverty means 'now there is equality'
Poverty 0066 — Minorities move to the suburbs and so does poverty
Poverty 0067 — Children suffer most from extreme poverty
Poverty 0068 — World Bank claims 2030 poverty goal hindered by inequality
Poverty 0069 — Tackling poverty head on with a support programme to help people back into work
Poverty 0070 — Number of children living in poverty has soared by 250000 under Tory government
Poverty 0071 — Prepare to be surprised': Public meeting to discuss problem of food poverty in Banbridge
Poverty 0072 — How can housing end poverty?
Poverty 0073 — It's time to get serious on child poverty
Poverty 0074 — Fatboy Slim to play Oxjam gig in bid to help fight global poverty
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Poverty 0076 — The arguments against scrapping Wales' flagship anti_poverty programme
Poverty 0077 — Drug resistance in people and animals may push millions into poverty
Poverty 0078 — Why we need everyone to back Share Your Lunch and end food poverty
Poverty 0079 — Children's cafeterias' combat poverty, neglect in Japan
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Poverty 0081 — CSP speaks out on post Brexit workers' rights and the link between poverty and ...
Poverty 0082 — Tackling poverty before independence: that's something all Scots can celebrate
Poverty 0083 — Call to end “absolutely heartbreaking” child poverty
Poverty 0084 — Education is the key to bringing communities out of poverty
Poverty 0085 — Film stars added to anti_poverty concert billing
Poverty 0086 — £20m social investment to fight poverty for 'Brexit children'
Poverty 0087 — May told to boost life chances and tackle poverty
Poverty 0088 — We can solve poverty in the UK
Poverty 0089 — Five steps to end the 'social evil' of poverty for Brexit children
Poverty 0090 — Want to beat poverty? Then look at it differently
Poverty 0091 — Domestic abuse and child poverty Bills among package of legislation unveiled by SNP
Poverty 0092 — Wake_up calls in poverty studies
Poverty 0093 — Government urged to put more effort into alleviating poverty
Poverty 0094 — We can eradicate poverty in Britain – if we choose to, that is
Poverty 0095 — Children starting school could be lifted out of poverty by the time they are adults _ if government ...
Poverty 0096 — Fuel poverty to hit 100000 Scots this winter despite Sturgeon's promise to end misery
Poverty 0097 — Unflinching portraits of poverty show the shocking scale of Manchester's housing crisis in the 60s ...
Poverty 0098 — Ending poverty need not be a utopian dream
Poverty 0099 — Food poverty 'leaves one in 25 too hard_up to feed themselves'
Poverty 0100 — High rate of youth unemployment a legacy of poor standards in Bradford schools says training boss
Poverty 0101 — Many people are living in fuel poverty.
Poverty 0102 — Action calls over fuel poverty shame as ministers admit promise to wipe it out has failed
Poverty 0103 — The Real Junk Food Project: Tackling hunger and poverty with food waste
Poverty 0104 — Death, poverty and a divided people — all thanks to 1916
Poverty 0105 — Shocking photos show the poverty of 1960s Birmingham slums
Poverty 0106 — A story of Glasgow's Govanhill and its 1960s_style poverty
Poverty 0107 — The gender pay gap means that more women will be in poverty later in life – but there is something ...
Poverty 0108 — Tackling Child Poverty in Scotland
Poverty 0109 — Uganda's trans community turn to wine production and farming in bid to escape poverty
Poverty 0110 — Using toxic waste to reduce poverty and save lives
Poverty 0111 — Artificial intelligence can find, map poverty, researchers say
Poverty 0112 — 1 in 4 working age disabled people live in 'deep poverty', report finds
Poverty 0113 — Want social justice, Theresa May? Break the link between disability and poverty
Poverty 0114 — Minorities in Scotland 'more likely to experience poverty'
Poverty 0115 — Let's help end the misery of food poverty _ ECHO campaign is launched today
Poverty 0116 — Poverty campaigners reveal why 1 in 3 is out of work
Poverty 0117 — New Zealand's most shameful secret: 'We have normalised child poverty'
Poverty 0118 — A Quarter of British children are heading into poverty
Poverty 0119 — What does it really mean to be in poverty?
Poverty 0120 — Brexit may hamper child poverty fight says commissioner
Poverty 0121 — Half of people living in poverty in UK affected by disability'
Poverty 0122 — Scottish Government set ambitious new targets to tackle child poverty
Poverty 0123 — Growing poverty leads to vast increase in UK food bank demand
Poverty 0124 — We will increase family incomes and cut child poverty by 2030, says government
Poverty 0125 — Scottish government reveals vision to end child poverty
Poverty 0126 — Pre_pay energy meter cap not enough, says Christians Against Poverty
Poverty 0127 — More than half a million living in poverty in Greater Manchester, report reveals
Poverty 0128 — Here's how much poverty costs British schools, hospitals and police
Poverty 0129 — Most of children's services budgets spent on poverty_related problems
Poverty 0130 — Impact of poverty costs the UK £78bn a year, says report
Poverty 0131 — Scandal of food and fuel poverty in 2016 shames but no longer shocks Scotland
Poverty 0132 — Poverty now, later or both? The terrible choice facing 2.4m Brits and how to beat it
Poverty 0133 — UK families struggle with rising child poverty
Poverty 0134 — Without a radical overhaul of transport, UK suburbs face poverty
Poverty 0135 — Jeremy Corbyn's campaign T_shirts made by poverty_stricken Bangladeshi workers
Poverty 0136 — In_work poverty is the real crisis facing Theresa May
Poverty 0137 — Helping Those Living In Poverty To Help Themselves
Poverty 0138 — Reducing child poverty cannot afford to wait
Poverty 0139 — Tackling child poverty to be written into Scottish law
Poverty 0140 — Poverty_stricken Venezuelans stream across border into Colombia for food and medicine
Poverty 0141 — Banker donated chauffeur to Iain Duncan Smith before his speech on poverty during Brexit campaign
Poverty 0142 — What Brexit means for...child poverty
Poverty 0143 — Germany, UK only rich nations reaching towards UN goals to end poverty, inequality
Poverty 0144 — Ranking shows rich nations not leading way to end poverty, inequality
Poverty 0145 — Is Scotland in danger of accepting extreme poverty as the norm?
Poverty 0146 — More people falling into severe poverty 'due to failing social security system'
Poverty 0147 — People Are Learning English to Exit Poverty
Poverty 0148 — Child poverty has disgraced Birmingham for more than 100 years says councillor
Poverty 0149 — Women more likely than men to face poverty during retirement
Poverty 0150 — One in three Hartlepool children living in poverty: Study finds thousands in hardship
Poverty 0151 — UK to aid girls who miss school because of child marriage, pregnancy or poverty
Poverty 0152 — Tackling Poverty Can Heal the UK and Protect Our Standing in a Post_Brexit World
Poverty 0153 — Suburban families are trapped in poverty as benefit claims rise and job opportunities dwindle
Poverty 0154 — Free lunches plan at playschemes in Buckley amid poverty concerns
Poverty 0155 — Number living in relative poverty rises for first time in nearly ten years
Poverty 0156 — Child poverty rises by 200000 on previous year, official figures show
Poverty 0157 — Europe Is Imposing Poverty On Greece, UK Leader Says
Poverty 0158 — Experts say poverty is rising and Brexit may make it worse
Poverty 0159 — Poverty, illiteracy and early deaths await world's most disadvantaged children _ UNICEF
Poverty 0160 — British Child Poverty Is Increasing _ Why?
Poverty 0161 — Quarter of our kids living in poverty, says survey
Poverty 0162 — New research shows child poverty set to rise by 50%
Poverty 0163 — More than 100000 children living in poverty in Northern Ireland, new figures show
Poverty 0164 — Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland
Poverty 0165 — Could a 'Brexit' weaken Europe's ability to tackle global poverty?
Poverty 0166 — The refugee crisis is a problem of poverty, not just migration
Poverty 0167 — Foodbank manager reveals stories behind city's "hidden poverty"
Poverty 0168 — The App That Could Help Millions of People Get Themselves Out of Poverty
Poverty 0169 — State falls behind on child poverty
Poverty 0170 — Are We Really About To End World Poverty?
Poverty 0171 — Brexit could leave Welsh rural communities in poverty, warns FUW President
Poverty 0172 — Life Chances Indicators 'could transform child poverty'
Poverty 0173 — Can we tackle poverty locally?
Poverty 0174 — Welfare sector calls for poverty reduction target and fairer super system
Poverty 0175 — Scotland's education standards will never improve while poverty is still holding pupils, says teacher
Poverty 0176 — Young campaigners from Bromsgrove on mission to end extreme poverty
Poverty 0177 — Those who refuse to surrender to extremism and poverty deserve respect
Poverty 0178 — City schools to teach children about poverty
Poverty 0179 — Isn't it puke_inducing being lectured about poverty by millionaire comics?
Poverty 0180 — Minimum Wage, Maximum Poverty?
Poverty 0181 — How should brands react to the poverty of attention?
Poverty 0182 — 1.2 million unpaid carers living in poverty, says report
Poverty 0183 — Uniting across racial divides to fight poverty
Poverty 0184 — Forget 'social cleansing' _ the problem in London is poverty
Poverty 0185 — Children Living In Poverty Have Higher Risk Of Developing Cancer Later In Life
Poverty 0186 — Poverty rising in Europe, amid global dearth of solid jobs
Poverty 0187 — Getting everyone online would mean less global poverty
Poverty 0188 — Almost a million people aged 75 and over live in poverty
Poverty 0189 — UK poverty: the charts that show the true state of low income Britain
Poverty 0190 — Elderly in poverty 'being betrayed', says Christian expert
Poverty 0191 — Welsh older people's commissioner responds to poverty report
Poverty 0192 — Fight poverty and injustice by getting involved in Christian Aid Week
Poverty 0193 — Celebrated British filmmaker "shocked" at US poverty
Poverty 0194 — Silent generation' of older pensioners are living in poverty
Poverty 0195 — Nearly 1m over_75s living in poverty, report says
Poverty 0196 — Building Livelihoods poverty project a success, charity says
Poverty 0197 — When Corporations Gain More in PR Than in Reducing Youth Poverty
Poverty 0198 — Neglect of 'place poverty' hampering fight against deprivation
Poverty 0199 — UK Immigration Bill to Force Refugees Into Poverty, Destitution
Poverty 0200 — Sanders: "poverty is a death sentence"
Poverty 0201 — Poverty, despair, hunger for revenge drive young Syrians to extremist groups: research
Poverty 0202 — Scandal of rising number of Leeds families grappling with food poverty problems
Poverty 0203 — Poverty grows, health declines among UK children
Poverty 0204 — Why we must not ignore the continuing cost of poverty
Poverty 0205 — Northern Ireland bishops urge voters to ask about abortion, poverty
Poverty 0206 — The destitution paradox: poverty up, charity crisis grants down
Poverty 0207 — More than 80% of Syrians living below poverty line, UN report says
Poverty 0208 — Poole and New Forest named as 'hidden poverty hotspots'
Poverty 0209 — New report shows UK poverty at epidemic levels
Poverty 0210 — Southern and coastal areas face 'hidden' poverty
Poverty 0211 — Iraqi families sell organs to overcome poverty
Poverty 0212 — Young women risk pension poverty, says Fawcett Society
Poverty 0213 — The European Parliament Votes to Put Gender Equality at the Heart of the Fight Against Poverty
Poverty 0214 — Scotland to introduce Nordic_style 'baby boxes' to tackle infant poverty
Poverty 0215 — Britain 'lagging behind developed world' on child poverty, Unicef report reveals
Poverty 0216 — Bernie Sanders wants the US to stop having the highest child poverty rate among rich countries
Poverty 0217 — Poverty and prosperity sit side_by_side in British cities
Poverty 0218 — Scotland needs a fresh plan to tackle poverty
Poverty 0219 — Child benefit increase could raise 30000 out of poverty
Poverty 0220 — How teachers can mediate the impact of poverty in low income schools
Poverty 0221 — World Bank says Russia crisis to send poverty to highest in decade
Poverty 0222 — Children living in poverty more likely to feel like failures warns report
Poverty 0223 — Poverty alleviation key for Tibet
Poverty 0224 — More teachers giving food, clothes and money to pupils in poverty
Poverty 0225 — Poverty_stricken children struggling to concentrate at school because parents can't afford food
Poverty 0226 — Teachers are feeding pupils who turn up to school hungry amid worsening poverty fears
Poverty 0227 — New framework to tackle rural isolation and poverty announced in Northern Ireland
Poverty 0228 — Raise our taxes to combat poverty, dozens of New York millionaires tell lawmakers
Poverty 0229 — Poverty reduction risks being diluted by new UK aid plan, MPs warn
Poverty 0230 — Meet the women forced to choose between domestic abuse and poverty
Poverty 0231 — With so much poverty hidden in plain sight, you have to ask: is this still America?
Poverty 0232 — Fuel poverty: An anatomy of a cold home
Poverty 0233 — To end poverty, put science at the heart of development
Poverty 0234 — One in five people living in poverty in NI
Poverty 0235 — China anti_graft campaign to tackle poverty relief funds misuse
Poverty 0236 — Poverty, child marriage, violence decline when women own land _World Bank
Poverty 0237 — Scotland's political leaders pledge to end stigma of poverty
Poverty 0238 — Church of Scotland backs new anti_poverty initiative
Poverty 0239 — Enduring marriages mean less child poverty
Poverty 0240 — If You Want to Tackle Poverty, Try Sharing the Housework
Poverty 0241 — Poverty is sexist, stars tell world leaders before International Women's Day
Poverty 0242 — Unsold supermarket food to benefit people in poverty
Poverty 0243 — UK child poverty to soar under Conservatives: Report
Poverty 0244 — 2.6 million British children set for poverty by 2020, new report reveals
Poverty 0245 — UK government's 'poverty of ambition' on broadband blasted
Poverty 0246 — William and Kate will visit streets from Slumdog Millionaire to see reality of poverty
Poverty 0247 — Babies and Poverty: Top 5 Things Presidential Candidates, Voters Need to Know
Poverty 0248 — Devon MPs defend Government changes to child poverty reports
Poverty 0249 — Lessons in how to avoid poverty should be written into the national curriculum
Poverty 0250 — George Ferguson :How Cities Can Tackle Poverty
Poverty 0251 — Why the government must continue to measure child poverty
Poverty 0252 — Britain must not change how it measures child poverty. And this is why
Poverty 0253 — New strategy to tackle child poverty
Poverty 0254 — Frank Field warns thousands more Merseyside children will sink below poverty line when benefit ...
Poverty 0255 — The Big Benefits Handout is poverty porn at its worst, reducing poor families to stereotypes for your ...
Poverty 0256 — Full_time work is no bar to poverty in UK, report says
Poverty 0257 — Poole 'one of worst places in country for children to escape poverty'
Poverty 0258 — Bernie Sanders: Median income would soar and poverty would fall under Democrat policies, study ...
Poverty 0259 — Growing up in a single parent family is a form of 'poverty', say experts
Poverty 0260 — Growing up in a single_parent household could count as a form of 'poverty'
Poverty 0261 — Use drink and drugs as measure of child poverty': Factors among five new measures think tank ...
Poverty 0262 — 'Use drink and drugs as measure of child poverty': Factors among five new measures think tank ...
Poverty 0263 — Millions of workers to get pension shock: Britons face poverty in old age
Poverty 0264 — A photographic exploration of children's views on poverty
Poverty 0265 — Jane Woodage fears a 'year of poverty' over raising of state pension age
Poverty 0266 — Tackling poverty, unemployment in Nigeria __ with tomatoes
Poverty 0267 — Poverty and inequality are challenges for the UK, not just poorer countries
Poverty 0268 — Lack of quality flexible jobs 'condemning tens of thousands to poverty'
Poverty 0269 — Fuel poverty funding cut by 10%, says Labour
Poverty 0270 — Can capitalism cure poverty?
Poverty 0271 — Why 2016 will have less poverty, hunger and disease than any year in human history
Poverty 0272 — High salaries "immoral", says Church Action on Poverty
Poverty 0273 — German unemployment remains at post_reunification low
Poverty 0274 — In India, taking on poverty needs new thinking
Poverty 0275 — Labour's socialist utopia is a violent, poverty_stricken failed experiment
Poverty 0276 — How do we tackle alcoholism? First, stop denying that it's part of the culture of poverty
Poverty 0277 — How poverty can be tackled despite the worst efforts of the Tories