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Health 0124 — Sexual health: Risks are in what you do not who you are
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Health 0127 — U. to help study why children's health is declining
Health 0128 — Latino Advisory Council focuses on drugs, other teen health concerns
Health 0129 — Improving the health and well—being of millions of women and children ...
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Health 0139 — Mental health at university: 'Students shouldn't have to suffer like I did'
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Health 0141 — Close Bond Between Kids, Parents Has Long—Term Health Benefits
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Health 0155 — Time to raise the bar on child health
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Health 0158 — Parents Often Battle To Get Their Children Mental Health Services At School
Health 0159 — How to Look After Your College Student's Health
Health 0160 — Why we need to improve child mental health services
Health 0161 — More than 90pc of prisoners have suffered mental health or substance use issues
Health 0162 — Teen mental health advocate not shocked by youth suicide study
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Health 0166 — Therapy, Telemental Health, and Coaching
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Health 0191 — Child's home address can help guide health care
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Health 0194 — Encouraging healthy lifestyle the secret to beating teen eating disorders and obesity say new ...
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Health 0196 — Majority Of United States Children Do Not Have Ideal Heart Health
Health 0197 — Pregnancy and mental health: the hidden pain of giving birth
Health 0198 — Scientists study link between unhealthy pregnancy diet and ADHD
Health 0199 — Children's good health: not just For olympic hopefuls
Health 0200 — Britain taxes soft drinks, will use the money to promote children's health
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Health 0203 — The shocking truth about your child's health
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Health 0205 — Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth's Schooling & Mental Health Impacted By High Levels Of Bullying ...
Health 0206 — Health Economics study slams Michelle Obama's meals for 'fueling obesity epidemic'
Health 0207 — Heart Health Not Ideal in Most Children
Health 0208 — Do TV Commercials Hurt Children's Health? New Study Of Eating Habits, Food Choices
Health 0209 — Racial Inequality In Mental Healthcare
Health 0210 — Black & Hispanic kids rarely get help for mental health issues
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Health 0220 — Some Dad Better Than None for Teen Girls' Mental Health
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Health 0222 — Child health hanging by a thread
Health 0223 — Teens who smoke daily found to have more health complaints
Health 0224 — World Health Organization considers major change to transgender status
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Health 0233 — College—bound children need critical financial, health documents
Health 0234 — Reps promise adequate oversight on child, family health budget
Health 0235 — Involved dads lead to healthier kids, researchers find
Health 0236 — This Is How Having An Abortion As A Teen Affects Your Health, Study Says
Health 0237 — Liking school is good for teens' sexual health, report finds
Health 0238 — Teen girls who play sports may not eat enough to avoid health problems
Health 0239 — How your child can eat healthy throughout the school year
Health 0240 — Office of Minority Health Releases Report on LGB Older Adults
Health 0241 — Majority of veterans suffer from mental health issues while living in fear of debt
Health 0242 — Shop—bought meals 'healthier for infants than homemade ones'
Health 0243 — 5 Things the New Mental Health Bill Could Mean for Your Health
Health 0244 — Pokemon Go is helping those with mental health issues
Health 0245 — America's health care revolution hurts all workers
Health 0246 — New Doveton Aboriginal gathering place will help youth mental health: elder
Health 0247 — Racial Gaps Narrow in Child Health Measures
Health 0248 — Should You Undergo a Mental Health Evaluation for Obesity?
Health 0249 — Earlier bedtime for toddlers leads to healthier teens
Health 0250 — Teens now safer, healthier in many ways
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Health 0255 — Dignity In Mental Health Is Within Our Reach
Health 0256 — Children's Health Keeps Up to Date, Prepares for Future
Health 0257 — Wyoming kids' ranked low in health, high in economic stability
Health 0258 — Charity Gofal warns mental health outcomes 'not improved'
Health 0259 — Mental Health First Aid training aims to reduce stigma, promote early intervention
Health 0260 — Really? Gambling with kids' health
Health 0261 — The time is now to pass mental and behavioral health reform
Health 0262 — Know the facts about depression this Mental Health Awareness Month
Health 0263 — Parents' duty to protect kids' health
Health 0264 — Securing health of tomorrow's India
Health 0265 — Study suggests Indigenous kids were healthy before they were sent to residential schools
Health 0266 — Support for mental health is greatly needed
Health 0267 — Physical Health Neglected For Young People with Mental Illness
Health 0268 — Teen Health Checks Should Include Screenings For Suicide Risks: Pediatricians
Health 0269 — Good Mental Health Can Be a Laughing Matter
Health 0270 — Talking about healthy sexual development
Health 0271 — Victoria Beckham as a teen in London Academy of Health and Beauty pics
Health 0272 — Depressed Teen's Struggle To Find Mental Health Care In Rural California
Health 0273 — Good health isn't about diet alone
Health 0274 — Why do Irish companies still see mental health issues as a sign of weakness?
Health 0275 — Local agencies, schools lead efforts to meet growing mental health needs for youth
Health 0276 — Teaching them to eat healthily
Health 0277 — Childood obesity: A major public health concern
Health 0278 — It's time to deal with kids' mental health in schools
Health 0279 — How health care creates income inequality: Robert Samuelson
Health 0280 — Hate crimes against LGBTQ people are a public health issue
Health 0281 — Historic' donation to U of A will help advance women and child health
Health 0282 — Youth Suicide Drives Down Utah's Child Health Ranking
Health 0283 — Wyoming Ranked 12th Best State For Kids, But Struggles On Child Health
Health 0284 — The State of Mental Health in Mississippi
Health 0285 — Teen Marijuana And Alcohol Use May Hurt School Performance, Mental Health
Health 0286 — 5 good mental health habits for kids (and parents)
Health 0287 — We Must Stop Treating Fathers As The Appendix Of The Family's Health
Health 0288 — Baby fat may be causing a huge health problem later in life
Health 0289 — Self—stigma' remains a barrier for military mental health: psychiatrist
Health 0290 — Mental illness and your child's health: Putting the pieces together
Health 0291 — Your weight as teen and your heart's health in middle age are connected
Health 0292 — Mental health issues among UK Armed Forces rise 78 per cent in eight years
Health 0293 — A third of Canadian kids sleep deprived, health report suggests
Health 0294 — 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids
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Health 0296 — Mental health treatment is key to slowing gun deaths
Health 0297 — Gaps in Youth Mental Health Care
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Health 0300 — Institute of Mental Health opens new wards to treat mood disorders, early psychosis
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Health 0303 — $14M funding boost for prison mental health services
Health 0304 — 6 nutrition tips for healthy, active kids
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Health 0308 — Your Car's Exhaust Could Be Hurting Children's Mental Health
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Health 0321 — How to talk to your teen about mental health
Health 0322 — Mental Health Community Holds Meeting on Teen Suicide
Health 0323 — Young people in Nelson empowered to seek health advice as part of Teen Health Fest
Health 0324 — Mental Health Disorder is The Most Expensive Illness in America, Study Confirms
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Health 0330 — Let them eat dirt! Our obsession with hygiene is jeopardising our children's health
Health 0331 — Health education event helps students learn to make positive choices
Health 0332 — We need to prioritize mental health
Health 0333 — New study shows connection between urban environments and children's mental health
Health 0334 — We fear for the health of our baby in mould—ridden home'
Health 0335 — Program Combines Early Literacy and Healthy Eating
Health 0336 — Indonesian child tobacco workers are risking their health
Health 0337 — The effects of sibling bullying on your child's health
Health 0338 — Poorer health and wealth in later life for preterm, low—birth—weight babies
Health 0339 — How Surfing Can Help Mental Health Recovery
Health 0340 — Mental health impacts the workplace
Health 0341 — 70 per cent of children suffer significant mental health effects, report finds
Health 0342 — 5 Reasons Therapy Could Help Your Health
Health 0343 — If health—care providers can't overcome the stigma of mental illness, who will?
Health 0344 — Paediatricians call on new Scottish Government to do more for children's healthcare
Health 0345 — Ask Your "Mental Health Reform Champion" Member of Congress Where They Stand on LGBTQ ...
Health 0346 — Depression and Unsafe Sex Biggest Health Risks For Teens
Health 0347 — Does Subsidized Child Care Really Give Children a Healthy Start?
Health 0348 — Life expectancy increased by 5 years since 2000, but health inequalities persist
Health 0349 — Drop in childhood obesity cannot be explained by health behaviors
Health 0350 — Fathers—to—be impact children's health, too
Health 0351 — Mental health is still a battleground for global LGBTI rights
Health 0352 — Thousands of traumatised troops facing mental health war
Health 0353 — 6 Reasons to Invest in Children's Health and Education
Health 0354 — Why children's mental health is important
Health 0355 — Adults believe children's health worse now than when they grew up
Health 0356 — Agencies get funds to reduce mental health disparities
Health 0357 — Have jails become mental health facilities?
Health 0358 — Creating A Clinical Trial Strategy For Children's Health Research
Health 0359 — When healthy eating becomes a disorder
Health 0360 — Why Teen Mental Health Matters
Health 0361 — Program helps families live healthy
Health 0362 — Margaret Trudeau speaks her mind about mental health
Health 0363 — What not to say to a child with mental health issues
Health 0364 — 'You don't want to mess around with kids' health'
Health 0365 — Study says kids of lesbians just as healthy as those of straight parents
Health 0366 — Good cop/bad cop parenting is bad for children's health, says study
Health 0367 — Here's Why We Need Mental Health Action ? Not Mental Health Awareness
Health 0368 — Your mental health can affect your heart health
Health 0369 — May is all about Mental Health Awareness
Health 0370 — Kids Have Chronic Health Problems: Study
Health 0371 — Percentage of US children who have chronic health conditions on the rise
Health 0372 — Child mental health crisis 'worse than suspected'
Health 0373 — Families invited to discuss issues related to mental health
Health 0374 — Children in care 'too often denied mental health treatment'
Health 0375 — Children to Be Dewormed During 'Maternal and Child Health Week'
Health 0376 — Senior Mental Health
Health 0377 — Penticton teen battles mental health issues, while helping others
Health 0378 — A group of medical students are promoting LGBTQ health education
Health 0379 — Grant program to improve child health has long—term benefits
Health 0380 — Having jailed parents can have lifelong effect on child's health
Health 0381 — Mental health problems must be tackled
Health 0382 — Why are defence personnel seeking treatment for mental health issues in secret?
Health 0383 — Mental health discussion aims to remove stigma, myths of mental illness
Health 0384 — Parents in prison affects kids' health
Health 0385 — 5 Ways You May Be Perpetuating Mental Health Stigma Without Knowing It
Health 0386 — Anti—smoking pills 'don't risk' mental health
Health 0387 — Nepal earthquake trauma victims fight prejudice to improve mental health
Health 0388 — 3 Reasons Why 'Hyper—Parenting' Could Be Endangering Your Child's Health
Health 0389 — Health watchdogs failed children: inquiry
Health 0390 — Teach health to your kids!
Health 0391 — Northern BC kids' health outcomes 'alarming' says Northern Health
Health 0392 — Research examines link between physically active children and healthy adulthood
Health 0393 — Should Mental Health App Developers Back Up Their Claims With Clinical Evidence?
Health 0394 — Social Media Usage and Mental Health Issues
Health 0395 — California's mental health stigma—reducing effort to generate significant economic benefits
Health 0396 — NHS mental health care letting down 8 out of 10 troubled children is slammed by campaigners
Health 0397 — The North Carolina bathroom bill could trigger a health crisis among transgender youth, research ...
Health 0398 — Most US adults say today's children have worse health than in past generations
Health 0399 — Mental Health Issues Affect 26% of Americans: WHO To Address Mental Disorders
Health 0400 — Burnout and depression': the doctors struggling with their mental health
Health 0401 — Understanding Mental Health with Doc Ayomide: Clarifying Misconceptions About the Inheritance ...
Health 0402 — 8 celebrities who have opened up about their mental health to the benefit of us all
Health 0403 — Hoarding Is An Actual Mental Health Issue?And It's a Huge Problem for Americans
Health 0404 — 6 reasons why breastfeeding is essential for your child's health and survival
Health 0405 — Mental health and the stigma against it
Health 0406 — Yellowknife LGBTQ community wants more inclusive health care system
Health 0407 — Teen suicide crisis prompts extra mental health resources for Peel
Health 0408 — 5 Things To Do To Help Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy
Health 0409 — Teen suicide crisis: strategies failing children, say mental health advocates
Health 0410 — Where Do We Expect Black Children To Learn About Mental Health?
Health 0411 — 50 million years of work could be lost to mental illness by 2030, says World Health Organisation ...
Health 0412 — Children of older mothers healthier, taller and more educated: study
Health 0413 — A little PDA between parents could be good for kids' health
Health 0414 — Southern California's reduction in smog linked to major improvement in children's health
Health 0415 — Book scheme to help teenagers with mental health issues
Health 0416 — Parent Support May Help Transgender Children's Mental Health
Health 0417 — Life—Saving Health Care in Poor Nations Would Cost $5 Per Person: Study
Health 0418 — Beyond bathrooms: Transgender symposium to educate health care providers
Health 0419 — Please stop wishing for a healthy baby. Focus instead on nurturing a joyful child.
Health 0420 — Time to end the toothless approach to children's health
Health 0421 — One in two people with mental health problems have felt suicidal because of money, housing or
Health 0422 — A New Campaign Low for Mental Health
Health 0423 — City report shows racial disparities in health, arrests among youth
Health 0424 — Happy smiles, healthy kids
Health 0425 — 5 steps to help keep your child healthy
Health 0426 — Are mental health problems created by our genes?
Health 0427 — Is state doing enough for mental health?
Health 0428 — MacArthur students spark health discussion
Health 0429 — 7 million steps to help children's mental health
Health 0430 — Improving Children's Vision Health
Health 0431 — Facts You Need To Know About Mental Health Problems in Teens
Health 0432 — 10 Celebrities Who Talk About Mental Health
Health 0433 — Hawaii's High Teen Suicide Rates Prompts State To Improve Mental Health Care Services
Health 0434 — When is a public figure's mental health or addiction status off limits?
Health 0435 — Can videogames improve kids' health?
Health 0436 — Can video games improve kids' health?
Health 0437 — Stigma, Shortages Plague Mental Health Care in Burma
Health 0438 — Hawaii looks to boost access to mental health care for teens
Health 0439 — Does Your Teen Have a Mental Health Problem?
Health 0440 — How to tell if your teen has a mental health problem
Health 0441 — Health Check: are growing pains real?
Health 0442 — Health Benefits of Owning a Dog ? Anxiety Relief
Health 0443 — Global Report Shows Self—Perceived Health Is Not the Same Between Teen
Health 0444 — How Long Before We See Virtual Reality Headsets in Our Mental Health Wards?
Health 0445 — First children do better at school despite poor health, study finds
Health 0446 — Brain boosting activities for children's emotional health
Health 0447 — Keeping your kids healthy at school
Health 0448 — Healthy diet for teen recovering from anorexia
Health 0449 — I wanted a new kind of mental health support group ? we meet in the pub
Health 0450 — Young transgender women face mental health risks
Health 0451 — LGBTQ Health Class ? Sex Education
Health 0452 — Charlton Manor headteacher on sugar tax: 'an important step in child health'
Health 0453 — What is bipolar disorder? After Honey Singh shares diagnosis, focus on mental health issue
Health 0454 — Child abuse contributes the most to mental health problems in the Canadian Armed Forces
Health 0455 — Government publishes profiles of children's health
Health 0456 — Caesarean sections do not affect a child's health' says Aberdeen university study
Health 0457 — Planned C—section after previous one does not increase child's health risk
Health 0458 — Minor improvements seen in nutrition, child health
Health 0459 — Mental—health dilemma in wake of Germanwings crash
Health 0460 — New campaign addresses child, adult mental health issues
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