Children 0001 — Men and Women React Differently to Workplace Bullying
Children 0002 — Teen requests for cosmetic surgery on the rise
Children 0003 — Legalizing Weed May Make Teens Think It's Harmless to Their Health, New Study Suggests
Children 0004 — Teen suicide: What parents need to know
Children 0005 — Helping older teens make sexual health decisions
Children 0006 — Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years
Children 0007 — Is your child watching TV for hours?
Children 0008 — Parents must keep eye on children's heart health, doctors say
Children 0009 — California Lawmaker Is More Than Just A Proud Grandpa Of Transchild: He's Fighting For Her
Children 0010 — Body image problems in teen girls tied to alcohol use
Children 0011 — How Teens Can Make More Informed Decisions About Their Skin Care Products
Children 0012 — Teen Marijuana Use in Colorado Steeply Declines Following Legalization
Children 0013 — Hope for children with developmental disorders
Children 0014 — Teen Violence Can Be Contagious, Study Contends
Children 0015 — Helping A Growing Number of 'Invisible' Homeless Teens
Children 0016 — Trans teen wins payout after authorities told estranged parents of his identity
Children 0017 — The Teen's Guide to the Trump Presidency
Children 0018 — Marijuana for morning sickness can harm your unborn child
Children 0019 — Teens May Not Heed Health Warnings on Cigars
Children 0020 — Gymnastics is a vital part of your child's development
Children 0021 — If Your Child is Cyberbullied
Children 0022 — Children dying preventable deaths from congenital heart disease
Children 0023 — Teen e—cigarette use falls for the first time
Children 0024 — Latino Child Health Coverage Rate Reaches Record High, But Threats Loom
Children 0025 — The Sacrifice of Christian Parents Of LGBTQ Children
Children 0026 — Parents outraged by antigay leaflets disguised as Christmas gifts for children
Children 0027 — Clean—living generation of children snub cigarettes and alcohol
Children 0028 — Smartphones, Tablets and Weight Gain in Teens
Children 0029 — Government needs to protect teens when it legalizes pot: Canadian Paediatric Society
Children 0030 — No, teenage blood won't make you young and beautiful
Children 0031 — Teen births ? where you live matters
Children 0032 — Teens on Special Diets Can Stir Thanksgiving Conflicts
Children 0033 — I'm not eating that': When teen diets conflict with Thanksgiving
Children 0034 — Maine official promises review following transgender teenager's suicide
Children 0035 — Teen Drug Usage On An All Time Low
Children 0036 — Teen drug use is down, survey says
Children 0037 — Parents do not recognise that their children are overweight, survey finds
Children 0038 — 5 things to think about before buying your child a cell phone for Christmas
Children 0039 — Your Child's Car Seat May Have Hazardous Chemicals
Children 0040 — Teen suicide sparks call for mental health transparency
Children 0041 — New film explores impact of stress on children
Children 0042 — Teen Shows Both Faces of Mental Illness With Hair and Makeup
Children 0043 — Only Half Of Children Earn More Than Their Parents — But Is Inequality Really To Blame?
Children 0044 — Keep Teens Safer on Social Media
Children 0045 — Homework invades teens' lives
Children 0046 — At—risk Teens Help Each Other Stay Disease Free
Children 0047 — Teen e—cig use 'major public health concern'
Children 0048 — Improving child—teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers' stress levels
Children 0049 — Children more likely to use cannabis if their mother smoked while pregnant
Children 0050 — American Dream collapsing for young adults, study says, as odds plunge that children will earn ...
Children 0051 — How long is too long when reporting child abuse or neglect?
Children 0052 — Children were threatened with tasers by police more than 500 times last year
Children 0053 — Hundreds rally for antibullying program in Australian schools following suicide
Children 0054 — It scares the crap out of me,' school counsellor worried not enough support for northern teen suicides
Children 0055 — Teen Depression On The Rise, Research Finds Psychological Treatment Is Effective Tool In Battle ...
Children 0056 — Pittsburgh must protect LGBTQ children from conversion therapy
Children 0057 — Where Latino teens learn about sex does matter
Children 0058 — Parental Health Behaviors May Influence Children's Sleep
Children 0059 — Growing crisis in children and young people's mental health demands action
Children 0060 — Is your child eating too much sugar?
Children 0061 — Life as a teen who was born with HIV
Children 0062 — CDC Study Says Teen Virgins Are Healthier
Children 0063 — Can Parental Mental Distress Influence Their Teen's Happiness?
Children 0064 — LMPD and Starbucks launch effort to stop bullying and crimes against the LGBTQ community
Children 0065 — Ontario unanimously passes radical LGBT bill redefining parent—child relationship
Children 0066 — 6 tips for making the most of your child's checkup
Children 0067 — This nonprofit empowers LGBTQ teens to tell their own stories through film
Children 0068 — Mental Disorders In Teenagers Leave Physical Signature Marks On The Body, Study Finds
Children 0069 — How Do We Fight Bullying Without Hillary's Help?
Children 0070 — Hypertension and Prehypertension Underdiagnosed and Undertreated in U.S. Children
Children 0071 — Thanksgiving when teens don't eat like the rest of the family
Children 0072 — Why are Tennessee teens more likely to get pregnant in rural areas than urban areas?
Children 0073 — Serving teens with special diets: A tricky Thanksgiving recipe
Children 0074 — Helping children: Stress of poverty, violence, pain can alter brains
Children 0075 — Healthy children build healthy nations
Children 0076 — Teen births are falling faster in cities than in the rest of the country
Children 0077 — Teen obesity and sleep apnea can be connected problems, pediatrician says
Children 0078 — Parental incarceration: Reducing the impact on children
Children 0079 — Study shows how comorbid mental health conditions can impact child's care in hospital
Children 0080 — Help your child cope with diabetes
Children 0081 — Parents of transgender children speak out as election results put LGBTQ advocates on defense
Children 0082 — Link between phone use, mental health in teens
Children 0083 — Teen Depression On The Rise, Especially Among Girls
Children 0084 — Teen depression on the rise in US
Children 0085 — Smoking in pregnancy, kids skipping breakfast could lead to child obesity
Children 0086 — Did you know your child may be losing sleep because of their smartphone?
Children 0087 — New facility to help teens with mental health problems
Children 0088 — Long—term, reversible contraception gains traction with teens
Children 0089 — How Brands Can Improve Teen Mental Health
Children 0090 — No Evidence of Transgender—Teen Suicide Spike Post—Election
Children 0091 — Children have the right to health
Children 0092 — The smart way to argue with your young teen
Children 0093 — The Mental Health Crisis Facing Our Children
Children 0094 — Here's Why Teen STDs Are Hitting All—Time Highs
Children 0095 — 15 Toxic Things You Don't Know Are Poisoning Your Children
Children 0096 — Dinner With TV May Lead to Unhealthy Meals and Children Getting Obese
Children 0097 — Flavored E—Cigarettes May Entice Teens to Smoke: Study
Children 0098 — Children's health, privacy at risk from digital marketing
Children 0099 — Most Calais camp child refugees 'traumatised and depressed'
Children 0100 — Social worker fights bias—based bullying, carves space for LGBTQ—plus ...
Children 0101 — The Cold Hard Facts Of Teen Suicide
Children 0102 — Social status still huge factor in teen health, education, smoking and obesity levels
Children 0103 — Smartphones and tablets 'disrupt children's sleep'
Children 0104 — Minnesota's student survey finds sharp drop in teen smoking, drinking, sex
Children 0105 — Teen population seeing increase in diabetes
Children 0106 — Too much screen time can have lasting effects on your child's health
Children 0107 — Bad childhood experiences 'mean chronic illness more likely'
Children 0108 — Using smartphones before bedtime can be dangerous to a child's health: Study
Children 0109 — Poor sleep affecting your child's health? Keep the phone away from bed
Children 0110 — How much do you value a child's health and safety?
Children 0111 — County stats on child health, education and economic indicators
Children 0112 — 8 Steps to Take to Stop Bullying in Your Workplace
Children 0113 — New facility designed to help teens with mental health problems
Children 0114 — Few children born to parents with serious mental illness live with both parents while growing up
Children 0115 — Study confirms children of gay and lesbian parents are well—adjusted
Children 0116 — Health professionals promote child hygiene
Children 0117 — How cell phones wreak havoc on teen sleep patterns: Just two hours a day of gossiping on the ...
Children 0118 — Mental health heroes focus on teen suicide prevention
Children 0119 — Catholic priest who worked as youth minister busted for child porn
Children 0120 — Bullying Prevention Film Streaming for National Bullying Prevention Month
Children 0121 — Tips to get your teen to eat more fruits and vegetables
Children 0122 — At teen suicide forum, parents asked to 'talk less, listen more'
Children 0123 — More babies born to women over 40 than teenagers: Stats Canada
Children 0124 — Teen Depression and Anxiety: What Parents Can Do
Children 0125 — Outrage after white Mississippi teens put noose on black boy and 'yanked'
Children 0126 — MSU scientist focuses on preventing teen suicide
Children 0127 — Teen suicide, a growing problem
Children 0128 — Colorado Springs teen suicides highlight gap in mental health services
Children 0129 — Harvard Medical Doctor Offers New Approach for Teen Stress and Anxiety With New Book, Holistic ...
Children 0130 — Amandla Stenberg, Trans activist, CoverBoy on Time influential teens list
Children 0131 — 'Every child is equal': How Finland's baby boxes changed childhood
Children 0132 — So child mental health services are failing. Why's that then, Jeremy?
Children 0133 — Adverse events may impact children's health
Children 0134 — Teen with IQ of 51 released one year after arrest for terror plot
Children 0135 — Bullying prevention in the digital age
Children 0136 — How to End Bullying at Your School
Children 0137 — How to identify and manage teen anxiety
Children 0138 — Bullied Teen's Suicide Didn't Spur Copycat Attempts: Study
Children 0139 — Adverse events in childhood may affect child's health
Children 0140 — Autistic teen kept in prison for days after health service 'failures'
Children 0141 — Let's Teach Our Children About Sleep
Children 0142 — 62—year—old woman in Spain gives birth to third child
Children 0143 — Highlights children's magazine gets schooled on LGBTQ families
Children 0144 — What would you do to keep your child healthy?
Children 0145 — Teen's Ignorant Tweets Show Why We Need to Teach Boys About Periods
Children 0146 — Is Nail Biting In Children An Indication Of Mental Disorder? What Parents Should Know About This ...
Children 0147 — The US Has Inequality, Not Child Poverty
Children 0148 — Scheme launched to tackle bullying of LGBT children
Children 0149 — What Makes For Quality Child Care? It Depends Who You Ask
Children 0150 — The New Focus on Children's Mental Health
Children 0151 — Sex education key in preventing teen pregnancy
Children 0152 — The highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world
Children 0153 — The Greatest Challenges in Child Health
Children 0154 — Foster care raises children's risk of mental, physical health problems
Children 0155 — Everyone learns something valuable when parents teach children about ...
Children 0156 — Teen Vogue presents abortion clinic escorts as heroic
Children 0157 — Omega—3 Fatty Acids and Maternal and Child Health
Children 0158 — Research suggests obesity during pregnancy leads to health risks for the child
Children 0159 — Migrant and refugee children are victims of more bullying than their peers
Children 0160 — Study suggests sending kids to daycare not a factor in child obesity
Children 0161 — Family stressors and traumatic childhood experiences linked to ADHD diagnoses in children
Children 0162 — Russia censors internet support site for LGBT teens
Children 0163 — Is Trump's rhetoric leading to an increase in bullying?
Children 0164 — Half of all Australians endure workplace bullying
Children 0165 — Need to address teen stress
Children 0166 — Let's be a village where all children feel safe
Children 0167 — How to boost children's immunity
Children 0168 — Teens sing about the importance of LGBTQ role models in touching new video
Children 0169 — Your Child's Classroom May Have More Allergy, Asthma Triggers Than Home
Children 0170 — Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver hopes to discuss child health issues with Justin Trudeau
Children 0171 — Pediatrician perspectives on child health issues facing next president
Children 0172 — Has Colorado teen marijuana use not increased since legalization?
Children 0173 — One in 10 parents do not trust GPs with their child's healthcare: survey
Children 0174 — Bruce Springsteen's depression revelation is heartening?but people of color need mental health ...
Children 0175 — Bullying likely to result in aggressive responses by children with disabilities
Children 0176 — Texas diverts more teen offenders
Children 0177 — Educator talks sexual health for the modern parent and teen
Children 0178 — Shocking numbers of children in need of mental health treatment
Children 0179 — 1.5 Million Under 5 Children targeted for Immunization: Deputy Health Minister Calls for more effort ...
Children 0180 — Teen's suicide note criticizes mental health care for youth ? and so does her mom
Children 0181 — Men who smoke are 3 times more likely to have children with asthma
Children 0182 — Quarter of a million children receiving mental health care in England
Children 0183 — Depression during pregnancy affects mental health of children
Children 0184 — Ontario same—sex couples no longer have to adopt their own children
Children 0185 — National anti—bullying expert defines the problem ? and the solutions
Children 0186 — Teen wants a tattoo; is her health a problem?
Children 0187 — Parents are key influence in their children's health
Children 0188 — Why passive smoking is harmful for your children
Children 0189 — U. to help study why children's health is declining
Children 0190 — The sudden, incredible decline in teen births since 2009
Children 0191 — Latino Advisory Council focuses on drugs, other teen health concerns
Children 0192 — Top 10 Anti—Bullying Apps
Children 0193 — Improving the health and well—being of millions of women and children ...
Children 0194 — Depression in pregnancy increases risk of mental health problems in children
Children 0195 — 9 of 10 U.S. Teens Don't Get Enough Exercise
Children 0196 — Bullying can lead a child to suicide
Children 0197 — End teen hunger in America
Children 0198 — Is your preteen, teen suicidal? Some hard facts about kids and mental health
Children 0199 — Healthy Diet as Teen, Less Weight Gain as Adult
Children 0200 — LGBTQ group calls alleged firing of trans teen from McDonald's 'discrimination'
Children 0201 — Why the Teen Years May Not Be Lean Years
Children 0202 — Our traditional approach to nutrition education does nothing for teens
Children 0203 — Does your child sext? New online tool to help parents identify harmful sexual behaviour
Children 0204 — Survey prompts fresh concern over poor child health
Children 0205 — Good relationships with parents may benefit children's health decades later
Children 0206 — NICE issues new guidelines on sexting in teens
Children 0207 — Teen shares struggles of balancing school and mental health
Children 0208 — Is your child struggling with weight, body image? Here's how parents can help
Children 0209 — 14.5 Million American Children Live in Povert
Children 0210 — Case Of The Blues Or Teen Depression? Know The Signs
Children 0211 — Researchers say gay men might be able to conceive children without women
Children 0212 — Here's Why Social Media Harms Your Teen's Mental Health
Children 0213 — Childhood obesity is a major public health problem
Children 0214 — Report: Child poverty rates drop slightly to 19.7%
Children 0215 — What to say (or not to say) to your overweight child
Children 0216 — We want to ensure that every child is recognized'
Children 0217 — Time to raise the bar on child health
Children 0218 — This child stood in front of a massive anti—LGBTQ march in Mexico
Children 0219 — Prevent Teen Obesity, Eating Disorders with Family Meals, Exercise
Children 0220 — How Can We Address the Psychiatrist Shortage? A Perspective on Children and Adolescents
Children 0221 — Parents Often Battle To Get Their Children Mental Health Services At School
Children 0222 — Online bullying greater among teen girls
Children 0223 — Report exposes devastating impact of homophobic bullying in Scottish schools
Children 0224 — Anti—Bullying Measures Can Be Effective In Real Life, Study Finds, But Cyberbullying Remains A ...
Children 0225 — Why we need to improve child mental health services
Children 0226 — Teen suicide: Let's listen where it matters
Children 0227 — The National Diet and Nutrition Survey found children are eating three times sugar limit
Children 0228 — Ireland has fourth highest rate of teen suicide in Europe
Children 0229 — Teen mental health advocate not shocked by youth suicide study
Children 0230 — Mental health services failed First Nations teen who hung himself: Report
Children 0231 — 1 in 5 teens has considered suicide: Kids Help Phone
Children 0232 — Mental Illness And Teens: It Impacts Every One Of Us
Children 0233 — Bruce Springsteen And 6 Other Celebrities Battling Mental Illness
Children 0234 — Signs of suicide and how to know if your teen needs help
Children 0235 — High Teen Suicide Rate Lead To Creative Mental Health Programs In Indiana ...
Children 0236 — Back to school bullying: What you need to know
Children 0237 — Is Your Teen Moody ? or Depressed? 7 Tips for Parents
Children 0238 — Spotlight on Teen Suicide Prevention
Children 0239 — How to health—proof your child for the new academic year
Children 0240 — Busy parents risk children's health by 'not being there'
Children 0241 — Parental psychiatric disorders linked to suicide, violence of children
Children 0242 — New children's song explains bathrooms and bigots in best possible way
Children 0243 — Drop In Teen Pregnancies Is Due To More Contraceptives, Not Less Sex
Children 0244 — Report spotlights new findings on reproductive health needs of HIV—infected teens
Children 0245 — Here's what your child's pediatrician should do for you
Children 0246 — How can I stop my child developing an eating disorder?
Children 0247 — Teen Pregnancy Is Down, and There Is a Simple Reason Why
Children 0248 — 6 Times Parents Celebrated Their LGBTQ Children
Children 0249 — How much should we tell children about their own health?
Children 0250 — 6 signs your child might have a mental health problem
Children 0251 — Moving home can affect your children's health and education
Children 0252 — The Food We Eat Daily that Leads to Poor Heart Health for Our Children
Children 0253 — Most teens vaping fruity flavours, not nicotine
Children 0254 — An Integrated Approach Could Solve Our Teen Obesity Crisis
Children 0255 — What are teens vaping? Some experts are surprised
Children 0256 — Baby simulator programs 'increase teen pregnancy risk, not reduce it'
Children 0257 — Never Say 'Lose Weight' When Discussing Health With Teens
Children 0258 — Choosing The Right Sport For Your Child
Children 0259 — 5 Recent Children's Health Studies That You Should Read
Children 0260 — How to manage weight issues with your teenager when you're not meant to talk about weight
Children 0261 — Pediatricians can help identify suicidal teens
Children 0262 — Could gay—straight alliances reduce school bullying?
Children 0263 — What Every Parent Needs To Know About Childhood Obesity
Children 0264 — Domestic violence significantly impacts on children's health outcomes, says new study
Children 0265 — Study Says Teenage Depression In Girls Is Worse Than Ever
Children 0266 — Science—Proven Way to Reduce Teen Drinking
Children 0267 — Want Your Teen To Have A Healthy Weight? Science Says Shut Up
Children 0268 — State succeeds with lower teen pregnancy rate
Children 0269 — Teenagers are suffering from depression 'epidemic'
Children 0270 — Teen student—athletes often unfit, overweight
Children 0271 — Study has found a new approach to prevent teen obesity, eating disorders
Children 0272 — New reports address challenging child, adolescent mental health emergencies
Children 0273 — Ways to keep your child healthy during the school year
Children 0274 — Mental health services won't help children in temporary care settings
Children 0275 — Child's home address can help guide health care
Children 0276 — NYC Catholic school sidesteps blame for bullied teen's suicide
Children 0277 — Why are so many of Britain's teen girls struggling with mental health problems?
Children 0278 — Encouraging healthy lifestyle the secret to beating teen eating disorders and obesity say new ...
Children 0279 — Teen Cyberbullies More Apt to Be Friends Than Strangers
Children 0280 — High mortality rate puts girl child's survival in peril
Children 0281 — Majority Of United States Children Do Not Have Ideal Heart Health
Children 0282 — States with the biggest bullying problems
Children 0283 — Hockey legends take on bullying
Children 0284 — LGBTQ teenagers 'verbally abused' in rainbow flag row town
Children 0285 — Children's good health: not just For olympic hopefuls
Children 0286 — Britain taxes soft drinks, will use the money to promote children's health
Children 0287 — Proper nutrition tips for teenage athlete
Children 0288 — Parents, Your Teen's Decision Making Is Better Than You Think
Children 0289 — 4 back to school tips to get your child off to a great start
Children 0290 — Racial inequity, violence climb list of child health concerns for black adults
Children 0291 — Queer Teens Face A Shocking Amount Of Violence And Discrimination
Children 0292 — Prescription drug abuse tied to increased risk of teen suicide
Children 0293 — LGBTQ teens face more violence than peers
Children 0294 — The shocking truth about your child's health
Children 0295 — Food commercials change children's eating priorities
Children 0296 — How childhood stress can impact mental health in adulthood
Children 0297 — Here's why it's absolutely terrifying to be a gay or lesbian teen
Children 0298 — Study shows how high bullying levels are for gay, lesbian teens
Children 0299 — Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth's Schooling & Mental Health Impacted By High Levels Of Bullying ...
Children 0300 — Is your child developing normally?
Children 0301 — How to Get Your Child Ready for a Successful School Year
Children 0302 — Heart Health Not Ideal in Most Children
Children 0303 — Do TV Commercials Hurt Children's Health? New Study Of Eating Habits, Food Choices
Children 0304 — More Teens Report Depression, New Figures Show
Children 0305 — Millions of kids will go back to school with tooth decay, the #1 childhood illness
Children 0306 — Economic Downturns Can Affect Children's Mental Health
Children 0307 — Keeping Your Child Healthy
Children 0308 — Is the school run damaging your child's health?
Children 0309 — More US Teens May Be Facing Depression: Here's Why
Children 0310 — Can exercise help relieve teen depression?
Children 0311 — Bishop: Satan is staging a 'homosexual invasion' to steal children
Children 0312 — What It Means To Be A Gay Teen In A Jewish Ultra—Orthodox Community
Children 0313 — Bill creates panel to study bullying of tenants
Children 0314 — Teen gamers do better at math than social media stars
Children 0315 — Documentary—style bullying film a must see
Children 0316 — Good early childhood development and nutrition for all: how do we get there
Children 0317 — Mental Illness May Make Teens Vulnerable to Drugs, Alcohol
Children 0318 — Teenage Suicide Rates in the County Is Increasing
Children 0319 — What if your stressed—out teen won't talk about stress?
Children 0320 — Most Nighttime Crashes With Teen Drivers Happen Before Midnight
Children 0321 — Recognizing mental illness in children
Children 0322 — Some Dad Better Than None for Teen Girls' Mental Health
Children 0323 — Mindfulness for Children May Prevent Anxiety and Mental Illness
Children 0324 — Schools work to stop bullying before it starts
Children 0325 — Child health hanging by a thread
Children 0326 — Why do so many Washington state teens kill themselves?
Children 0327 — Teen Drivers Should Be Off the Road By Midnight
Children 0328 — Teens who smoke daily found to have more health complaints
Children 0329 — Why Does Schizophrenia Start In Adolescence? An Inside Look At The Teen Brain
Children 0330 — Why Are Teens More Anxious Than Years Past?
Children 0331 — How to survive your ex taking the children on holiday
Children 0332 — 21st child dies in hot car this year — nearly double the death rate of last year
Children 0333 — Mean girls are ganging up and 'roasting' boys in latest cyber bullying craze
Children 0334 — 9 Celebrities Who Survived Childhood Bullying
Children 0335 — Should your teen wear exercise clothes to therapy?
Children 0336 — Teen suicides highest in 15 years but overall rate falls: SOS
Children 0337 — Sports Helps Protect Teen Athletes From Heroin And Opioid Addiction
Children 0338 — They use science and stories to help students win battle against bullying
Children 0339 — Teen suicides last year highest since 2001
Children 0340 — Painkillers for Teen Athletes Won't Spur Addiction
Children 0341 — High health stakes for teen behaviors after cancer treatment
Children 0342 — College—bound children need critical financial, health documents
Children 0343 — Reps promise adequate oversight on child, family health budget
Children 0344 — Early Bedtime for Preschoolers May Ward Off Teen Obesity
Children 0345 — Teen Diabetes on the Rise
Children 0346 — This Is How Having An Abortion As A Teen Affects Your Health, Study Says
Children 0347 — Liking school is good for teens' sexual health, report finds
Children 0348 — Teen girls who play sports may not eat enough to avoid health problems
Children 0349 — How your child can eat healthy throughout the school year
Children 0350 — Take a weight off your child: beware of heavy backpacks
Children 0351 — Breaking the silence with LGBT teens
Children 0352 — High anxiety, distress levels in teens counter 'prime of life' image
Children 0353 — U.S. Teen Diabetes Rate Exceeds Prior Estimates
Children 0354 — Hospitals Are Now Using Emojis To Talk To Teenagers About Sex
Children 0355 — Half of all New Zealand Pacific teenagers living in poverty, study claims
Children 0356 — Fathers Play Key Role in Child Development
Children 0357 — Jamie Oliver accuses the Government of escalating the child obesity crisis
Children 0358 — Dads' Impact On Child Development Is Actually Very Important, Says Study, So Let's Put The ...
Children 0359 — Vegan Diet May Be Harmful For Children
Children 0360 — Racial Gaps Narrow in Child Health Measures
Children 0361 — Changes at prison after teen's death
Children 0362 — Preschool Bedtimes Reduce Risk of Teen Obesity
Children 0363 — 5 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Bullying
Children 0364 — Earlier bedtime for toddlers leads to healthier teens
Children 0365 — Fourth Chinese student sentenced to prison in 'parachute kid' bullying case
Children 0366 — Teens now safer, healthier in many ways
Children 0367 — Teen birth rate continues to decline
Children 0368 — The people taking care of American children live in poverty
Children 0369 — Teens: this is how social media affects your brain
Children 0370 — 7 sexual health issues facing teen girls globally ? and how you can help
Children 0371 — Thumb sucking and nail biting not key to preventing child allergies
Children 0372 — Teenager takes her own life after suffering torrent of bullying on social media
Children 0373 — Study reveals that parenting styles can impact child's workplace behaviour
Children 0374 — Depression Strikes Nearly 3 Million US Teens a Year
Children 0375 — War on child—killer hots up
Children 0376 — When a Child Thinks Life is Unfair, Use Game Theory
Children 0377 — Children's Health Keeps Up to Date, Prepares for Future
Children 0378 — Legalization of Marijuana Doesn't Increase Teen Use, Researchers Say
Children 0379 — Free condoms at school don't always help teen girls avoid pregnancy
Children 0380 — Neuroscience of bullying: Why do some find it rewarding?
Children 0381 — Bullying, Sikh Children, And Awareness
Children 0382 — Teen girls less likely to get pregnant if a friend has a baby
Children 0383 — Condoms Don't Necessarily Help Teen Girls Avoid Pregnancy
Children 0384 — World's Poorest, Richest Children Are Dramatically Inequal: UNICEF
Children 0385 — Lowest ever level of teen drinking bucks overall trend
Children 0386 — Bullies and their victims show higher rates of teen suicide
Children 0387 — Suicide takes more teenage lives than ever, and social media may be why
Children 0388 — 5 Ways To Determine If Your Teen Is Stressed, Anxious Or Depressed
Children 0389 — Teen Bullies And Their Victims Both Face A Higher Risk Of Suicide
Children 0390 — The Worst Thing You Could Do For Your Overweight Child
Children 0391 — Two—thirds of parents fear child's mental illness 'a life sentence'
Children 0392 — Looks—Conscious Teens Trying Risky Supplements
Children 0393 — Teen Health Checks Should Include Screenings For Suicide Risks: Pediatricians
Children 0394 — Is Your Child Drinking Enough Fluids This Summer?
Children 0395 — Effects Of Perfectionism: How Intrusive Parenting Is Harmful To Children
Children 0396 — Study says teen checkups should include suicide risk screening
Children 0397 — Victoria Beckham as a teen in London Academy of Health and Beauty pics
Children 0398 — Depressed Teen's Struggle To Find Mental Health Care In Rural California
Children 0399 — Childood obesity: A major public health concern
Children 0400 — 7 Ways To Support Your LGBTQ Child
Children 0401 — We Can't End Bullying and We Shouldn't Even Try?Lest We Breed a Generation of Wimps
Children 0402 — 4 things teens really need from their parents
Children 0403 — Texas among worst in country for high numbers of teen moms, uninsured kids
Children 0404 — For teen girls, risky dieting tied to family conflict, depression
Children 0405 — Historic' donation to U of A will help advance women and child health
Children 0406 — Top Summer Reads for LGBTQ Teens
Children 0407 — Youth Suicide Drives Down Utah's Child Health Ranking
Children 0408 — Colorado pot study finds teen use unchanged
Children 0409 — Wyoming Ranked 12th Best State For Kids, But Struggles On Child Health
Children 0410 — Teen Marijuana And Alcohol Use May Hurt School Performance, Mental Health
Children 0411 — Countering bullying in the gay community
Children 0412 — Supportive Parenting Linked To Richer, Happier Children Later In Life
Children 0413 — Mental illness and your child's health: Putting the pieces together
Children 0414 — Your weight as teen and your heart's health in middle age are connected
Children 0415 — Teen Birth Rates Rose in Schools That Gave Out Free Condoms With No Instruction
Children 0416 — Teen pregnancies and births reach historic lows in Minnesota, but disparities persist
Children 0417 — Taking folic acid during pregnancy may decrease childhood obesity risk
Children 0418 — Too little sleep linked to health problems in children, teens
Children 0419 — An Open Letter to LGBTQ Teens Everywhere
Children 0420 — Teen alcohol use affects grades and mental health
Children 0421 — Air Pollution Could Increase Mental Illness Risk In Children
Children 0422 — Teen vaping leads to cigarette use
Children 0423 — Poisoning America's Children
Children 0424 — Is your child getting enough sleep for their age? New guidelines reveal optimum number of hours ...
Children 0425 — Personalized medicine for child health is a distraction
Children 0426 — Your Car's Exhaust Could Be Hurting Children's Mental Health
Children 0427 — Teen Smoking Hits Another New Low ? But More Kids Are Vaping
Children 0428 — Are Teens Rejecting Risky Behavior?
Children 0429 — Don't 'wait and watch' if your child is a late starter, say experts
Children 0430 — Today's teen troubles: Sex, drugs and texting on the go
Children 0431 — Teen Smoking is Down ? Due to E—Cigs?
Children 0432 — Teen artists use selfies to show effect social media has on mental health
Children 0433 — Teen Depression Treatment Is an Increasingly Thorny Issue
Children 0434 — Low health literacy among parents linked to child TV watching, at—risk behaviors
Children 0435 — Is your teen depressed? Learn the warning signs
Children 0436 — Musicians popular with teens endorse mostly junk food, study finds
Children 0437 — Bullying and self—harm fears for Norfolk children
Children 0438 — Phone—obsessed parents putting their children at risk, safety charity warns
Children 0439 — Is child poverty finally declining in N.J.?
Children 0440 — Teens and parents urged to challenge celebrities shilling for unhealthy products
Children 0441 — Good sex ed doesn't lead to teen pregnancy, it prevents it
Children 0442 — US teen births fall again, another drop in decades of decline
Children 0443 — Pneumonia, diarrhoea key causes of child mortality'
Children 0444 — Study Reveals Which Food Will Improve Health Of Unborn Child
Children 0445 — Study shows how teen brains react to social media
Children 0446 — How to talk to your teen about mental health
Children 0447 — World must dial down aggression, stop bullying, pope tells YouTubers
Children 0448 — Mental Health Community Holds Meeting on Teen Suicide
Children 0449 — Young people in Nelson empowered to seek health advice as part of Teen Health Fest
Children 0450 — 11 Reasons You Should Absolutely Go to Your LGBTQ Child's Wedding
Children 0451 — Psychiatrist angry at treatment of suicidal First Nations teen
Children 0452 — We are one step closer to roving squads of child—catchers
Children 0453 — More Than A Quarter Of Children Referred For Mental Health Support Being Turned Away ...
Children 0454 — Let them eat dirt! Our obsession with hygiene is jeopardising our children's health
Children 0455 — Child poverty in America is not a global embarrassment
Children 0456 — New study shows connection between urban environments and children's mental health
Children 0457 — Suicide Among Teens Mostly Caused By Exam Stress, Study Finds
Children 0458 — Educate your teen about safe alcohol use
Children 0459 — Exam stress linked to teen suicide
Children 0460 — Teen pregnancy decreases in New Mexico
Children 0461 — Indonesian child tobacco workers are risking their health
Children 0462 — The effects of sibling bullying on your child's health
Children 0463 — Team Pick: ?Queer Kid Stuff? Brings Fun LGBTQ Videos to Preschool Children
Children 0464 — Students with food allergies face bullying
Children 0465 — Study shows disparities in treatment for children with traumatic brain injuries
Children 0466 — Study finds e—cigarette marketing linked to teen e—cigarette use
Children 0467 — 70 per cent of children suffer significant mental health effects, report finds
Children 0468 — The Science (and Culture) of Pre—Chewing Food for Children
Children 0469 — Why Bullying is Getting Worse In China
Children 0470 — Paediatricians call on new Scottish Government to do more for children's healthcare
Children 0471 — Fatty Foods During Teen Years May Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk
Children 0472 — Depression and Unsafe Sex Biggest Health Risks For Teens
Children 0473 — Does Subsidized Child Care Really Give Children a Healthy Start?
Children 0474 — 36000 children already tested for early type 1 diabetes
Children 0475 — Drop in childhood obesity cannot be explained by health behaviors
Children 0476 — Gender Dysphoria is Killing Transgender Teens. Why Aren't We Talking About It?
Children 0477 — Teen Stress and the Growing Brain
Children 0478 — Fathers—to—be impact children's health, too
Children 0479 — Concerns over teen and toddler poisonings
Children 0480 — Marijuana research not reaching Canada's toking teens
Children 0481 — Teen fruit consumption cuts breast cancer risk
Children 0482 — A Growing Threat to Eliminating Rural Child Poverty
Children 0483 — 6 Reasons to Invest in Children's Health and Education
Children 0484 — What's Killing The World's Teenagers? Road Accidents, Suicide, Floods
Children 0485 — What Teen Girls Should Eat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Children 0486 — Why children's mental health is important
Children 0487 — Children are diagnosed with autism at younger ages since push for universal
Children 0488 — Adults believe children's health worse now than when they grew up
Children 0489 — Giving every child the best start in life
Children 0490 — LGBTQ teens should be proud of themselves
Children 0491 — Creating A Clinical Trial Strategy For Children's Health Research
Children 0492 — Chronic fatigue is tough when you are a teen
Children 0493 — Why Teen Mental Health Matters
Children 0494 — E—cigarette poisonings surge in young children, study says
Children 0495 — Over 40% of Irish parents give their children sweets daily
Children 0496 — Distraction is often a factor in teen drivers' rear—end collisions
Children 0497 — Weight loss surgery boosts good cholesterol in obese teen boys
Children 0498 — Some teen girls coerced into pregnancy: study
Children 0499 — How To Teach Children That Failure Is The Secret To Success
Children 0500 — What not to say to a child with mental health issues
Children 0501 — Gaining more than 2st while pregnant can make a child fat up to age of 10
Children 0502 — Weight gain, blood sugar in pregnancy linked to child obesity
Children 0503 — Colton Haynes Speaks LGBTQ, 'Arrow', 'Teen Wolf After Coming Out
Children 0504 — This Teen Learned To Accept His Sexuality And Gender 'In Different Ways'
Children 0505 — No child should be exposed to hazardous substances, says Human Rights Watch
Children 0506 — Study Confirms Positive Effects Of Parental PDA On Children
Children 0507 — Is The Internet Behind A Drop In Teen Pregnancy?
Children 0508 — When Everything Is Bullying, Nothing Is Bullying
Children 0509 — Jehovah's Witness cartoon teaches how to bully children of gay parents
Children 0510 — Good cop/bad cop parenting is bad for children's health, says study
Children 0511 — Never smoke indoors for the sake of your child
Children 0512 — Report Reveals America's Childhood Poverty Is a Global Embarrassment
Children 0513 — Children are diagnosed with autism at younger ages since push for universal ...
Children 0514 — Stronger State Alcohol Laws May Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths Among Teens
Children 0515 — Breast and Body Changes Are Driving Teen Girls Out of Sports
Children 0516 — Campaign launch on teen pregnancy
Children 0517 — Percentage of US children who have chronic health conditions on the rise
Children 0518 — Child mental health crisis 'worse than suspected'
Children 0519 — Children in care 'too often denied mental health treatment'
Children 0520 — Children to Be Dewormed During 'Maternal and Child Health Week'
Children 0521 — Teens with celiac disease may face difficult transition
Children 0522 — Penticton teen battles mental health issues, while helping others
Children 0523 — US Teen Birth Rate Drops: 50 Percent Decline Seen Among Minority Groups
Children 0524 — Spate of teen suicides in Redlands reflects disturbing national trend
Children 0525 — Preventing teen drinking especially important this time of year
Children 0526 — Research Shows Why Disciplinary Spanking Isn't Good For Your Child
Children 0527 — Grant program to improve child health has long—term benefits
Children 0528 — Having jailed parents can have lifelong effect on child's health
Children 0529 — 50 Years Of Research Confirms Psychological Risks Caused By Spanking Children
Children 0530 — Many teen moms ignore infant safe—sleeping recommendations
Children 0531 — Suicide In America: Rate Reaches All—Time High, Especially Among Teen Girls
Children 0532 — Heavy teen marijuana use may cut life short by 60
Children 0533 — Focusing on teen opioid use helps limit adult addiction
Children 0534 — Two—thirds of unimmunized children live in conflict—affected countries ? UNICEF
Children 0535 — 3 Reasons Why 'Hyper—Parenting' Could Be Endangering Your Child's Health
Children 0536 — Teen depression on the rise: Here's how to tackle the mental disorder
Children 0537 — Chris Hemsworth Rewards Teen For Integrity
Children 0538 — Christina Aguilera Reveals How Older Men Molested Her During Teen Years
Children 0539 — Health watchdogs failed children: inquiry
Children 0540 — Childhood obesity, malnutrition connected to mom's perception of child's weight
Children 0541 — The kids really ARE all right: There are 'no differences' between children of same—sex and opposite ...
Children 0542 — Childhood malnutrition, obesity risk connected to mother's perception
Children 0543 — Research examines link between physically active children and healthy adulthood
Children 0544 — There's "No Difference" Between Children of Same—Sex and Opposite—Sex Parents
Children 0545 — High School Teacher Addresses ?Touchy Subject? After Several Recent Teen Suicides
Children 0546 — NHS mental health care letting down 8 out of 10 troubled children is slammed by campaigners
Children 0547 — Child psychiatrist writes children's book to help with fears
Children 0548 — Most US adults say today's children have worse health than in past generations
Children 0549 — How to ease teen anxiety
Children 0550 — US teens getting less formal sex education since 2006
Children 0551 — 6 reasons why breastfeeding is essential for your child's health and survival
Children 0552 — Teens Get Less Sex Ed Than 10 Years Ago ? Study
Children 0553 — This New App Hopes to Save Suicidal Teens
Children 0554 — Why letting teens sleep in could save lives
Children 0555 — Teen parenting event aims to raise awareness
Children 0556 — Sex Education: How to talk to your teenager about sex
Children 0557 — Teen drinking: Who's trying alcohol sooner?
Children 0558 — Teen suicide crisis prompts extra mental health resources for Peel
Children 0559 — Teen suicide crisis: strategies failing children, say mental health advocates
Children 0560 — Where Do We Expect Black Children To Learn About Mental Health?
Children 0561 — Children of older mothers healthier, taller and more educated: study
Children 0562 — What I Wish Others Knew About Love and Children in Foster Care
Children 0563 — Southern California's reduction in smog linked to major improvement in children's health
Children 0564 — How Abuse, Bullying, Trauma, Mental Disorders, Addiction, and Prejudice ...
Children 0565 — Book scheme to help teenagers with mental health issues
Children 0566 — Parent Support May Help Transgender Children's Mental Health
Children 0567 — Spending less than $5 per person could save millions of maternal, child lives every year
Children 0568 — Preventable maternal, child deaths could be gone in a generation: report
Children 0569 — The Case For Bruce Springsteen NOT Boycotting North Carolina
Children 0570 — Could Your Child Be Drinking Lead—Tainted Water at School?
Children 0571 — Please stop wishing for a healthy baby. Focus instead on nurturing a joyful child.
Children 0572 — Time to end the toothless approach to children's health
Children 0573 — FL Department of Children and Families to remove LGBTQ—inclusive language from rules
Children 0574 — Ricky Whittle accuses The 100 boss of 'BULLYING him out of his job' after character killed off
Children 0575 — N.H. Lawmakers Consider Banning "Conversion Therapy" For LGBTQ Teens
Children 0576 — Your child may be a diabetic!
Children 0577 — Cooking For Cancer Patients, Teens Learn More Than Recipes
Children 0578 — Preparing your child for surgery
Children 0579 — 5 steps to help keep your child healthy
Children 0580 — Why is child poverty so bad in Liverpool and how can we solve it?
Children 0581 — Overweight teen girls more likely to be depressed as adults
Children 0582 — 7 million steps to help children's mental health
Children 0583 — Improving Children's Vision Health
Children 0584 — Tax Day: LGBTQ People Left Behind by ?Qualifying Child? and ?Qualifying Relative? Tests
Children 0585 — Half of parents of uninsured minority children unaware of Medicaid eligibility
Children 0586 — Facts You Need To Know About Mental Health Problems in Teens
Children 0587 — Could this simple eye test help diagnose autism? Tracking a child's gaze provides 'clear evidence ...
Children 0588 — The warning signs of teen suicide
Children 0589 — Hawaii's High Teen Suicide Rates Prompts State To Improve Mental Health Care Services
Children 0590 — Teens need adequate sleep!
Children 0591 — Hawaii looks to boost access to mental health care for teens
Children 0592 — Teen emotional problems linked to joblessness
Children 0593 — Does Your Teen Have a Mental Health Problem?
Children 0594 — How to tell if your teen has a mental health problem
Children 0595 — Teens suffer when they give sleep a rest, study shows
Children 0596 — Can a Prom Dress Made of Condoms Get Teens to Practice Safe Sex?
Children 0597 — 8 things you must tell your child every single day
Children 0598 — How to tell your child she is adopted
Children 0599 — 7 Things Parents With An Autistic Child Wish You Knew
Children 0600 — Global Report Shows Self—Perceived Health Is Not the Same Between Teen
Children 0601 — Antibiotics Before Age Two Exposes Child to Obesity Risk
Children 0602 — Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders Need Long—Term Intervention
Children 0603 — Will YOU be letting your child eat 250 teaspoons of SUGAR this weekend?
Children 0604 — A project to keep LGBT teens off drugs, alcohol
Children 0605 — Strategies On How To Prevent Depression In Children And Teens
Children 0606 — How To Lower The Risk of Schizophrenia In Children
Children 0607 — Embrace The Power,' Ex—NFL Back Tells LGBTQ Teenagers At Purchase College
Children 0608 — MTV's 'Teen Mom' Scientifically Proven to Be Bad for Young Mothers Everywhere
Children 0609 — How drug laws aimed at pregnant women penalize their children
Children 0610 — Don't give children under 6 cold or cough medicine reminds PEI doctor
Children 0611 — Parents Sleeping Badly? They May Think Their Children Are, Too
Children 0612 — First children do better at school despite poor health, study finds
Children 0613 — Brain boosting activities for children's emotional health
Children 0614 — When Depression Hits, Teens Find Help
Children 0615 — Healthy diet for teen recovering from anorexia
Children 0616 — Why every child in Britain should run 1 mile a day'
Children 0617 — Child mortality and malnutrition linked to gender inequality
Children 0618 — 1 of 7 American Children Under 9 Years Old Suffer From Mental Disorder, Study Says
Children 0619 — Early Intervention Programs Can Save Brain Development Of Children Below The Poverty Level
Children 0620 — Does your child have a cold? Be careful of what drugs you provide.
Children 0621 — Charlton Manor headteacher on sugar tax: 'an important step in child health'
Children 0622 — Stop! Are You Giving Your Children Cough and Cold Medications?
Children 0623 — Gay teen was forced to wear backpack full of rocks for 18 hours a day to 'cure' sexuality
Children 0624 — Teen cannabis use at lowest level since 1980s: study
Children 0625 — Child abuse contributes the most to mental health problems in the Canadian Armed Forces
Children 0626 — Extent of child poverty revealed in new profile
Children 0627 — Government publishes profiles of children's health
Children 0628 — Caesarean sections do not affect a child's health' says Aberdeen university study
Children 0629 — Planned C—section after previous one does not increase child's health risk
Children 0630 — Minor improvements seen in nutrition, child health
Children 0631 — Teen marijuana use in Canada in 12—year decline
Children 0632 — Teen girls' sexual orientation doesn't always match their sexual behavior
Children 0633 — Signs your child may be being bullied
Children 0634 — New campaign addresses child, adult mental health issues
Children 0635 — Vaping Age Bans Makes Even Harder For Teens To Quit Tobacco, Says Study
Children 0636 — Joan Bakewell says teenage anorexia a sign of narcissism
Children 0637 — Oliver James is dangerously wrong to blame parents for their children's mental illness
Children 0638 — Teens In 2016 Are More Open To LGBTQ Identities Than Even Millennials Are, So The Future ...
Children 0639 — Five common myths parents have about their children's health
Children 0640 — Concern as study shows 50% more children on anti—depressants
Children 0641 — Doctors should screen for poverty during child—wellness visits, American Academy of Pediatrics ...
Children 0642 — Vitamin Corrects Bad Behavior In Teens
Children 0643 — Risk to cosmetic chemical exposure high among teen girls, says Berkeley research
Children 0644 — School breakfast campaign boosts child health
Children 0645 — The Medical Reason You Should Give Your Child a Sibling
Children 0646 — Why your child's doctor may soon be asking about your family's finances
Children 0647 — University of Michigan find teen girls who eat red meat 'have periods earlier'
Children 0648 — Surgeons use pig's cornea to save teen's vision
Children 0649 — Teen Girls See Big Drop in Chemical Exposure With Switch in Cosmetics
Children 0650 — Five Things About Teen Sleep You May Not Know
Children 0651 — How Do We Reduce Teen Pregnancy in the US?
Children 0652 — NHS child mental health money 'missing'
Children 0653 — Early exposure to peanuts 'cuts allergy risk in children'
Children 0654 — Childhood Obesity: Start The Right Diet While They're Young
Children 0655 — 50%, of US children live in poverty: Report
Children 0656 — The Stress of Raising a Child with Mental Health Challenges
Children 0657 — Outmoded workforce planning poses risk to child health
Children 0658 — Fife survey shows link between teen interaction and health
Children 0659 — Teen risky behavior changing; fewer smoking, more texting and driving
Children 0660 — Teen who posed as a doctor ordered to get mental health evaluation
Children 0661 — Why Every Parent Needs to Start Caring About Children's Mental Health
Children 0662 — Better online help for troubled teens could be on its way
Children 0663 — Are You a Prodigal Parent to Your LGBTQ Child?
Children 0664 — Teen anorexia sufferer 'told by doctors the illness was just a phase'
Children 0665 — Discrimination During Teen Years Can Have Health Repercussions Later in Life
Children 0666 — Shaping Up ? Improve your child's health
Children 0667 — LGBTQ school guidelines would 'harm' Alberta children, social media campaign says
Children 0668 — Poor nutrition can put children at higher risk of mental illness
Children 0669 — Empathising with children 'can cause health problems for parents'
Children 0670 — Medicinal cannabis may have helped mystery breakthrough for Carterton teen
Children 0671 — Grandma fears for child's health, safety
Children 0672 — Is that muesli bar you put in your child's lunchbox actually healthy?
Children 0673 — Cyberbullying, Violence Linked to PTSD in Teens
Children 0674 — Teen mental health risk increases with food insecurity
Children 0675 — Early care vital for children's dental health
Children 0676 — Your Child's Checkups: 10 Tips To Prepare Parents And Kids
Children 0677 — Maternal, child health are investment priorities
Children 0678 — The Stabbing At My Teen's High School Didn't Have To Happen
Children 0679 — Low Teen Vaccination Rates Despite Reported Benefits of HPV Vaccination
Children 0680 — Are you to blame for your child's mental health issues?
Children 0681 — This Teen Successfully Sued Her School for Banning Her Pro—LGBT Shirt
Children 0682 — The 2016 RFRA Decline Is Due to the Difficulty of Selling Discrimination and Child Endangerment ...
Children 0683 — Teen With Terminal Cancer Marries His Girlfriend
Children 0684 — Babies born to teens the lowest in 25 years
Children 0685 — Dundalk Outcomers raising awareness of cyber—bullying
Children 0686 — Children With Chronic Headaches at Higher Risk of Mental Illness
Children 0687 — A prescription for childhood health
Children 0688 — Cessation has had a negative impact on children's health according to research
Children 0689 — Insufficient sleep has ill effects on teen boys' health: Study
Children 0690 — Aussie swim great Thorpe reveals mental health issues since a teen
Children 0691 — Teach teens about health relationships
Children 0692 — Teen ER Visits For Violence, Cyber Bullying Marked By PTSD
Children 0693 — An anti—gay group accidentally raised thousands for LGBT teenagers
Children 0694 — Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging LGBTQ protections for schoolchildren
Children 0695 — Low birth weight babies face greater risk of bullying: study
Children 0696 — USAID and Liberia collaborate to improve maternal and child health
Children 0697 — Child and Teen Obesity Quickly Raises Blood Pressure
Children 0698 — Book wasn't enough to save teen's life
Children 0699 — Thorpe reveals mental health issues since a teen
Children 0700 — You Can Predict Which Male Teens Will Live With Their Future Kids
Children 0701 — Teenage Girls in Pakistan Believe Domestic Violence Is OK
Children 0702 — Questions to ask your teenager about music and mental health
Children 0703 — Jerusalem square to be renamed in honor of murdered teenager
Children 0704 — Teen suicides in affluent Calif. city to be subject of CDC study
Children 0705 — Don't screen all children for autism yet, task force says
Children 0706 — It's never too early to check a child's sight
Children 0707 — Health—E: When a child gives birth, who failed her?
Children 0708 — Teen vapers more likely to turn to tobacco products
Children 0709 — PDA encourages parents to help children develop healthy oral health habits
Children 0710 — How Coffee Affects A Child's Health
Children 0711 — Stress during pregnancy can impact your unborn's child health
Children 0712 — Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance May Be More Prevalent In Teen Boys Deprived Of Slow—Wave ...
Children 0713 — Warning signs of a troubled teen
Children 0714 — Number of teens getting sex diseases in Thailand doubles
Children 0715 — Today's teens are better than you, and we can prove it
Children 0716 — When it Doesn't Get Better: LGBT Youths Face Long—Term Effects of Bullying
Children 0717 — For LGBTQ Youth, Bullying & Harassment Can Have Long—Term Effects On Mental Health ...
Children 0718 — E—cigarettes backfire with teens
Children 0719 — Teen with rare disorder seeking donations for hospital in lieu of birthday gifts
Children 0720 — Marijuana May Change Your Brain if You Smoke as a Teen
Children 0721 — Intentional Music Listening Can Treat Depression In Adults And Children
Children 0722 — Suicidal teen discharged after eight nights in hospital without treatment
Children 0723 — All teens should be screened for depression, task force recommends
Children 0724 — Tennessee Teens Fighting To Save Gay Straight Alliance From Being Shut Down Just A Month ...
Children 0725 — Teen punished for wearing Elsa costume to school 'Disney Day'
Children 0726 — Being a teenager is not a mental illness
Children 0727 — Childhood health researchers urgently needed to prevent future burden on NHS, doctors warn
Children 0728 — Virginia Teen Allegedly Abducted and Murdered by Tech Students Sufffered Health Problems and ...
Children 0729 — A teen's message on eating disorders: 'Be brave enough to ask for help'
Children 0730 — Barring refugees causes children to suffer with preventable health problems
Children 0731 — Teen Pregnancy Prevention Target of Health Education Partnership
Children 0732 — Is the 'African' mentality about weight enabling child obesity on the continent?
Children 0733 — Keeping your child's mouth healthy
Children 0734 — Stress—Prone Teen Males May Be at Risk of High Blood Pressure Later
Children 0735 — Is your teen in an abusive relationship?
Children 0736 — Teen eating habits may help cut breast cancer risk
Children 0737 — NSW teen found dead after taking suspected synthetic drug
Children 0738 — Having a child forced me to seek help for my congenital hearing loss
Children 0739 — How to make your child kind, according to a Harvard study
Children 0740 — Teen beaten in homophobic, racist attack
Children 0741 — Chronic bullying ups teen suicide risk
Children 0742 — 8 ways to help your teen develop resilience
Children 0743 — Talking to Your Teen's Doctor About the HPV Vaccine
Children 0744 — Obesity, diabetes in mom increases autism risk in child, warns new study
Children 0745 — New Procedure Helps Wounded Vet Father a Child
Children 0746 — Thompson: Mental health resources lacking for kids, teenagers
Children 0747 — Nearly half of Canadian troops have history of child abuse, study says
Children 0748 — 5 Signs Your Special Needs Child Has Mental Health Issues
Children 0749 — Toxic paint' in playgrounds putting children's health at risk
Children 0750 — 50 Per Cent Children Under 5 Years Of Age Are Anaemic in Bengal: Report
Children 0751 — Health checks a priority for children before school, says clinical health nurse
Children 0752 — How An Elimination Diet May Improve Your Child's Health
Children 0753 — Teen e—cigarette users '3 times more likely to smoke'
Children 0754 — No, Franklin Graham, LGBTQ Children Are Not The Enemy
Children 0755 — Childhood obesity 'an exploding nightmare', health expert warns
Children 0756 — Our commitment to children's health should be timeless
Children 0757 — Steps to help teenagers cope
Children 0758 — Global, national burden of diseases, injuries among children and adolescents
Children 0759 — How will child public health be prioritised? by Alison Wall
Children 0760 — Teen suspended for helping friend won't return to school
Children 0761 — Why Lead is Dangerous for Your Child —— And Its Surprising Sources
Children 0762 — Obesity Prevention: Can Mindfulness Help Prevent The Problem In Children?
Children 0763 — Why lying is a sign of healthy behaviour for children
Children 0764 — Lonely teens may face more physical, mental health problems
Children 0765 — Teen marriage: Stolen dreams
Children 0766 — Poverty may slightly increase childhood risk of neurological impairment, NIH study suggests
Children 0767 — Children's health ? children are not little adults!
Children 0768 — Arab—American poet and playwright brings inspiration to South Florida LGBT teens
Children 0769 — Lack of resilience as a teen tied to higher diabetes risk as an adult
Children 0770 — Anti—depressants for teens: A second look
Children 0771 — Study Erred In Finding No Link Between Teen Pot Use And Psychosis
Children 0772 — Care for Syrian refugee children goes above and beyond
Children 0773 — Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Applauds Senate Agriculture Committee's Work on Child ...
Children 0774 — Rare disease patients deserve better health care, says teen with MPS
Children 0775 — At—Risk Teens Aren't Getting HIV Tests, CDC Says
Children 0776 — Helping parents help teens
Children 0777 — Teens Who Tan Indoors May Be More Likely to Smoke, Drink, Use Drugs: Study
Children 0778 — Cyberbullying Risk Is Much Higher For Young Women And Moderate Internet Users
Children 0779 — Putting a stop to bullying in the workplace
Children 0780 — Study questions link between teen pot smoking and IQ decline
Children 0781 — Helicopter parenting may interfere with teens' health care
Children 0782 — Teen pregnancy rate down
Children 0783 — More than 50% of children in 10 states are anaemic: Report
Children 0784 — Pregnant Women: Consume More Fish To Improve Child's Brain Growth, Development
Children 0785 — Link Discovered Between Obesity, Blood Clots In Children
Children 0786 — Smoking pot may not have harmful effect on teens' intelligence: study
Children 0787 — Navigating your teen through a mental health crisis
Children 0788 — Parent Traps: Navigating your teen through a mental health crisis
Children 0789 — Child detainee mental trauma will last, immigration healthcare provider warns
Children 0790 — Expecting mothers should eat a balance of omega—3 and —6 to improve children's health
Children 0791 — Keeping Children Healthy, In School and Learning
Children 0792 — Rate Of Uninsured Latino Children Reaches All—Time Low
Children 0793 — Teen Weapon Use Varies by Race and Gender Study
Children 0794 — Teen with Tourette's vlogs to erase stigma
Children 0795 — The Latest: Mom of 'affluenza' teen agrees to go to Texas
Children 0796 — Teen Wolf' Actor Charlie Carver Reveals He Is Gay
Children 0797 — Obesity crisis: 40% of South Tyneside children become overweight by the age of 11
Children 0798 — Why fish intake by pregnant women improves the growth of a child's brain
Children 0799 — Understanding bedwetting: What to do when your child doesn't wake up in time
Children 0800 — Rick Scott scuttled Florida child health standards to protect hospital chain donors: report
Children 0801 — Are Dogs an Anxious Child's Best Friend?
Children 0802 — University of California scientists say video games 'could spark rise in teen smokers'
Children 0803 — Study: Teens need more independence in doctor's office
Children 0804 — Teen Wolf's Charlie Carver comes out as gay in touching Instagram posts
Children 0805 — Steps to keep your child healthy
Children 0806 — East Los High' Isn't Just A Soapy Teen Drama ? It's Also A Science Experiment
Children 0807 — Will autistic teen's medicine lead to lifestyle diseases?
Children 0808 — What is essential to children's diet?
Children 0809 — 10 food changes that will transform your child's health
Children 0810 — China to improve healthcare under 2—child policy
Children 0811 — Children aged just 8 are are on drastic crash diets as child obesity rates soar
Children 0812 — Parents still risk their children's health by refusing vaccinations
Children 0813 — Teen girls experience body shame twice as much as boys
Children 0814 — Could exercise help teens recover from concussions?
Children 0815 — Low—income communities more likely to face childhood obesity
Children 0816 — Teen birth rate drops 57 percent in New Mexico
Children 0817 — As e—cigarettes advertising expands, so does teen use
Children 0818 — Teens, Your Brain Needs Real Food
Children 0819 — More than just Friday night fun: socially active teens are physically healthier
Children 0820 — Children aged four to 10 'have equivalent of 5500 sugar cubes a year'
Children 0821 — Child health and well—being a priority at Le Ballon Rouge
Children 0822 — Helping a child with colitis or Crohn's disease
Children 0823 — A healthy child has a better chance to learn
Children 0824 — 5 Tips for Raising "Happy" Successful Children
Children 0825 — Why parents should celebrate their child's scribbles
Children 0826 — Children eat 3.5 stone of sugar each year which is three times the recommended amount
Children 0827 — Indiana Second—Highest in US for Teen Suicides
Children 0828 — Bullying in Teen Years Leads to Health Problems in Adulthood
Children 0829 — Bullying and Health Issues Go Hand in Hand for Teens
Children 0830 — Healthy ways to approach your child's weight
Children 0831 — Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health facility getting a makeover
Children 0832 — Teen shares inspirational message to raise awareness about anorexia
Children 0833 — Having a Child Before The Age of 24 Negatively Impacts Health At 40
Children 0834 — Gambia: Over 2500 Children Die of Pneumonia Every Day
Children 0835 — Are Antibiotics Safe for Children: 4 Risks of Antibiotic Overuse
Children 0836 — Notorious "demon child" comes out, says the closet caused his sociopathic behavior
Children 0837 — Did Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes just come out of the closet?
Children 0838 — How to Prevent the Media From Damaging Your Teen's Body Image
Children 0839 — Bullying during teen years linked to health problems for adults
Children 0840 — What Are We Feeding Our Children?
Children 0841 — How Toys Impact the Learning and Language Skills of Your Child